Woman, 30, breaks into Robert De Niro's Upper East side home

Female cat burglar, 30, is arrested for breaking into Robert De Niro’s Upper East side home and stealing presents from under his Christmas tree while he slept upstairs

  • Shaunice Aviles, 30, was arrested in Robert De Niro’s home at 3.30am Monday 
  • Police were already following the serial burglar when she broke into the house
  • They found her stashing presents from the tree into a large bag 
  • De Niro was asleep upstairs but awoke to the commotion on the lower level 

A 30-year-old serial burglar has been arrested for breaking into actor Robert De Niro’s home last night and attempting to steal presents from beneath his Christmas tree. 

Shaunice Aviles was being followed by NYPD officers at approximately 3am this morning when she broke into De Niro’s seven-bedroom, East 65th Street townhouse. 

She was already wanted for a string of other burglaries, and has been arrested on the Upper East Side nine times in the last year. The most recent arrest was on December 8. 

De Niro, 79, awoke to the commotion and came downstairs. Until then, the officers had no idea it was his home. It’s unclear if Aviles knew it was his home

Police officers watched her enter De Niro’s home and followed her inside. 

They found her trying to snatch De Niro’s gifts and put them in a bag, and she was also using the star’s iPad, according to ABC 7. 

De Niro, 79, awoke to the commotion and came downstairs. 

Until then, the officers had no idea it was his home. It’s unclear if Aviles knew it was his home. 

Sources told The New York Post it was another example of the ‘catch and release’ system that is failing New York

‘This is just another example of the catch and release justice system we’re dealing with. Back in the saddle with this perp,’ they said. 

De Niro has not commented on the break-in. He was in the home with his daughter. 

The actor split from his second wife Grace Hightower in 2021. The pair share an 11-year-old daughter.  

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