Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Just Gave the Modern French Manicure a Cool New Twist

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I call this The Reverse Frenchie. 💅🏻

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Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s French Manicure

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley just posted a photo of a version of the french manicure you’ve probably never tried before. The model’s latest Instagram post is a shot of her jewelry-adorned hand with what she called “The Reverse Frenchie” in her caption. The manicure combines the same colors you’d normally get with a traditional french manicure, but instead of having the white shade at her tips, it runs across the edges of her cuticles.

The french manicure — which was most popular in the early ’00s — is being thrust back into the limelight now as one of this year’s biggest nail trends, as celebrities like Khloé Kardashian, Hailey Baldwin, and Kylie Jenner have all been seen with it. Many of them are putting their 2019 spin on the look, combining it with trends that are popular today (like neon hues and negative space). Check out Huntington-Whiteley and other A-listers’ modern takes on the french manicure ahead.

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Is This Beauty Heaven? Our Editors Chose the 50 Best Makeup Palettes Under $50

Is This Beauty Heaven? Our Editors Chose the 50 Best Makeup Palettes Under $50

Whether you’re looking to perfectly highlight your face or create a killer smoky eye, there’s an affordable makeup palette that can suit your needs. It was no easy task, but we rounded up our favorite palettes under $50 on the market right now. We’re obsessed with cheap palettes because you get so many goodies in one convenient package. Whether you like a soft, neutral look or a bold, colorful one, there’s an option for you.

These picks range in price point and purpose, so you’re sure to find something ideal. Take a look at our roundup and see which ones you already own — and which ones you need! With prices like these, our beauty arsenal is getting a total makeover.

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These Color Depositing Conditioner Masks Will Leave Your Hair With an Cool New Hue

Overtone Vibrant Teal Coloring Conditioner

Color depositing conditioners and masks are products that help you maintain a vibrant hair color and salon-level luster at home. To do so, the emollient treatments — which are typically housed in a jar or a tube — pump hair with pigment and moisturizing ingredients.

“Typically these conditioners will stay in your hair for two to four washes,” said Melissa Pecoraro, colorist at SCK Salon. “Color conditioners don’t go into the hair like [dye] would. [The pigment] lays on top of the hair almost like a glaze on a donut.”

Whether you’re trying to introduce an electric hue or amplify the shade and shine that you already have, you’ll find a conditioner on this list for you. The best part: they completely transform your look while never leaving your hair more damaged than it was initially. Check out our picks for the best color depositing haircare products, ahead.

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The Sephora VIB Sale Came Early This Year — Here Are 98 Deals Worth Shopping

The Sephora VIB Sale Came Early This Year — Here Are 98 Deals Worth Shopping

The Sephora sale is something we wait for every year, and starting today, it’s back! If you’re a VIB Insider or Rouge Member of the Sephora Rewards program, you can take a percentage off of every single product in the store. Yes, that’s right. Rouge members can shop 20 percent off starting Aug. 19, and VIB members can shop 15 percent off starting Aug. 20; just apply the promo code SUMMERSAVE at checkout. These sales are practically a national holiday for us, because it’s the time we stock up on our daily staples and splurge on those products we’ve been eyeing for months but haven’t been able to take the plunge. Specifically, we’ve got some La Mer, Charlotte Tilbury, and Jo Malone in our carts. Plus, that Dyson hair dryer is calling your name.

If you’re going to shop the sale, which we really think you should, we’ve broken it down into categories to make your browsing even easier. Whether you want a new foundation or that holy grail vitamin C serum, it’s all here and ready for you. These 98 products are top sellers, and they just work. Hurry up and shop fast, because the sale ends Aug. 27!

For even easier shopping, click the link ahead that matches your needs:

  • Makeup
  • Skin Care
  • Hair Products
  • Beauty Tools
  • Fragrance

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Your Favorite Candle Company Is Launching Scented Tattoos & Jewelry

Face it: You love smelling things. Whether it’s makeup or skin care, many beauty fans have the impulse to take a whiff of whatever it is they’re putting on their face and body in hopes of a scented surprise. To help scratch that itch, Diptyque is launching scented tattoos and jewelry, turning the brand’s most delectable candle fragrances into body art and accessories.

The beauty and fashion world collides in the form of yummy-smelling tattoos and jewelry in Diptyque’s soon-to-be-launched Prets A Parfumer Collection. The temporary tattoos couldn’t be further from the ones you played with as a kid: These much fancier Diptyque ones are made of satin. Yes, satin. But the collection gets better. The line also includes a perfume-infused string bracelet that’ll make an excellent addition to your minimalistic arm party. The last scented piece of jewelry is a cute little bird brooch that comes with ceramic solids that slip behind the design to keep your fragrance hidden.

