WWE legend Kurt Angle was told ‘drill me motherf**er’ by ‘pregnant’ pensioner

WWE legend and Olympic gold medallist Kurt Angle was once told to "drill me motherf***er' by a 'pregnant' pensioner.

The bizarre admission from the 54-year-old, who officially retired in 2019, came as he recalled a strange moment on WWE's flagship show Monday Night Raw in 2000.

It was during a feud between Angle and former WWE star Mark Henry – who was on-screen dating 81-year-old Mae Young – that he caused a stir by performing his Angle Slam finishing move on the elderly woman.

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Young, whose last appearance with WWE came a few months before she died aged 90 in 2014, took the move despite her old age and appeared to be in serious pain.

However, Angle has now revealed that the always-up-for-it Young actually told him to perform the move as hard as he could to her.

Recalling the moment on Twitter recently, he said: "My rookie year…. Mae Young was 81 years old at the time.

"Before I went out to the ring, she said to me “drill me motherf***er”. Lol.

"Mae was insane – sweet lady though."

And he expanded further on the mad conversation on the Kurt Angle Podcast, too.

He said: "That night before the match she came up to me and she said, 'Hey, I want you to spike the s*** out of me.

"I want you to slam me as hard as you can.

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"I want to f***ing feel it."

The classic moment was made all the more iconic by the fact that she was reportedly pregnant at the time.

The pregnancy, however, was purely on-screen and she did actually give birth . . . to a giant hand, in what has become one of the most infamous moments in WWE history.

The hand returned to TV around 20 years later as a fully-grown adult hand alongside mother Mae, which was the moment all fans had been waiting for.

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