Woman mocked for claiming her Victoria’s Secret bra has tracking device inside

Internet users have piled in to mock a woman who has made the startling revelation that her Victoria’s Secret bra included a hidden tracking device – when all it was was an anti-theft tag.

The unknown woman posted her video on Reddit yesterday. In the clip, which is nearly a minute long, she bizarrely likened the anti-theft device to a sinister plot to track children – even though a child would be unlikely to wear such an item in the first place.

In her warning, she says: “They are tracking us. They are human trafficking us. This is how they find your daughters.”

She cuts the security tag off the bra and holds it up to the camera, saying: “Look in the bras. Get rid of this.

“It's a tracking device. It even has little numbers down here. They are tracking your children.”

Her odd conspiracy theory has resulted in other Reddit users leaving a flood of comments, most of them mercilessly mocking her.

One user, jacket_with_sleeves, says: “Wait until she finds out about cell phones.”

Pen Scribble adds: “Hey cut open everything in your house. There is a tracking device in every single item. For real!”

And another user, who goes by the name of RegularWhiteShark, sarcastically responds to the video by saying: “Holy s***. Just checked my tv remote and it has NUMBERS!”

Other people are quick to point out that the woman seems happy enough broadcasting her “discovery” via her mobile phone, which actually does contain tracking software.

In a comment, AdjNounNumbers says: “That's the thing that gets me the most about this. She [is] filming this on a device that has a power source, GPS, multiple forms of antennae for communicating, and software running it that she doesn't understand the first thing about.

“Yet she's worried about an RFID tag which has no ability to communicate independently or locate her and requires a separate powered device to read it.

“A device which has to be close enough to it in order to read it that not only does the person know exactly where she is and what she's doing (cause they can see her) but can probably smell her s****y perfume.”

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