UFO spotted in night sky above India as locals fear 'fireball' could be 'out of control' Chinese rocket

A MYSTERIOUS fireball spotted in the sky above India has left locals scratching their heads.

Some have even speculated the UFO could even be the out of control Chinese rocket currently hurtling to earth.

The Long March 5B is currently on its way back to earth at four miles a second and could fall anywhere between 41 degrees north and south of the equator, an area that takes in Delhi, the capital of India.

Video from India shows a fireball with yellowish spheres that appears to lift off a couple of times before disappearing abruptly.

The object was seen moving in the night skies of the Kishtwar district of the Jammu region of the territory of Jammu and Kashmir.

According to the locals, an unidentified luminous flying object has left them stunned.

"Was it a low earth-orbiting satellite, aliens, the drone or the out-of-control gigantic Chinese rocket?" said one local named Ibrahim, who watched the video.

The amazed voice of a child can be heard in the background in the footage.

"We were spooked on seeing it. It appeared to be full of flames," said local Feroz Ahmed

Another local, Aijaz, who’s keen on studying astronomy, added: “It does not look as an unmanned aerial vehicle or even a drone,” said

“It appeared to be more of a UFO,” said Abdul Rehman.

The 21-ton booster was launched part of China's first space station last week and is expected to crash into our planet over the weekend.

Despite fears it could land on a major population centre, the Pentagon has said there are no plans to shoot it down.

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