15 Best Face Masks for Every Skin Type

Whether it’s a cream, clay, gel, charcoal or sheet version, face masks (for beauty) are known for offering some well-deserved self-care. But they also are the heavy hitters you can call on when your skin is having a full-scale meltdown.  Like any good beauty product, face masks come in near-endless variations and combat nearly every issue imaginable, so there’s a perfect fit

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Essentials for Celebrating Halloween at Home

Halloween will be drastically different this year amid the coronavirus pandemic. Many traditional activities for the spooky holiday are on hold as they can potentially lead to the spread of COVID-19. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have listed guidelines for lower and moderate risk activities. The CDC recommends to avoid door-to-door trick-or-treating as it is categorized as a higher

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15 Best Face Oil From La Mer, Drunk Elephant, Glossier and More

Face oil is wildly popular for a reason. Purists love them for their minimal (often organic) ingredients and amazing aromas, while those obsessed with results and, um, science love the way they can make ravaged skin glow.  Trust us when we say: Just a few drops these magical elixirs will leave your skin looking and feeling insanely hydrated and fresh.  We’ve found the 15 best face oils  — they deliver results that

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