Victim's chilling message for fake bikie jailed for blowtorch attack

WARNING – GRAPHIC CONTENT: A wannabe bikie gave his torture victim three options – have all his bones broken, his limbs chopped off or be set on fire. His choice left him with horrific injuries, but he survived to tell the tale

  • Callan Stuart Murray was jailed for more than 10 years over blowtorch attack
  • Fake WA Bandido boss Murray doused Brodie McDougal in petrol, set him alight
  • Murray lived ‘bizarre gang fantasy’, beat McDougal, his girlfriend filmed assault  
  • Victim suffered burns to 13 per cent of his body and spent three weeks in ICU

A would-be young bikie who was set on fire with a blowtorch by a fake Bandidos boss has told his attacker he hopes his cellmates treat him ‘right’ in prison.

Callan Stuart Murray, 28, was sentenced to 10 and a half years behind bars for the barbaric assault of Brodie McDougal, 22, who he bashed with a baseball bat, doused with petrol and set alight at Mandurah south of Perth on September 16, 2019.

Mr McDougal suffered horrific burns to his chest and head and spent three weeks in intensive care.

He also underwent excruciating skin grafts, spent a year recovering, was left unable to work and suffered psychological damage, the West Australian reported. 

Murray pleaded guilty to a charge of grievous bodily harm with intent, while a deprivation of liberty charge was dropped. 

Brodie McDougal, 22, spent three weeks in Fiona Stanley Hospital in Perth with severe burns (pictured) after fake bikie Callan Stuart Murray set him alight with a blowtorch in September 2019. After Murray was sentenced to 10 years in prison , Mr McDougal said he hoped ‘the boys in Cassa (Casuarina Prison) treat Callan right’

Callan Murray’s then-girlfriend Emily Whitfield, who filmed him beating Mr McDougal on a phone, and handed him the petrol that he doused the victim with, was also jailed for five years

Judge Wendy Gillan described the crime as ‘abhorrent’, ‘senseless’ and ‘merciless’ and sentenced him to a non-parole period of eight and a half years.

After the sentencing, Mr McDougal spoke outside the court, admitting he was relieved Murray had been jailed.

‘I hope the boys in Cassa (Casuarina Prison) treat Callan right,’ he said.  

Western Australia’s District Court heard Murray, who had not slept for ‘at least’ eight days and was using meth, lived out a ‘bizarre gang fantasy’ in which he pretended to be a senior member of bikie gang the Bandidos. 

Murray tried to recruit Mr McDougal and ordered him to become his driver – before beating him when he claimed the younger man was not following club rules.

The court heard Murray was not a fully-fledged member of any bikie gang.  

Murray assaulted his would-be recruit after luring him to his home near Mandurah, the court heard.

He threatened violence against Mr McDougal’s family if he did not come.

After overpowering, bashing and hitting Mr McDougal with a baseball bat, Murray ordered the younger man to choose whether he wanted to be dismembered, have all his bones broken or be set alight.

Mr McDougal’s injuries are pictured. He had petrol poured on him by Murray, then was set alight. Murray had been smoking meth for eight days without sleep and his crimes were described as ‘merciless’ and ‘abhorrent’ by the sentencing judge in the WA District Court

Mr McDougal chose being set alight to give himself to best chance to survive the attack, the court heard. 

Murray then poured petrol on him and used a blowtorch to set his upper body and head alight.

When the victim extinguished the flames, Murray said, ‘all done now’, told him to shower and gave him meth for the pain. 

Fearing for his life, Mr McDougal did not immediately go to hospital but was eventually driven to an emergency ward by his cousin’s girlfriend when the pain became unbearable.

Murray’s then-girlfriend Emily Whitfield, who filmed him beating Mr McDougal on a phone, was also jailed for five years.

The court heard she was in fear of Murray, but she took Mr McDougal’s phone, deleted messages from Murray and failed to assist the victim. 

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