Vladimir Putin rages UK & US have almost 'declared WAR' on Russia as 'demented' leader loses 10,000 troops in Ukraine

VLADIMIR Putin has raged that sanctions imposed by the West on Russia over his invasion of Ukraine are almost a "declaration of war".

The mad tyrant fumed as Moscow finds itself increasingly isolated on the world stage as Russia faces a stranglehold of new sanctions.

And while the Kremlin battered at home economically, Putin's forces are also seeing themselves getting beaten back in Ukraine.

Kyiv today claimed their troops have now killed or captured more than 10,000 Russians.

And that is along with reportedly blowing up 269 tanks, 945 armoured vehicles and 79 planes & helicopters.

Russian state media reported Putin's comments as Russia's invasion continues its bloody grind forward against a brave resistance.

"These sanctions that are being introduced, they are akin to a declaration of war," said Putin.

Russia has repeatedly raised the spectre of war with the West, with Putin's top diplomat this week warning World War 3 would be "nuclear and destructive".

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Putin once again defended his twisted invasion – trotting out his warped explanation that it needs to be "demilitarised" & "denazified".

Putin also said that any country that sought to impose a no-fly zone over Ukraine would be considered by Moscow joined the war.

"Any movement in this direction will be considered by us as participation in an armed conflict by that country," said Putin.

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Nato and Western officials have repeatedly insisted they will not take such measures – despite pressure from Kyiv.

President Volodymyr Zelenskyy had told his allies that the lack of a no-fly zone was putting blood of the hands of the West.

In a bitter speech on Friday night he renewed his call, telling Nato that "all the people who die from this day forward will also die because of you".

It come as:

  • Heartbreaking photos show the horrors of Vladimir Putin's war – including a baby being carried amongst the rubble
  • Russian generals have been urged to ASSASSINATE demented Putin to stop the war in Ukraine
  • It is feared Vlad may begin to chemical weapons on civilians like he did in Syria
  • Brits have been told to leave Russia – but there are no direct flights to the UK
  • Russian troops are now 20 miles from another nuke plant amid fears of a catastrophe in Ukraine
  • Dramatic footage showed the moment a Russian helicopter was blown out of the sky by Ukraine
  • Russia losses are mounting – and Vlad has lost at least three army commanders in the fighting
  • F1 driver Nikita Mazepin – son of Russian oligarch Dmitry Mazepin – was sacked by the Haas team

However, the defensive alliance has refused to do so, over fears it would prompt an all-out war with nuclear-armed Russia.

Russia's tyrannical leader Putin – who has had near absolute power for two decades – also insisted he won't be declaring martial law.

Dissent over the invasion is growing at home as Russia becomes increasingly isolated due to the sanctions.

Vlad – who has been branded "demented" by experts – was speaking to flight attendants in comments broadcast on state television.

Russia's invasion continues to grind forward – including breaching a ceasefire to shell civilians in Mariupol.

But it has been at much slower pace than expected, as their forces are blighted by logistical and supply problems.

Putin had also denied bombing Ukrainian civilians despite overwhelming evidence showing the horrors of his invasion.

Children have been killed in his indiscriminate bombing campaigns which have allegedly used weapons such as cluster munitions and vacuum bombs.

Vlad's bizarre denial comes as he claimed the war he unleashed has been a "success", despite the Russian army suffering heavy losses.

Russia today insisted there would be a ceasefire – only for his forces to then restart shelling a humanitarian corridor out of Mariupol.

Ukrainian officials had hoped to evacuated some 200,000 civilians.

"The Russians are continuing to bomb us and use artillery. It is crazy," Mariupol deputy mayor Serhiy Orlov.

"There is no ceasefire in Mariupol and there is no ceasefire all along the route. Our civilians are ready to escape but they cannot escape under shelling."

Moscow blamed Ukrainian "nationalists" for the breakdown of the ceasfire.

Mariupol has been one of the most brutalised cities of war as the Russian have blockaded it and cut off food, water, heating and transport in the depths of water.

It has been compared to the Nazi blockade of Leningrad in World War 2.

Moscow has seized two key cities in its 10-day-long invasion, Berdiansk and Kherson on Ukraine's southern coast along the Black Sea.

Peace talks had been expected to continue today – but Ukraine remains defiant as civilians prepare to fight back.

Putin is believed to have thought he could roll over Ukraine within just 48 hours – and his forces thought they would be met as heroes.

But instead, they have found themselves bogged down against a staunch resistance.

Moscow however is believed to be growing frustrated – and it is feared Putin could resort to ever more brutal tactics as the war drags on.

Kyiv is believed to remain the prime objective for the Russians.

And a massive convoy of armoured vehicles has been lurking nearby apparently preparing for a protracted siege.

However, mystery surrounds the so-called "Convoy of Death" as it hasn't made any significant progress for days.

Russian forces are believed to be being increasingly demoralised, with captured troops seen crying for their mums.

Ukraine despite its defiance is facing a humanitarian crisis with more than one million refugees fleeing the devastating war.

President Zelenskyy – who has remained in a bunker in Ukraine, dodging assassination attempts – has called for a face-to-face meeting with Putin to try and end the destruction.

Meanwhile, Professor Anthony Glees, an expert on security and intelligence, said Western spooks should now ruthlessly target Putin’s circle.

He told The Sun: “To do what Putin is doing you have to be demented, and I think he is. And if we’re thinking it, there will be people in the Army, the FSB, SVR and GRU who will be thinking the same thing.

“We know from history that the only way you can get rid of an authoritarian dictator is through military defeat in war or by encouraging the Armed Forces to revolt.

“We should begin to think about what we could offer the Russian generals and we could start by offering them the oligarchs’ luxury yachts. There’s no limits to what we could use to induce them.

“Those around Putin are killers — they are like SS officers of old. But there will be serious commanders and generals who have doubts.”

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