‘We’ll have a talk’ Putin’s veiled threat to West in new fidgety meeting with Lukashenko

Putin continuously fidgets his feet in meeting with Lukashenko

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During his sit down talk with Alexander Lukashenko, in Putin’s Black Sea resort of Sochi, the Russian leader spoke about the sanctions and the economic impact of the war in Ukraine. Putin attacked the West over assertions that he was to blame for all the economic chaos sown by the war in Ukraine, as he was seen anxiously wriggling his feet.

Ordered three months ago, thousands of people have been killed and around 14 million people have been displaced.

The sanctions imposed by the West against Russia sent the prices of oil and gas to an unprecedented high, driving the rise of inflation across the globe.

Meanwhile, Moscow’s blockade of grain shipments from Ukraine’s Black Sea ports has sent the price of oil, natural gas, grains, cooking oil and fertilisers soaring.

Putin told Lukashenko the Russian economy is going well despite the sanctions and the Belarusian leader agreed isolation from the West has impacted their countries’ development.

Lukashenko said: “On the economy, thanks are really due to them (in the West) as they have given us such a push to our own development.”

Putin smiled and nodded in response, as Lukashenko continued: “What is happening over there is that they really underestimated it by reading their own media.

“They got inflation yet the truth is ‘Putin is to blame’, ‘Putin is to blame for everything’.”

Putin pursed his lips and nodded as he replied “We will have a serious talk to them”, to which Lukashenko chuckled and said “Yes”.

The meeting followed a warning from Belarus as the country’s defence ministry announced inspections are being conducted to verify the army’s readiness.

A similar announcement was made by Moscow three months before the war in Ukraine broke out.

Strong speculation has been raised regarding Putin’s health after recent public appearances.

In a meeting with Tajikistan’s President, Putin was again seen fidgeting and staring at his feet.

He tapped his feet while sitting in a chair holding the arm with his right hand. His left hand was in his lap.

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The Kremlin leader’s left foot is seen erratically moving around. He then repeated the movement with his right foot.

Previously, the 69-year-old was seen slouching and tightly gripping a table during a televised meeting with Russian Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu last month.

The Russian President looked bloated and constantly tapped his right foot on the floor.

Professor Erik Bucy, a body language expert from Texas Tech University, told The Sun: “It’s an astonishingly weakened Putin compared to the man we observed even a few years ago.”

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