Who are Grace Beverley's parents?

GRACE Beverley, also known as Grace Fit UK, has stirred up conversation for her decision to follow her influencer dreams instead of using her Oxford degree.

Grace's parents sent her to a $12,800-a-year nursery and four top public schools before she secured a place at the prestigious institution.

What does Grace Beverley want to achieve?

Grace, 21, has packed plans for a legal career to become a full-time Instagram star.

Her account GraceFitUK already has more than a million followers who lap up her fitness advice and lycra clad snaps.

As well as dolling out keep fit tips she sells her own fitness products and endorses other brands with sponsored videos.

Social media “influencers” earn money through partnerships with brands which pay them to advertise their products.

Miss Beverley, who already posts around four sponsored videos a month, has 366,000 followers on YouTube and 837,000 on Instagram – meaning she could be raking in pots of cash a month.

Who are Grace Beverley's parents?

Grace's Dad, Peter, runs a business consultancy and her mom, Victoria, is a senior curator at the Victoria and Albert Museum.

It's rumored that Grace comes from a wealthy background, with both her parents and grandparents said to be rich.

One member of the gossip forum Tattle Life wrote "Yeah what she's achieved for her age is really great, but her parents are rich and I imagine that helped a lot and gave her a 'safety net.'"

"Her grandad used to work on the advisory board for the V&A (prob how her mum got the job) but he was also chairman for multi-million pound conglomerate Trafalgar House, which owned the Ritz at one point," another wrote.

"Grace reminds me of Kylie Jenner when she says she’s self-made. your parents are millionaires and you went to a private school, please bore off," another ranted.

How did Grace do in school?

Grace went to Oxford after getting an A*, an A and a B at A-level at the prestigious St Paul’s Girls’ School in west London.

The Oxford music student is due to complete her degree at St Peter’s College next year, and had planned to take a law conversion course afterwards.

The undergraduate began posting photos online during her A-levels to track her exercise progress.

She said: “I wanted to get fit for summer and didn’t expect it to continue.

“I will never give the university a reason to think that they are not my top priority.

“I’m extra-careful and extra-diligent and try extra hard in all my work. I can handle it and I can handle the stress. I like being busy.

“I’ve worked so hard to get to this point … I don’t want to look back and think 'I could have done so much better.'"

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