William ‘maturing into dominance’ as he becomes Firm’s Alpha Male, claims expert

The sad death of Prince Philip in April has left our royal family in turmoil, especially around a stormy month of allegations made by the Sussexes' in their Oprah Winfrey interview.

But a body language expert claims that Prince William, 39, has stepped up to support the rest of the monarchy into the future.

Judi James, body language expert, spoke to Fabulous Digital about her observations: “When the powerful alpha male of any family group dies there are always some of that group who will step up and others who will be knocked back.

“The shift in hierarchy and group dynamics will often have little to do with accepted pecking order and more to do with strength of personality, and in the royal Firm it has been William who has been emerging as a front-runner leader, showing signs of fast-track maturity as he eases into a more actively dominant role.

“On his 39th birthday we can now see a man who has shaken off some of those non-verbal signals of wariness and belligerence with the press and sometimes the public.

“A lack of control is linked with pressure, anxiety and stress so as William has gained control of his role and his lifestyle he looks calmer, more confident and less protective of his privacy despite all the dramas and trauma in his family recently.

“Alongside his father and his grandmother, William appears to be a very strong part of the three-way decision-making processes when it comes to royal reactions and responses to things like his brother’s behaviour and criticisms in the US.

“When William famously snapped back with that impromptu ‘No we are not a racist family’ when the question was thrown at him by a member of the press, the spontaneity and speed of his decision to fight back suggested he now has the confidence, trust and maybe even admiration of the Queen to enable him to speak for the Firm without needing to check or consult first.”

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The expert says that William's leadership displays were obvious in his "brief but powerful speech to the camera about the Panorama interview with his mother Diana".

Judi James says the Prince would once have been "displaying signals of a more furious anger" but now "is in charge of his emotions and projecting his anger in a controlled, mature way".

She added: "His pose is upright and his shoulders squared to suggest dominance. His eye contact is strong but his puckered brows signal a sense of disappointment.

"His anger emerges in the tension of the muscles around his lips as he speaks, and the way that he bounces up and down on his toes is a metronomic gesture to signal emphasis and firmness."

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