Who is Paul Mooney's ex-wife Yvonne Mooney?

THE late Comedian Paul Mooney remained in the spotlight until his sudden passing on May 19, 2021.

Despite this, little is known about his love life – including his relationship with his ex-wife Yvonne. Here we detail what we know.

Who is Paul Mooney’s ex-wife Yvonne Mooney?

In 1973, Paul Mooney married Yvonne Mooney.

Yvonne is an actress who is best known for her role in the 1977 film Which Way Is Up.

In the film he played the character Congregation Lady. The same year she also appeared in the  Richard Pryor special as herself.

Yvonne also did a sport of modelling in her career, establishing a name for herself in the 70s.

According to IMDB, Yvonne was born Yvonne Carothers.  

Why did Paul and Yvonne divorce?

Despite their initial romance, Paul and Yvonne divorced a few years after they married.

The reason for their divorce in unknown, but it is understood that the pair remained amicable given that they shared a number of children together.

However, Paul did go onto have a number of other relationships.

In the years following his divorce, he got remarried to a woman only known as Shelly – but very few details are known about her.

The comedians other former girlfriends include Lotti Petti and Stacy J.Safe.

According to Liver Ramp Up, Paul Mooney’s most recent was American musician Chaka Khan.

The publication claims that they were dating eachother in 2018.

How many children did Paul and Yvonne have?

Despite Paul's and Yvonne’s eventual divorce, the pair had five children together.

They were: Dwayne Mooney, Spring Mooney, Symeon Mooney, Daryl Mooney, and Shane Mooney.

All were reportedly active in their father’s life for years, with most said to be by his side when he passed away.

The only exception was Symeon Mooney, who was tragically murdered in 2001.

In a tweet from 2019, Paul Mooney said: “My best friends are my children… all four of them.”

Following the news of Paul’s death, his daughter Spring tweeted:

“Give me a moment !!! My best friend just died and my world is forever SHOOK !!! I really can’t put into words right now my feelings .. know that I LOVE THIS MAN AND I AM BROKEN.”

Other tributes were also realeased following the comedians death.

Comedy Central tweeted: "He was brutally funny and brutally honest. Thank you, Paul Mooney."

Funch, the host of Chopped 420, also wrote: "RIP to the legend 'miss thang' Paul Mooney.

"I learned so much from you it was a weird but wonderful experience to meet you."

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