‘Time traveller from 2858’ claims secret to ‘longer life’ to be found this year

A mysterious social media user, who claims to be a "time traveller from the year 2858", has claimed scientists will discover the secret to prolonging human life later this year.

The user, who posts under the username @darknesstimetravel, has gained more than 12,000 followers by posting outlandish claims about future events – with everything from wormholes to the creation of mythical creatures.

But in their most recent video, the user shared a list of five events they claim will take place this year, with one coming as soon as February 28.

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The supposed warnings include scientific discoveries that could both help to change our understanding of humanity's past and help to preserve its future.

In the video, which has gained more than 800 likes, they wrote: "ATTENTION! To everyone who believes I am a fake time traveller, remember these 5 dates in 2023.

"February 28: Everyone has the same dream of aliens landing and taking over the Earth.

"April 2: A new element is discovered that can replace oxygen and add 50 years to lifespan.

"May 4: Human bones are discovered on Mars, showing that humans were originally on Mars.

"August 26: 4 megalodons are discovered in the bottoms of the Mariana Trench.

"October 16: A group of teenagers find ancient ruins and a stone that allows interplanetary travel instantly."

TikTok viewers were left divided over the clip as they took to the comments to debate over whether it could actually happen.

One user said: "Bros a fake."

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Another commented: "This stuff better happen or I will be extremely disappointed."

A third wrote: "Not possible about the megalodons.

"They would have been breeding all these years and we would have seen many of them by now."

"Is the mars thing true? Omg," a fourth added.


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