Trump appears to ‘wince in pain’ and ‘gasp for air’ after leaving hospital

Shocking video has emerged of Donald Trump appearing to gasp for air after spending three days in hospital being treated for coronavirus.

The US president was released from Walter Reed Medical Centre on Monday night and returned to the White House – where he immediately posed for a photo opportunity on the balcony.

Footage shows the 74-year-old Mr Trump walking up the stairs towards the balcony, taking off a white face mask as he poses for the picture.

While standing by the handrails, he is seemingly catching his breath and gasping for air.

He salutes and gives the reporters the thumbs-up sign.

One eagle-eyed Twitter user noticed the visible symptoms and shared it in a post, saying: "Trump looks like he is gasping for air."

In a further comment, he posted another segment suggesting Mr Trump appeared to be "wincing in pain".

Earlier, the president thanked the doctors at the hospital for their treatment of him and noted that he learned a lot about Covid-19 in the process.

He tweeted: "You’re going to beat it, we have the best medical equipment… I went, I didn’t feel so good and two days ago I could’ve left, I felt great, better than I have 20 years ago."

But viewers were not convinced by his rapid recovery.

One said: "I've had severe asthma all my life, and after seeing the video of Trump gasping for air back at the White House, I can easily say he's much worse than they're saying.

"He looked uncomfortable and in pain as he tried to breathe; something I'm way too familiar with."

Another wrote: "He is trying to choke back his cough."

"The President doesn't look well," a third added.

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