Urban Explorers discover abandoned house with cars being ‘taken back by nature’

Urban explorers have uncovered a spooky house so completely abandoned that five old bangers had been left to rust parked up outside.

Eerie pictures of the building dubbed 'Norman's House' shows the Ford Fiesta xr2, Nissan Sunny, Vauxhall Vectra and Mini Mayfair being swallowed by the overgrowth of leaves outside the home perfectly that appears to be trapped in time.

Inside the house, clothes have been left hanging on the wardrobe doors and bags look as though they have been picked up on the bed as though the previous owners of the property was planning their exit but left most of their things behind.

The rooms are filled with antiques including a grandfather clock, a wooden elephant carving and household tools that could date back decades.

The bathroom appears to be the most old-style room of the house with patterned walls and a pink basin, bath and toilet.

A post on the Abandoned UK said: "This has been sat for a number of years with nature starting to show signs of taking over.

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"Inside there is loads of furniture and ornaments scattered around the house there is still the couple's clothes in the wardrobe and cars left to rot on the drive.

"Such a nice house shame it’s been left for around 5 years or so."

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It is believed that the home once belonged to a wealthy man named Norman and his wife and children, but it is unknown why they left or where they are today.

The cars outside date back to the 80s but a calendar spotted inside the house suggest the home was occupied until at least 2016 – despite the very old fashioned decor.

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Fans of the explorer's page seemed to love the house, demanding that the cars get back on the road as one wrote: "Get that fiesta back on the road."

Another said: "Such a shame. Someone worked so hard for all those things and look what it’s been reduced to."

"All the cars are collectable, and I would love that grandfather clock," a third added.

The location of the house has not been disclosed by Abandoned UK.

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