Woman charges at police and holds officer in headlock to free man being arrested

This is the shocking moment a woman attacked a police officer and held him in a headlock in a daring attempt to aid a man being arrested.

Video shared online shows three uniform police officers restraining a man, who is seen in blue t-shirt, on a roadside not far from the Breck Road Asda superstore in Everton.

While they are trying to put a handcuff on the man, a woman in red top charges toward them and wraps her arm around one of the officer's neck from behind.

"Let him go," she screams and pushes the officer before the other two policemen remove her grip.

A witness at the scene can be heard shouting "run" and the man quickly gets up, turns around and flees the scene.

Once one of the policeman is free, he chases after the man down Breckfield Road South.

According to Liverpool Echo, the man and woman were arrested following reports of theft and violence on Tuesday, November 9.

Police were called at around 1pm and detained a man who had allegedly been shoplifting in Asda and assaulted security guards, resulting in serious injuries.

During the arrest, a woman reportedly ran over and assaulted a member of the public nearby, causing a facial injury, and assaulted an officer.

Merseyside Police later arrested the 33-year-old man, who went hiding in a bush nearby, on suspicion of Section 18 assault, theft from a shop, assault of an emergency worker, obstruct and resist a constable; and breach of a retraining order.

He was conditionally bailed pending further enquiries.

They also arrested a 31-year-old woman on suspicion of assault occasioning actual bodily harm, assault of an emergency worker; and obstruct or resist constable.

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Inspector Sarah Rotherham, Merseyside Police said: “Both people arrested will now be subject of an investigation and we are fully supporting the welfare of the officer attacked and the security guards, all of whom showed bravery and determination to detain these suspects.

"Officers and security staff have to deal with violence and challenging situations on a daily basis, and to hear someone filming, sharing and getting some kind of amusement from watching street violence is particularly disheartening."

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