Toddler’s arm ‘sucked into escalator’ in terrifying incident at shopping complex

A toddler's arm was reportedly sucked into an escalator in a terrifying incident at a shopping complex.

CCTV shows the two-year-old and his mum riding down an escalator when the tot suddenly appears to be on his back and wailing in pain.

His shocked mum bends over to try and pick him up, but the steps continue moving and threaten to break his right arm as they reach the floor panel below.

An eagle-eyed security guard managed to hit the stop button, saving the youngster's limb during the terrifying ordeal at the City Star shopping complex in Yuanjiang, China, reports day.

The security guard sprinted into the crowd to press the button during the incident on July 5, preventing what could have been extremely serious injuries.

But the toddler remained with his right arm trapped in the gap between the escalator steps for a further 45 minutes until the fire service could free him, according to reports.

Rescue footage shows firefighters doing their best to comfort the boy as they find a way to free his limb.

His mum can be seen watching helplessly from the other side of the glass handrail as rescuers try to slowly free his arm without causing further injury.

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