Watch: ‘I was handing them to you’ – Auckland woman caught stealing courier packages

A woman allegedly stealing courier packages from outside homes in Auckland has been caught on camera telling people she was just handing them to them, even though some of them were in her bag.

Footage shared on TikTok shows the woman’s exchange with a couple who caught her picking up the courier packages.

They ask her to put the packages on the ground and the woman can be seen hurling one of them while getting angry at the couple questioning her.

She argues that she was just going to “hand them” to the couple and when the woman asks her for the package in her bag, she replies with “good one” before reluctantly giving it back.

The people filming the video, who dubbed the alleged thief a “Karen”, ask her to put the packages on the ground gently, but that is not what happens.

“I’m handing them (items) to you, what’s the problem?” the woman tells the couple when they tell her they will be passing the footage on to the police.

The video ends with the woman swearing at the couple and giving them the finger before walking away.

TikTok users were shocked by the woman’s attitude.

“Oh Karen will you ever learn, crime doesn’t pay,” one person commented.

“Report her to the police… these type of people have no empathy,” another one said.

“The cheek of her to give attitude after being caught red handed,” another TikTok user replied.

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