We thought we were getting an adorable micro-pig as a pet – but now we have a 385lb snorting meatball wrecking our house | The Sun

A COUPLE who thought they were getting a tiny micro-pig as a pet were left stunned when it turned out to be a giant porker.

Steve Jenkins and Derek Walter, from Toronto, Canada, have given over their home to raising the huge pig – after thinking it was a mini-breed.

Their "mini-pig" called Esther has grown into a whopping 385lbs beast – after the couple believed it would only reach around 70lbs.

Steve and Derek took the "micro-pig" off a Facebook friend when they agreed to look after it for her.

Steve, 31, told GoodMorningAmercia.com: "She said she had a mini pig that wasn't getting along with her two dogs and new baby and it was causing a lot of chaos, so I told her I'd love to take her."

They had no idea the animal would grow an enormous five times bigger.


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Even though the couple were under the impression that they were the proud new owners of a mini-pig, they soon realised their huge mistake.

Steve and Derek took their new pet to the vets and it was quickly revealed that the pig was only going to grow bigger.

But it was too late to do anything about it as Steve and Derek had now formed a loving bond with the pig and were not about to let her go.

They took her back home and have been rising her along with their two pet dogs.

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In photos she can often be seen relaxing and napping with the dogs, as well as being fed with them too.

Gigantic Esther has been reported to eat heaps of fruit, vegetables and oats every week.

Ben & Jerry's ice cream, cakes and other sweet treats are on the menu too.

But despite the huge grocery bill, Steve said that him and Derek just couldn't part from their beloved pig.

"We just adapted and loved her more," said Steve.

"Esther can't control her size and we have absolutely no intention of giving her up.

"The smile you see in her pictures is totally untouched," he added.

This follows reports of a man who bought his wife a micro-pig for her birthday, not knowing that it was going to grow into a huge 28st beast.

They were told she would grow to 5st but she is now six times that, 5ft long and eats £20 of food a week.

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A woman also took to TikTok to tell how she splashed out on a mini-pig only for it to grow into something else entirely.

She also said that her pet pig bizarrely barks like a dog.

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