VIDEO: Moment group fight in Manchester late night brawl

‘Close the clubs again!’: Shocking moment a mass brawl erupts between revellers in city centre during the first weekend of freedom

  • A group of men were involved in a fight in Manchester’s Deansgate Docks area
  • Some of the men used bottles as weapons during Saturday morning’s brawl
  • Several motorists honk their horns after the fight spreads out onto the road  

This is the shocking moment a huge mass brawl broke out between revellers in Manchester city centre – during the first weekend since restrictions ended last Monday.

In the footage, several cars sound their horns in anger as the huge group of inebriated revellers are seen chaotically hurling punches and throwing glass bottles at each other. At one point, stunned onlookers gasp as a car hits a brawler during the wild fight.

The fight was filmed around 4am on Saturday July 24, in Manchester’s Deansgate Locks – which is home to some of most popular bars in the city.

These are the shocking scenes as a group of young men were involved in a fight in Manchester’s Deansgate Locks in the early hours of Saturday morning

Several men were involved in the altercation in the Deansgate Docks area of Manchester which is home to many of the city’s most popular bars and nightclubs

One of the gang throws a bottle towards his rival which smashes on the ground 

Greater Manchester Police said that it appeared that the incident hadn’t been reported to them. It is unclear why the scuffle erupted.

In the video, the fight is seen unfolding amongst the huge group of partygoers are seen shouting and violently pushing one another into the middle of the busy road.

Several revellers start furiously punching and kicking one another as the brawl. Enraged drivers blast their horn at the scenes as the brawlers take up the whole street.

The group nonetheless continue to fight and ignore the driver sounding their horns. However at one point, a car shoves their way through the chaos and appears to hit one of the many fighting revellers.

Suddenly bystanders gasp in shock as one of the partygoers throws a glass bottle at their rival and it smashes loudly on the ground. Another car is seen trying to ram their way through the fight as several revellers argue with each other and the clip comes to an end.

Thousands of people have viewed the footage after it was shared on the internet 

One social media user claimed nightclubs should be closed because of the violent scenes 

It is unknown who filmed the video however the footage has been shared widely online – with social media users condemning the huge drink-fuelled fight.

One viewer furiously demanded that nightclubs be closed again after they watched the video: ‘KEEP THE CLUBS CLOSED!’

Another user complained: ‘Why do certain people have to scrap and ruin it for everyone whose chuffed about the nightclubs FINALLY being open!’

Other viewers hailing from Manchester complained that this inebriated behaviour was typical when nightlife is open again. 

Meanwhile one social media user said the scenes were: ‘Typical! First weekend of freedom day and lads can’t handle their drink and start a fight’. 

MailOnline has approached Greater Manchester Police for a comment.  

Another social media user wrote: ”Typical! First weekend of freedom day and lads can’t handle their drink and start a fight’

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