Thug beat girlfriend and said ‘I like it when you cry’ before wiping her blood

A violent thug who twice beat his girlfriend and brutally lashed out at her pals has been jailed.

Drunk and drugged-up Adam Coulson launched an unprovoked attack on his partner's male pal, having dragged him out of a pub in Heywood, Greater Manchester on May 5 this year.

When a female mate of Coulson's girlfriend tried stopping him in his rage, the 27-year-old booted her legs out from underneath her.

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Minshull Street Crown Court heard on Monday how Coulson then strangled, kicked and punched his girlfriend for not backing him up in his bizarre beating of her family friend.

Prosecuting, Tom Challinor told the court that Coulson went out into Heywood town centre with the complainant.

They were approached by a male family friend and Coulson asked him: "What would you do for your family? Would you kill for your family?" before telling the complainant "Get him out of my face."

He then grabbed the male and dragged him outside by his jacket, putting him to the floor and punching him in the face and head.

Mr Challinor said: "Coulson then left the pub and criticised his girlfriend for not backing him up. She walked away but he followed her into an alleyway and attacked her. He pulled her by her hair, kicked her in the stomach and punched her in the face."

When the complainant started to cry, Mr Challinor said Coulson told her: "Oh baby, I like it when you cry." He then put his hands around her neck, held her jaw and told her: "he could snap it."

The court heard how a female friend of the complainant tried to intervene, but he put his hands round her neck and strangled her and attacked with her a roundhouse kick to the legs. She rang the police.

Mr Challinor told the court: "He wiped blood from the complainants face, when he heard the sirens and told her to say they had been jumped." The complainant was taken to hospital for a CT scan. Her male friend suffered cuts to his face and her female friend suffered bruising to her legs.

On October 10, Mr Challinor said Coulson started messaging the complainant, pestering her to get back together with him. He then went to her address and broke in by smashing the glass in the backdoor.

He ran at her and put his hands around her throat, then pushed her by her neck and struck her head repeatedly against the radiator. She got back up and he knocked her back down and kicked her several times.

The court heard he told her "Go to sleep now. I will show you a bully." He spat in her face and pressed his thumbs into both her eyes.

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Mr Challinor said the complainant managed to text a friend and tell her what was happening and she came round, shouted at Coulson to stop and called the police.

In a victim personal statement read out in court, the complainant said she "was too scared to leave her home, but too scared to be in her home as she no longer feels it is a safe place."

Judge Recorder Pope sentenced Coulson to ten months for intentional strangulation and 18 months for assault causing actual bodily harm, a total of two years and four months in custody and issued a restraining order until further notice.


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