While Diptyque is widely known for its candles and fragrances, the brand is making more luxury products that look cool and smell amazing. If you want to smell like your favorite Diptyque candle all day long, you can shop the wearable collection starting Sep. 2 on Diptyque’s website where prices will be between $55 and $120.

According to a Diptyque press release, the Patch de Parfum is described as somewhere between a clothing ornament and a mobile diffuser. These temporary matte satin tattoos can be placed anywhere from the nape of your neck and wrists to your shoulders. You can snag these tattoos (that can be reapplied up to three times) in three different styles and scents: a rose for the Eau Rose scent, a tuberose for the Do Son fragrance, and a swan for the l’Ombre dans l’Eau fragrance. The scented tattoos will retail for $55 each.

This container houses a bunch of string that can be cut into a bracelet of your preferred length, then attached to your wrist with a Diptyque gold-plated clasp. The bracelet comes infused with one of three scents — Do Son, Eau Rose, or Tam Dao — so that when you tie the bracelet around your wrists and arm, it distributes the fragrance onto your body. You’ll be able to snag this baby on for $90.

The final product in the Prets A Parfumer Collection is a cute little golden brooch. The brooch comes equipped with perfumed ceramic disks that you can secretly store in the brooch to wear your ‘fume on your sleeve or your breast pocket. Not only does this beautiful clothing ornament make for a mobile perfume, but even the legs on the bird-shaped brooch moves and groves as you walk. If you’re looking to cop this little birdie, you’ll be able to shop it for $120 on the Diptyque website.

A candle brand this beloved makes on-the-go scented products look super luxe. And when mind-blowing products like these grace the market, fragrance fans are sure to come running.

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These 15 Skincare Products Under $20 Are Perfect For College Students

These 15 Skincare Products Under $20 Are Perfect For College Students

Don’t head off for the new school year without a stockpile of your essential skincare products. The same way you want to get your textbooks and Fall outfits in order, you want to make sure you’ve prepared a skincare routine before classes pick up steam.

The items on this list will keep your complexion clear and glowing, even when the stress of midterms and a diet of late-night french fries are starting to catch up to you. The best part: each of these quick and easy options won’t break the bank with a price tag of under $20. From hydrating face washes to exfoliating scrubs, check out our picks for the best skin care for college students ahead.

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Body-Positive Activist Charli Howard Wants to Change the Way You Look at Skin Care

Body-Positive Activist Charli Howard Wants to Change the Way You Look at Skin Care

Model, activist, and author Charli Howard can add one more title to her resume: beauty founder. The “in-between” model who challenges perceptions in the fashion world is bringing her inclusive messaging into the beauty space with her new brand, Squish Beauty.

Inspired by the cumulation of her own experiences dealing with sensitive skin, Howard designed Squish to help people celebrate their skincare woes. From scars and cellulite to acne, Squish embraces it all. The brand’s first campaign features a diverse lineup of models, including disability activist Jillian Mercado, gender fluid twins Jake and Joseph DuPont, unibrowed model Sophia Hadjipanteli, curve model Lulu Bonfils, and many, many more.

“From day one, I wanted to use role models with real skin in my brand images,” Howard said. “All bodies are un-retouched, raw and real.” By showcasing models Photoshop-free, Squish makes skin care approachable for everyone.

As for the products themselves, they work to combat the daily frustrations that many people deal with, like hormonal acne and cracked lips. The three hero products – Cheeky Cherry Eye and Cheek Mask, Flower Power Acne Patches, and Jelly Lip Gloss – all focus on calming and hydrating the skin. They’re paraben-, sulphate-, and perfume-free, so even those with sensitive skin can enjoy the products. The cherry on top? Squish’s lineup is super cute and ‘gram-worthy. With the rhinestone-embellished flower patches, and the cherry-shaped under-eye mask, they not only tackle odd breakouts and dry skin, but the adorable packaging turns self-care into selfie time. The individual products range from $12-$20, and beauty-lovers have the option to purchase complete sets priced between $35 and $40.

Check out Squish’s all-star shoot, below, then scroll through to shop the brand’s first drop.

