Ukraine medic who stripped to raise money hits out after ditching ‘panties’

A Ukrainian medic who made headlines across the world by stripping to raise money for military drones has hit out at men who disagree with her choice of underwear.

Rina Reznik, a combat medic in a volunteer medical battalion, went viral for publishing photos of herself stripping down to her underwear to raise money for the Ukrainian military to buy drones to support its fight against Russia.

The sultry medic has now hit out at men who criticised her for her choice of underwear.

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Rina lashed out at her male critics, saying on Twitter: “I refuse to sympathise with men who don't like my cotton panties. Fighting in lace panties is pathetic."

She said that she had no plans to switch back to lace, revealing that a friend of hers bought her 100 pairs of “pure cotton panties” after she realised she had no comfortable underwear to use while she volunteered on Ukraine’s front lines.

Rina’s lewd campaign was launched almost exactly a year after Russia launched its full-blown invasion of Ukraine.

Since then, more than 220,000 Russian troops and mercenaries have been killed or injured in Ukraine, according to the latest US assessment, Britain's defence secretary revealed.

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Top British defence chiefs said on Thursday (March 30) that Russia was looking to recruit 400,000 more soldiers following the news of its devastating losses.

The Ministry of Defence added that many of these recruits may be “coerced” into fighting Mad Vlad’s war, as the Russian president will likely struggle to get the number of people he needs to succeed in his horrific invasion.

The ministry added that Russia is also on the backfoot in terms of its munitions supply, saying: “Rebuilding Russia’s combat power in Ukraine will require more than just personnel; Russia needs more munitions and military equipment supplies than it currently has available.”


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