UK braced for string of summer sizzlers as warming temperatures hit Atlantic

Met Office warn warm weather could ‘trigger’ thunderstorms

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The weather system is continuously changing due to the warming climate, bringing extreme heat to the UK. The average temperatures are steadily increasing meaning that 30C heat, if not more, is to be expected for the rest of the summer and foreseeable future. Julian Faraway, Professor of Statistics at Bath University and an expert in air pollution and flooding, has now warned that people in the UK need to brace themselves and “adapt” to the extreme temperatures.

Mr Faraway told “Looking at the long-term effects we can expect warmer, wetter weather.

“ I think people in the UK will have to adapt somewhat.

“They’re going to be more uncomfortable with summer weather because it’s going to be hot and it won’t be as cold in the winter.”

The expert further pointed out that while the high temperatures cannot be exactly predicted, people will need to expect them to become the new “normal”.

Mr Faraway said: “It’s not a sure thing but it’s increasingly likely that people will have to get used to the temperatures that we’ve seen this summer.

“What we’re seeing this summer is going to be seen as normal rather than unusual weather.”

The expert added that with the average temperatures “creeping up”, the UK can expect more extreme events such as flooding.

Mr Faraway claimed that the “extreme events” that took place not only in the UK, but also in Europe, will become much more common.

He said: “The UK can expect more floods with warmer temperatures.

“Sometimes they’re really hard to predict. We get quite a short warning of these events.”

Mr Faraway continued: “They can be quite unexpected in terms of predicting when and where they will occur, but I’m pretty sure that they are going to occur sooner rather than later around the country.”

The professor added that floods are much more common in winter in the UK.

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He said: “If we look at river flooding, it is actually much more of a problem in winter. More so than in the summer.

“Most of the problems in the UK occur in the winter, so it gives you some perspective when you look at the events that have happened in July and August.”

Mr Faraway added: “Big flash floods, those tend to occur in the summer whereas more sustained rainfall and bigger area flooding that’s going to be in the winter.”

The expert also suggested that if the UK is not suffering from heavy rainfall and flooding, the country could suffer from draught.

He said: “The other side of the coin is draught which we haven’t had lately but we can expect those also.

“Hopefully we will stick between the two, but particularly in the summer the weather systems might not give us rain.

“Although we haven’t had that this year, certainly that’s a possibility particularly in the eastern part of the country.“

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