US Election: How Donald Trump could WIN vote – and it’s all because of Twitter

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Donald Trump has seemingly returned to form today, as he unleashed a barrage of Tweets from his infamous account. Over the last few days, officials have kept him holed up at Walter Reed Medical Centre in Baltimore following a positive test for COVID-19. He took a brief break from Twitter, authoring fewer updates as he received treatment, but he has now recovered to fill the empty space on his account.

Does Donald Trump’s Twitter influence voters?

President Trump became famous for his firebrand presence on social media when he announced his bid for the White House in 2016.

Early advisors measured his popularity using Twitter, and he has since used the platform to interact with people across the country.

As such, it remains a vital tool for attracting voters, and data scientists have proved their unstatesmanlike nature has proved attractive in the past.

Doctor David Robinson of Stack Overflow analysed the President’s tweets in August 2016 and claims they did affect his election results.

Speaking to the Independent, he said Mr Trump’s entertaining rather than official tone chimed with voters.

He said: “Donald Trump is an extreme example of an outsider and entertainer.

“Tweeting in this fast and off-the-cuff style comes naturally to him as a part of his messaging strategy.”

“I think celebrities have a long history of exceeding expectations in American elections because they’re charismatic and relatable.

“The most notable example is Ronald Reagan, who was famous for his folksy charm, as well as Arnold Schwarzenegger.

“These suggest American voters are less interested in voting for qualified career politicians and are at least as likely to support someone entertaining.

“I think Trump’s Twitter activity probably did contribute to his victory.”

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The President’s recent flurry acted as a 36-point persuader to vote for him, as each capped-up tweet championed his successes and proposals as President.


Doctors suggest Mr Trump may return to the White House today, after just over three days at the Walter Reed Medical Centre.

They said he has managed to beat his fever and is firmly on the path to recovery.

White House chief doctor Sean Conley said he had also managed to overcome shortness of breath, a hallmark of COVID-19.

He said: “This morning, the president is doing very well.

“At this time, the team and I are extremely happy with the progress the president has made.

“Thursday, he had a mild cough and some nasal congestion and fatigue, all of which are now resolving and improving at this time.”

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