Tom Kerridge deletes Instagram post calling customer a 'bell**d'

Tom Kerridge deletes Instagram post accusing ‘massive bell**d’ customer of ‘doing a runner’ without paying £28.50 tab at his restaurant in Marlow

  • Chef Tom Kerridge shamed diner on public instagram after he failed to pay
  • TV cook branded him a ‘bell**d’ and urged people to let him known about bill
  • But the post was taken down without explanation after comments from fans
  • One questioned if putting the images online was a data protection breach 
  • Are you the man in the images Tom put up? E-mail: [email protected] 

Television celebrity chef Tom Kerridge has been slammed for outing a diner who allegedly walked off without paying his bill at one of his posh restaurants.

The 47-year-old was left fuming after he said the customer made off before settling his £28.50 tab at one of his eight eateries.

Michelin-starred chef Kerridge posted three photos of the suspect – who he branded a ‘bell**d’ – on Instagram to his 583,000 followers.

But the post mysteriously was then hastily deleted after one fan accused him of breaching data protection law.

The customer was accused of leaving Butcher’s Tap and Grill in upmarket Marlow, Berks last Thursday night without settling up.

In the now removed post, Kerridge said: ‘People, this man did a runner from the Butcher’s Tap and Grill last night without paying.

‘If you know him, could you please let him know he owes me £28.50 and he’s a massive bell**d.’

Celebrity chef Tom Kerridge put the images of the man onto his public Instagram page

MailOnline has blurred the image of the man after Mr Kerridge removed the picture

The chef was furious about £28.50 bill walk-out and said he owed him the money back

But Luke Thompson accused him of breaking General Data Protection Regulations.

He said: ‘Bloke is a bell**d, but is this a GDPR breach?

Katie Segal added: ‘Oh my God, can you imagine if he just forgot.’

However, fellow TV cook Gizzi Erskine quipped: ‘Quite fit though.’

One of the pictures Mr Kerridge put online was of the man leaving the toilets in the venue

One fan of the chef questioned whether putting his picture online breached data protection

One joked: ‘Probably should have worn a mask mate.’

Ben Manning joked: ‘£28.50 from one of your places, he must have had a tap water and a bread basket.’

Others offered support with telly hairdresser Aidan Phelan adding: ‘Shameful, unbelievable and band out of order brother.’

Nicola Wood said: ‘OMG that’s bad.

‘The industry has been through the worst tie and to do that is dreadful.’

Anne O’Hare said: ‘You got his name for the booking for Trace and Trace for Covid rules.’

Thames Valley Police have been approached for comment.

MailOnline has contacted a spokesperson for Mr Kerridge but has received no response. 

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