Uber and Lyft have arrived in Metro Vancouver, but a region-wide licence will take more time

The chair of the TransLink Mayors’ Council says a regional ridesharing business licence is still in the works for Metro Vancouver, meaning drivers signing up for Uber and Lyft will have to rely on individual licences for each municipality they plan to operate in.

But with the costs of those licences ranging from $25 to over $500 per vehicle, that could make driving and picking up across the region too pricey for many to consider right now.

Jonathan Cote said that could start to change as soon as early February, however, when the framework for the regional licence is expected to be ready.

“We would then still need each of the city councils to approve whether they want to participate in this regional framework, and that is an individual decision by the councils,” he said.

Cote said staff from each municipality is working together on the framework.

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