Trump MUST be taken seriously, Press Sec Psaki says when asked about fear people may be 'hurt or killed' at his rallies

DONALD Trump must be taken seriously, White House press secretary Jen Psaki has said, after being asked about the Republican's rallies.

Asked about the danger of people being "hurt or killed", Psaki said: "Obviously, we take the rhetoric of the 'former guy,' as we like to say, quite seriously, as everyone should."

Psaki had been asked by Breakfast Media’s Andrew Feinberg on Monday if the administration is concerned about "violent extremists…finding a home in Republican primaries."

The White House Press Secretary replied: "Well, I’m not going to label people ‘domestic violent extremists’ officially from here.

"We have certainly seen problematic…rhetoric. Followers of QAnon and conspiracy theories who don’t just run but are elected to office.

"So there’s already a record of that. We will continue to speak out against that."

She added: "Our strategy at this point is to continue to advocate for how government can work for the American people.

"Remind people across the country that this President is going to govern for all Americans, not just one — from one wing of a party or the other.

"And that, hopefully, the effectiveness of that is something that can help us play a constructive role."

Trump returns to Ohio this weekend for one of his MAGA style rallies as he teases a run for the White House in 2024.

The "Save America" event will be held at the Lorain County Fairgrounds on Saturday.

The former president said last month that he was restoring his Boeing 757 and will use the plane to travel to rallies.

Psaki confirmed the administration has had no specific contact with Governor Mike DeWine regarding the rally.

That came after she was asked: "Has anyone from the administration reached out to Governor DeWine or anyone in Ohio’s government about the possibility of violence resulting from his return to the trail?

"And is there any concern about him going back out there and continuing to insist that the election is fraudulent and that he actually won could result in people being hurt or killed?"

The press secretary said: "Obviously, we take the rhetoric of the — the other, the — the “former guy,” as we like to say, quite seriously, as everyone should."

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