Trump says Russia has pulled ‘most of their people’ from Venezuela

​President Trump said in a tweet that Russia has pulled “most of their people from Venezuela,” where President Nicolas Maduro continues to cling to power despite an ongoing humanitarian crisis and turmoil.

​Russia, which has energy investments in Venezuela, has backed Maduro since January, when Juan Guaidó, the head of the opposition party, declared himself the rightful leader.

The Trump administration, along with Britain, France, Spain and other European Union countries, has recognized Guaidó as the legal leader, while Russia, China and Cuba have sided with Maduro.

The Wall Street Journal reported Sunday that Russia was pulling defense advisers from the South American country amid questions whether Maduro could survive in the face of pressure from Washington, and he is running out of cash since the country’s economy has hit rock bottom after being crippled by US sanctions.

Rostec, the Russian state defense contractor that has been training Venezuelan troops, said it has reduced its crew to a few dozen advisers from about 1,000 several years ago.

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