White Brandeis Dean Kate Slater posts epic critical race theory rant: ‘I hate whiteness’

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A white Brandeis University administrator defended critical race theory in a social media post that included how she hated “whiteness.”

“Yes, all white people are racist in that all white people have been conditioned in a society where one’s racial identity determines life experiences/outcomes and whiteness is the norm and default,” Kate Slater, assistant dean of Graduate Student Affairs, posted on Instagram.

“That includes me!” added Slater, who describes herself on her personal website as a white anti-racist scholar and educator.

Slater’s IG had been set to private as of Wednesday evening, but screenshots of the Saturday post circulating on social media showed her sharing what she said were “a few points of clarification.”

She said critical race theory doesn’t create oppression, “it names oppression that already exists.”

”Debates about critical race theory are often straw men for debates about whether systemic racism is real,” Slater said in the post.

“And no number of statistics or facts that I could offer up are going to convince people to ‘see’ systemic racism if they don’t want to.”

A Brandeis spokesperson and Slater didn’t immediately respond to emails from The Post on Wednesday.

Critical race theory has triggered educational and political debate in institutions across the country, centering around the idea of white privilege.

The Biden administration had proposed a plan to encourage schools to incorporate it into classrooms, while many red states have passed bills to limit or block the teaching.

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