Ukraine is about to ‘surrender’ to Russia, says Kremlin mouthpiece ‘psychic’

A Russian "psychic" has made an ominous prediction for the end of her home country's invasion of Ukraine.

Mirella Gasanova, who describes herself as a clairvoyant and bioenergotherapist as well as a psychic, was speaking to Kremlin-backed Russian news outlet Moskovskij Komsomolets about how she sees President Vladimir Putin's invasion ending.

MK has made a habit of speaking to psychics siding with Putin in recent months, and Gasanova appears to be the latest one.

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She told them: “It’s better not to even talk about a peace treaty – any treaty is worthless unless it is backed by force.

“The Russian leadership understands this, (and) we will soon see events that will turn the tide of the conflict.

“Ultimately, there will be Russian bases in Ukraine, just like American bases in Germany.

“The (invasion) will end when there is no threat to our country from the territory of Ukraine, and only then – the recognition by Ukraine of the Crimea and new regions of Russia, the cessation of the oppression of the Russian language, the rejection of offensive weapons and movement into NATO – there will be a change of political regime in Ukraine.”

And when asked exactly when that will happen, the Putin-loving psychic claimed it would be “soon” and will come by way of Ukraine's President Volodomyr Zelensky's “surrender”.

She went on: “There is not long to wait.

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“(United States President Joe) Biden understands that Zelenskyy has little left: he has already approved his surrender.

“I repeat, this year we will observe the outcome of the conflict.”

Absolutely zero evidence was provided to back up any of her claims and they came just days after Russian losses totalled 523,000 – with more than 400,000 of those being soldiers injured so badly they are unable to return to fighting positions.

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