West Island drivers gas up after Bo Pelouse closure hits Pointe-Claire gas station

A Pointe-Claire gas station is getting a little help from the community following the sudden closure of the Bo Pelouse snow-removal company.

The Sonic gas station on Donegani Avenue has seen an influx of clients after a local Facebook group called on drivers to help the small business out by filling up their tanks at its location.

“Last night was very busy and this morning also,” said gas station owner Frank Mancuso.

“We appreciate it.”

Mancuso claims his business is out $4,800, a debt that remains unpaid after the now-defunct Bo Pelouse snow-removal company suddenly closed in late December.

At the time, Marc Guindon, the owner of Bo Pelouse, said he was struggling to keep the company on track but had no choice but to shut down. He issued a public apology.

Mancuso serviced the Bo Pelouse tractor fleet and had been doing so for the last 20 years.

He says he topped off the entire fleet earlier for the first snowfall but never saw that money repaid.

When Murray Levine got wind of the news, he called on drivers to help out on a Facebook page dedicated to helping former clients of Bo Pelouse.

The community’s reaction was overwhelming, Levine said.

“Frank is loved,” he said. “I have never seen an outpouring of support for him and his staff; it’s remarkable to see.

“If I can help a man get back 4,500 litres of fuel and help recuperate his losses as quickly as possible, I’m happy.”

Mancuso says the warmth he has received from customers has humbled him.

“It’s emotional. It’s nice that people are concerned, and I’m grateful for it and I hope they keep encouraging us,” Mancuso said.

Many drivers who already frequent the gas station say the community support is no surprise in Pointe-Claire.

“It’s Pointe-Claire. Everyone helps each other, and we all work together,” said driver Anna Renton.

“The whole situation is really sad. Everyone is out of money, but Frank more than us so if everyone can help out, it would be wonderful,” said Dannae Nelligan, another driver.

Mancuso says paying in cash or by debit card will help his returns climb higher and faster than credit card purchases.

With the way business is going, Mancuso says he could make up his losses in a month or two.

Bo Pelouse has not returned Global News’ request for comment.

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