Women face having 'fingers cut off for using nail varnish' by Taliban who 'flog Afghans for wearing jeans' in crackdown

THE Taliban reportedly flogged a group of youngsters for simply wearing JEANS as they continue to implement their merciless crackdown on new-age Afghans.

Shocking stories illustrating the brutality enforced by the terror group continue to emerge from the crumbling country – as women face having their fingers cut off for wearing nail varnish.

An Afghan teen told how they were "walking with friends in Kabul," when a swarm of jihadists emerged and accused them of disrespecting Islam.

In a post that has been widely shared on Facebook, they explained how two of the youngsters managed to escape while the rest were beaten, whipped on their necks, and threatened at gunpoint, The Telegraph reported.

Other youths in Afghanistan have also reported being targeted for wearing casual clothing such as t-shirts and jeans.

The claims were echoed by Afghan newspaper Etilaatroz, who announced this weekend that one of its journalists had been beaten for not wearing "Afghan clothes".

The Taliban told the publication they were still deciding upon the dress code for men.

The continuous reports of the militants targeted attacks have set off alarm bells that their ideologies remain exactly the same as they did in the 90s – when those who did not conform with their strict religious rules were beaten or killed.

Leaders have claimed they "are committed to the rights of women" – but reminded the world they will do so "under the system of Sharia".

While Sharia simply refers to laws that are derived from Islam, the Taliban have an extreme interpretation of what this means in practice.

Women who disobeyed their rules were regularly flogged or executed.

They were banned from leaving the house, working, going to school and made to wear a burqa from eight years old.

Women were warned if they painted their nails they would have their fingers chopped off in Kandahar.

They were also banned from wearing shoes with heels because "no stranger should hear a woman's footsteps". 

Despite their promise of change, horror stories have continued to surface suggesting the Taliban remain as ruthless as ever.

Thugs reportedly shot a woman dead in the street for not wearing a burqa in Taloqan, the capital of Takhar province.

Footage obtained by Fox News showed a convoy of Taliban fighters roaring down a street in Kabul and opening fire while reportedly hunting for activists and government workers.

Amid the ongoing chaos at Kabul airport, Taliban fanatics also attacked women and children with whips and sticks before firing their guns.

At least four women attempting to flee the totalitarian regime were tragically crushed to death in what was described as the "worst day so far" in Kabul.

Further harrowing footage showed a stream of desperate women screaming "the Taliban are coming" as they begged troops to save them.

Others claimed the terror group had set a woman on fire for her "bad cooking" as they persecute villagers and force them to prepare food.

Despite the Taliban's tale of promising to protect women, there have already been reports of the houses of prominent women being marked and many fear what the future holds under the Taliban.

There have been reports of girls as young as 12 being married off to fighters, a woman being shot for wearing "tight clothes", and women being told they cannot leave home without a male chaperone.

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