UK cold weather forecast: Huge Atlantic storm to hit UK in 48 hours as temperatures plunge

BBC Weather: Europe set for heavy showers as front sets in

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Britain is set to be battered this week by spells of heavy rain, strong winds and colder temperatures as an Atlantic storm hurtles towards the country. The latest weather maps show powerful gales building in the Atlantic Ocean from tomorrow – before smashing into the UK on Thursday.

Peak wind maps produced by WXCharts show a deep area of red and purple brewing to the west of the UK over the next 24 hours.

The stormy conditions are set to continue over the weekend before wind speeds peak at 70mph (113kmph) at midnight on Sunday, October 3, according to the maps.

The low-pressure weather system will also set bring heavy rainfall throughout the UK this week.

Western parts of Scotland, Wales and north-west England are expected to be the wettest areas.

Some areas will experience up to 25mm of rain a day, most likely in eastern Scotland and eastern England, and more widely Britons can expect between 10-15mm of rainfall.

On Wednesday, north-west England and south-west Scotland could see up to 30mm in just 12 hours.

There will also be a stark change in temperatures compared to the balmy mid-20Cs experienced throughout much of the last fortnight.

The mercury is expected to peak in the low-twenties for most of the next four days, with temperatures reaching single figures during the mornings and early evenings.

According to the lowest temperature maps, Wales can expect 15C by 3pm on Thursday, 13C in the Midlands and 11C in London.

As the stormy weather sets in and moves further north, temperatures are forecast to plummet in Scotland, with 1C predicted in northern areas by noon on Friday, the maps suggest.

Wind chill maps suggest temperatures could feel closer to freezing during parts of the week.

Into the weekend, a south east and north west divide in temperatures will continue.

The mercury set to remain in the low teens in southern parts and between 6C-9C in northern areas by 3pm on Saturday.

Netweather.TV forecaster Nick Finnis said: “The cooler and fresher air is here to stay for the rest of the week, areas of low pressure moving through will bring spells of rain interspersed with brighter and showery periods.

“It will often be windy too, so an autumnal feel for everyone.”


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He added: “All change again on Thursday, with a return to unsettled conditions, as a deep area of low pressure towards Iceland brings strong winds and pushes bands of rain eastward across most areas.

“A secondary low moving in from the Atlantic to the south of the deep low bringing another batch of rain to the west in the evening.”

Met Office forecaster Stephen Dixon said the wet weather system on Thursday will continue into the weekend and coastal areas are set to be the most affected.

He said: “There is a low pressure system developing to the north west of the UK which at the moment is on track to bring some showers into Northern Ireland early on Thursday, and the west coast of Scotland.

“In addition to that, continuing strong winds for most of the week, especially in coastal areas and heading into the weekend.

“That theme continues as that low pressure system shifts around in the north of the UK, bringing showery conditions for most through the weekend.”
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