Vintage Cosworth caught doing 104mph on 30mph road as owner risks losing motor

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    The driver of a vintage Ford Sierra Cosworth may lose their motor after they were caught hitting 104mph on a 30mph road.

    The unnamed river was snapped hurtling through the town of Rochdale, in Greater Manchester, on Sunday (March 19) afternoon.

    The photo was shared by a Greater Manchester Police Twitter account with the caption “Words fail!”,Manchester Evening News reported.

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    Drivers caught at that high speed can be hit with a “Band C” offence, the most serious category of driving offence that can lead to driving bans of up to 120 days.

    Police also have the power to seize the rare car, one of which was sold at auction last month for nearly £600,000.

    Local councillor Daniel Meredith replied to GMP’s tweet saying: "Hopefully gets the book thrown at them! This is a residential area with children playing. Not Silverstone!"

    This comes after someone else was caught speeding 22 times in three weeks.

    The Daily Star reported earlier this month that Peter McPherson had accumulated 81 points on his licence in just three weeks after being caught speeding down the same stretch of road 22 times in a work van.

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    Peter risks losing his job at Galicia Laundry, where he has worked for over 40 years, if a court decides to take away his licence.

    “If I lose my job I don’t know what I am going to do,” Peter said at the time. “I’ve never been inside a court before so I’m very nervous, but I am going to court to ask not to have a ban as it will cause me hardship.

    “I’ve been at the firm for my whole adult life and driven without problems.

    "They were sent the fines because it’s a work van," he added. "Everything changed in such a short period of time.”


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