‘Worst road in Britain’ filled with potholes has its own swear jar for locals

Irate residents have installed a "swear jar" for motorists brave enough to drive down a local road plagued by potholes and puddles.

Villagers in Wrenbury, Stoke, have claimed the stretch of road is the worst in all of Cheshire due to an "appalling" number of potholes that may go unrivalled over its poor state.

An online petition surfaced to have the pothole-ridden Station Road repaired, with nearly 700 people signing it in the hope of putting pressure on the council to take action.

One woman replying to the petition said: "It's the worst road I've ever been on! Dollops of tarmac are not a road repair!"

Residents have said temporary attempts to fix the main road leading in and out of the village have been unsuccessful, and a swear jar has now been added.

A spokesman for Cheshire East Council said: "We are currently programming work for this financial year on Station Road, Wrenbury, in collaboration with Network Rail.

"In the meantime, we continue to maintain the roads and repair any urgent defects in line with our well-managed highways code of practice to keep the network safe.

"We are constantly working to maintain the condition of our roads, within very challenging financial constraints."

"The council has a £180m backlog of works needing to be done, as a result of reductions in government funding for road maintenance over the last decade."

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But parish councillor Oliver Lowe, writing on the online petition, said: "It is the primary access road into and out of Wrenbury.

"Essentially, the road drainage failed some time/years ago leading to the poor surface developing. Last year the road was due to be repaired, but the funds were reprioritised to another (unknown) job. As such the road fell into significant disrepair.

"The council have since said that it will be repaired this financial year, but it needs doing as soon as possible, certainly before another winter. Villagers are also concerned that the funding will be reprioritised to another job again."

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