Tui bed bug infestation at ‘luxury’ 5-star hotel leaves girl ‘covered in bites’

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A mum-of-two booked a five-star getaway to Mexico only to find her family were attacked by bed bugs.

Sarah Finch booked a last-minute getaway with TUI but has slammed the holiday provider for its "unsanitary and incompetent" approach to a five-star holiday.

The family were covered in painful rashes and her one-year-old daughter was left with bites to her face.

She told WalesOnline: "I went straight to the room and what I found was beyond belief, the whole bed was crawling. We heard that twelve other guests also had the same problem.

"My one-year-old was in the most pain with multiple bites all over her hands and face, she sleeps in baby grows so they were the only places exposed. She was put on medication to reduce the irritation."

She went on: "My bites were so inflamed that I had to have an antihistamine shot. I felt wheezy and dizzy all the time.

"My four-year-old spent the holiday feeling very tearful with bites on her face and arms.

"She just wanted to have some fun but we were all so ill and we really needed this quality family time together after the pandemic and working long hours but it has been ruined.

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"I’ve been bed bound and my husband has been so anxious about bringing the bugs home with us that he couldn’t sleep."

Sarah and her husband, not named for privacy reasons, and their daughters Lily, 4 and Charlotte, 1, flew home on Monday and are back home now in Swansea, South Wales after forking out over £2,000 for alternative accommodation to finish their 10-night stay in Mexico.

"I went straight to the room and what I found was beyond belief, the whole bed was crawling," she added.

The Finch family moved to alternative accommodation at Planet Hollywood which was a $180 taxi ride away. Now the family are home they have had to bag and isolate all of their holiday clothes and will hot wash everything separately to try and kill any bugs that may have come home with them.

Sarah said: "We have had to be super careful, two of our cases are still in the car. I have opened them one at a time so far and put our clothes in black bags ready for a hot wash. Then I need to steam and disinfect each suitcase.

"We constantly feel like we are crawling. It’s been so stressful."

A spokesperson for TUI said: "We were sorry to hear about the Finch family’s experience. Following an initial investigation by an independent company, no evidence of bed bugs has been found, and no other similar cases have been reported.

"We are continuing to look into the family’s concerns which we will be addressing with them directly. We’d like to reassure customers that we regularly audit all of the hotels we feature in respect of health and safety, including hygiene."

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