Twisted Russian troops ‘mount Ukrainian head on spike’ in sick medieval act

Russian troops have been labelled “orcs” after allegedly skewering the skinned head of a Ukranian soldier on a pole.

The shocking image of the human head appears to show the noseless head on a stick partially hidden in a leafless tree.

In the background a building with no glass in the window stands seemingly abandoned, litter and debris are strewn on the ground in front.

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The deeply-upsetting image was posted to Reddit page r/ Ukraine with the caption “Russians took the head of AFU soldier and put it on a tree”.

The unverified claims allege horrific brutality on the part of Russian forces in a war where savagery has been no secret.

The horrific sight, of which the Daily Star can not confirm to be a Ukrainian soldier, shows the head with no lips, its teeth exposed and skin gone, rotten with just small shreds of flesh still hanging from the bone.

The nightmarish image is reminiscent of the horrors of medieval barbarism and has been met with outrage online.

Taking to the comments section, one user said: “Like we say, our naming of them orcs goes much deeper than a petty name, but reflects exactly how they behave.”

Another replied to the comment: “I was expecting [Russian forces] to reject the nickname, not lean into it”.

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“Calling [Russian military fighters] orcs is a grave insult to orcs,” added another.

Others approached the horror from a different perspective, claiming it reminded them of a grim era of the past.

“They are figuratively and literally 1000 years behind,” said one.

Others claimed that such scenes were nothing new, but rather the war in Ukraine was being shared and recorded more due to technological advancements.

One said: “Remember people, this is the first time war is being seen on this level due smartphones being in everyone's pockets now.

“Skulls, heads, all that morbid stuff has been pretty par for the course in war since the beginning, don't be too shocked this kind of stuff is happening”.

Another added: “This is the kinda sick stuff you read about in history class where some barbaric army came in and did terrible things.”

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