VIDEO: Dog plays with a ball during game of fetch

Nothing gets between this dog and his ball! Bouncy pooch knocks down owner when he runs between her legs during game of ‘fetch’

  • The woman invited her large dog into the garden at her home in Manchester 
  • She tossed the ball across the lawn encouraging the dog to run towards her
  • The powerful dog forced its way into the garden through its owners legs
  • The woman later admitted: ‘Nothing comes between a dog and its ball’ 

This is the hilarious moment a woman playing with her dog is knocked over by her pet during a competitive game of fetch. 

The woman, who has not been identified, threw a ball for her Golden Retriever-style dog. 

Unfortunately for the woman, the dog raced along the pathway and through her legs onto the grass. 

The woman called over her pet dog to play a game of fetch in her garden in Manchester 

The dog ran directly towards is owner and forced its way through her legs into the garden beyond

The powerful dog left the owner unbalanced while she tumbled towards the floor 

The woman, from Manchester, later admitted: ‘Nothing comes between a dog and his ball’

The footage was shot in Manchester on June 29. 

According to a caption which was attached to the footage, the woman wrote: ‘112lb dog doesn’t know his own strength, nor how to slow down. 

‘Nothing comes between a dog and his ball.’  

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