US Navy warship’s close encounter with UFO ripped out of logbook, sailors claim

The United States Navy has always been secretive when it comes to talking about UFOs.

One of the most infamous incidents that the Navy refuses to talk about took place in 2004.

According to reports, a “blazing orange blob” was floating around 200 feet in the area away from the deck of the USS Ronald Reagan.

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Now official confirmation of the incident has ever been given, despite many of those on board claiming it happened.

But now a former sailor has claimed that concrete evidence of the at-sea encounter was “ripped out” of official log books.

One of those three men is Patrick Gokey, who was talking to documentary maker Dave Beaty about the claim.

He claimed: “I remember one of the officer's on the deck ordering someone to take the pages out of the deck logbook.

“For me that was the most surprising thing, because I was always told in the navy that whatever you write in that logbook is a legal record and you can't destroy it out rip it out.

“It did not move in ways that I've seen other aircraft manoeuvrer and it was faster than anything I've ever seen.”

Speaking to the Sun Online last month, he elaborated on what he saw during that night – and he claimed that the sighting didn't stop those on board doing their jokes.

"I'd like to say my defining memory from that night was seeing the object itself, but it was more surprise at how few people reacted or seemed to care about the events that took place,” he recalled.

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"I wouldn't describe my experience as calm necessarily.

"To me, it was more the fact that everyone onboard is trained to do their job even when unexpected things happen, and that's exactly what everyone did.”

He confirmed that this was his only paranormal experience.

The Ronald Reagan shift carries 5,680 soldiers and 80 warplanes – which would seem like a prime target for any nefarious aliens.

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