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GARY McCREA was found guilty of murdering his wife Dolores in 2005.

Dolores went missing in 2004, so where is McCrea now?

Who is Gary McCrea?

Gary McCrea was a mechanic who lived and worked in County Donegal, Ireland, with his wife, Dolores, and four daughters.

The pair met at a dance in 1984, and Dolores quickly fell for him.

They married in 1989, but McCrea's violent and abusive behaviour made home life hell for the family.

Dolores and her daughters were treated like "slaves" by McCrea, with the mum forced to conceal bruises with make-up.

Describing her childhood, his eldest daughter Sharon said: "We were scared of putting a foot wrong because the punishments were severe.

"He'd hit us, slap us, beat us and the worst one was being beaten with a leather belt, which he hung on a nail at the side of the mantelpiece.


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"If we'd done something wrong, that's when the belt would come down.

"It was a house full of secrets… We all kept our own secrets, mum included."

A year before her disappearance, Dolores left McCrea and took their four daughters with her – but he continued to harass her.

In January 2004 she disappeared, and one year later McCrea was sentenced to life in prison for murdering her.

He was accused of killing Dolores and burning her body on a six foot high pyre in the back garden of their family home.

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Where is Gary McCrea now?

Gary is serving a life sentence for the murder of his estranged wife, Dolores.

McCrea, from Ballybulgin, Laghy, Co Donegal, was 40 when he was jailed for life in November 2005.

In 2007, Ireland's Court of Criminal Appeal rejected his appeal against his murder conviction.

What happened in Dolores McCrea's murder?

Irish police, known as Gardai, were called to the home of Gary and Dolores repeatedly during their marriage after reports of violence.

By August 2003, Dolores had left Gary and moved into a flat in Ballintra with her four daughters.

Gary was said to be furious about the break-up, allegedly telling people, including two of his daughters, that he would kill Dolores.

His second eldest daughter Laura told the Central Criminal Court: "He used to tell me he was going to kill my mother…he said he was going to stab my mother and rip her guts out."

On January 20, 2004, Dolores was seen for the last time.

After collecting her daughter from a friend's house and before heading to her darts team meeting, she called at her old family house to talk to her estranged husband about selling him her car.

But Dolores never made it to her darts meeting that night, and was not home the next morning to take her daughters to school.

Gardai searched the McCrea family home and found a piece of bone in a fire which was smouldering at the back of the house.

The police could not link the DNA in the bones to Dolores, because the body had been burnt at temperatures higher than a crematorium furnace.

During the trial a forensic dental surgeon said that the charred teeth removed from the fire were consistent with Dolores' dental records.


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Police also found a recording of a documentary about the murder of Simon Carter, whose body was buried, encased in concrete and then burnt.

Dolores' murder was the subject of Channel 5 documentary Murder My Sweetheart: The Killing Of Dolores McCrea, which aired in March, 2022.

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