Tragedy strikes as three brothers drown in manure pit on family farm

Three brothers died in a manure pit on their farm while they carried out maintenance.

After being exposed to an array of dangerous gases produced by the pit – including carbon monoxide and ammonia – the trio passed out and drowned in the liquid.

Brad, 35, Todd, 31, and Gary Wuebker, 37, died at their family farm in St Henry, Ohio on Tuesday morning, the New York Post reported.

Neighbouring farmer Mercer Landmark wrote a Facebook tribute to the well-liked trio.

It said: “Brad, Gary and Todd Wuebker lost their lives doing what they loved – working on the family farm.

Brad and Gary were members of our team and had a work ethic like no other.”

Rescuers arrived after their mother called the emergency services. She said all three of her sons had spent far too long in the silo and may have been trapped.

They were pulled out by crews 20 minutes later, but it was too late.

It's not known how long the three spent in the manure pit, nor why they all had to get involved.

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It's possible one brother followed after another in an attempt to complete the maintenance and pull each other out of the towering containers.

Local fire chief Matt Lefeld told the Daily Standard the Wuebkers were pulled from the pit unconscious after working to fix the manure pump.

The combination of gases inside, which the newspaper listed as including hydrogen sulfide, methane, carbon monoxide and ammonia were presumably too much to take.

They can cause nausea, shortness of breath, headaches and dizziness, meaning the brothers' chances were slim against the pool below.

Their untimely deaths mean the family business, GBT Wuebker Farms LLC, is without leadership.

A funeral service took place at a local church on Wednesday.

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