WW3: Will World War 3 start? ‘No chance’ Iran survives a war with the US, claims expert

The world seemingly stood on the brink of World War 3 when the Islamic Republic of Iran led a series of ballistic missile attacks on United States military bases in Iraq last night. The missile strikes were in retaliation for the killing of General Qassem Soleimani, sanctioned by President Donald Trump earlier last week.

President Trump addressed the missiles strikes on Wednesday, January 7, urging Iran’s leadership to carefully consider its next move.

The US President said: “If you value your own life you won’t threaten our people.”

President Trump also confirmed there were no casualties in the missile strikes and all American troops “were safe”.

Following the US drone attack that killed General Soleimani outside Baghdad airport on January 3, threats quickly escalated into action.


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But should the standoff between the US and Iran further deteriorate into a full-blown war in the Middle East, some foreign relations experts fear Iran would not stand a chance against the US military.

Polish journalist Artur Wróblewski told Republika TV: “If anyone is interested in the politics of the Middle East, they will know there will be no World War 3 or any big conflict because this is a continuation of various pre-existing problems.

“These are scores that need to be settled. The general was murdered within the territory of another country, which is theoretically independent but is nonetheless fully infiltrated by Tehran.

“We need to look this within a wider context. If we look at the military advantage of the United States over Iran, then they cannot be compared.

“Of course, Russia stands behind Iran but knowing Putin, if misfortune is happening to Iran, then Turkey and Russia – theoretical allies – are happy because they want to have a strong influence in Syria and they do not necessarily like a strong Iran.

Iran does not have a chance against the US in a direct clash

Oliwier Pochwat, journalist

“Besides, when something collapses, the price of oil jumps up.”

Journalist Oliwier Pochwat dismissed any threats from Iran and congratulated the US on taking swift and decisive action against General Soleimani.

He said: “The way I see it, Iran is flexing its muscles but these are dainty muscles.

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“Iran does not have a chance against the US in a direct clash.

“The Iranian general was killed in Iraq. What was he doing there? He was goading the Iraqis against the Americans.

“President Trump made a very good decision, which through the attack on the Iranian general will prevent the conflict from escalating.

“It seems to me that Iran won’t be – colloquially speaking – looking for trouble.

“Referring to an earlier statement, of course, Iran has huge influence in the region and it affects primarily Syria, which does not help Russia.”

Tadeusz Płużański, who also appeared on Republika TV, said: “It seems that this is a great success of the United States, that they have successfully eliminated one of the biggest terrorists on the planet, who was among the top terrorists in Iran.

“They probably had tracked him down much earlier but only now have they dotted the i.

“It is a reaction to what has previously happened with American citizens, due to the actions of the same general. You could even say it is revenge for the general’s actions.

“The world’s leftists will, of course, raise arms that the world is on the verge of another big conflict.”

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