Twitch streamer writes brilliant poem about working ‘mindless’ job at Tesco

A former Tesco worker has found an unusual way of expressing the frustrations he found in the job.

Twitter user @SteveJmz, who is a member of the popular Twitch streaming group Riot Bananas, wrote a poem about his time working at Tesco.

Steve used a typewriter to create the poem, which he called Check//Out.

It begins with a story about how his grandad told him, aged 16, to “get a job or sign on” having just dropped out of college.

He wrote: “I ended up with a mindless job pushing endless groceries through those invisible lasers that define their worth.

“Each morning, carefully placing my brain in my locker alongside my phone, I won't be using either for the next infinite hours.

“Adjust a dusty chair that's never comfortable but it kills a few seconds.

“Add as much scowl to my face as is possible without drawing any more unwanted attention.”

The poem details how much he really disliked his job, attempting to “ward off” the next customer as a full trolley would be classed as “work”.

He added: “In my haste to see that blissful empty conveyor, a breeze steals my carefully place reciept.

“Only an hour has passed, it reveals 'have you got a clubcard?', 'no, sorry'.

“I don't care – it'll be hours before I care again."

He claimed in a later tweet that the poem was inspired by the poem Spark, written by Charles Bukowski.

The poem was appreciated by former supermarket workers on social media.

One user, Jens Erik, who claims to have worked behind a supermarket till was one of those.

He wrote: “As someone who used to work the tills in a supermarket, this hit incredibly close to home!”

In October, 2020, Riot Bananas raised £2,118 for mental health charity MindOut through a marathon 12-hour gaming stream.

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