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Watercolor Makeup Is This Summer’s Most Striking Look

Part ‘80s retrofuturism, part Bjork album cover, part Impressionist painting, watercolor-inspired makeup is here to combat your mid-August boredom—and this summer has provided plenty of inspiration to draw from. Back in July, model’s lids and cheeks were swiped with technicolor shadow at the Dundas’s FW19 couture show. Hunter Schafer's colorful makeup inspired countless articles on Euphoria makeup artistDoniella Davy, while in real life Alexa Demie shared a picture of Bowie-worthy tangerine and fuchsia contour just last week. Always on trend, a quick scroll through Rico Nasty’s feed will show colorful contouring in every possible hue. Adwoa Aboah offered a more demure take on the trend for 2019’s Met Gala, pairing it with a rhinestone headdress. Admittedly, this expressive technique is nothing new to the beauty world: Devon Aoki rocked more delicate versions of this look countless times in the late '90s and early '20s. Rihanna swept magenta all over her temples for 2017’s Rei Kawakubo/Comme des Garçons’ Met Gala, while sweeps of pale pink were applied to the cheekbones of Valentino’s SS2018 show. What sets this iteration apart from prior iterations is its kaleidoscopic use of color and occasional delicate embellishment. Take a peek at Instagram's boldest takes on this artistic trend, here.

Diane Kendal applied a colorful shadow at Peter Dundas back in July. Courtesy of Instagram.

Tahmina May shows off a full face version. Courtesy of Instagram.

A softer, '80s-inspired take on the trend by Kayley Hassel. Courtesy of Instagram.

Euphoria might be over, but Alexa Demie's major makeup isn't. Courtesy of Instagram.

A pearl-encrusted pairing from Jes Santos. Courtesy of Instagram.

Model @uglyworldwide paired her neon shadow with blue contacts. Courtesy of Instagram.

Ana Takahashi shared a quick snap of a glittery, ethereal version. Courtesy of Instagram.

Rico Nasty used graphic accents to a multicolored eye. Courtesy of Instagram.

London-based artist Lynskiii is famous for her watercolor technique. Courtesy of Instagram.

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Summer Scents — 20 Delicious Body Washes To Wash Off Sand From The Beach

With summer sadly coming to an end, it’s time to give your skin a fresh start from the long, sunny days & we rounded up the most deliciously scented body washes that are perfect for reviving dehydrated skin.

It’s always the saddest time of year when you realize summer is almost done, however, now you have something to look forward to. We rounded up the most amazing scented body washes, that will leave your skin feeling soft, smooth and brand new. The summer can do some serious damage to your skin – between the salt water from the ocean and the chlorine from the pool drying out your skin – you’re definitely in need of major hydration. Not to mention, the sun-rays that cause dead skin, combined with the buildup from sunscreen and tanning oils – your skin is in need of a major makeover.

No matter what your skin concern is – whether it’s dry, scaly, sensitive – we included a deliciously scented body wash that can tackle any concern. One of our favorites to really give your skin a boost of energy is the Soap & Glory Shower Ranger Cooling Body Wash, which is perfect after a long day in the sun, which we will all be making the most of this next month. The body wash has cooling agents such as chamomile, aloe and cucumber extracts, which actually soothe your skin and leave you feeling super fresh.

Another great shower gel for revitalizing summer skin is the Method Deep Detox Body Wash. Not only does it give your skin that squeaky clean feeling, it’s infused with cucumber, seaweed and green tea, which gives off a gorgeous aroma, plus it’s free of parabens and phthalates. If you’re looking to seriously revamp your summer skin, then look no further than the Tree Hut Coco Colada Shea Sugar Scrub. It’s perfect for removing dead and dull skin from the summer and is formulated with Shea Butter, Evening Primrose, Safflower Seed, almond, avocado and orange oil, to provide maximum exfoliation that leaves your skin feeling extra soft.

For ultimate results, try a scrub or an exfoliator first, to remove all buildup and dead skin, then follow up with a super nourishing cleanser such as the Nivea Care & Cucumber Moisturizing Body Wash, which is basically a lotion and cleanser in one. It gently cleanses and moisturizes skin, plus it’s infused with cucumber and cantaloupe melon, which leaves you smelling absolutely amazing and feeling hydrated, without being greasy. There are a ton of different body wash options for you to choose from, which you can see when you click through the gallery above.

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The Pill for Better Sex

Women’s sexuality is often described as “complicated,” a word that tends to suggest something “difficult” or “best not discussed.” But women’s sexuality literally is complicated, in the purest definition of the word: from the acrobatics it takes to undo our bras to the mysterious forces that seem to stoke or decimate our desire. And that is why, doctors will tell you, coming up with a solution for female sexual dysfunction is more difficult than it is for, say, erectile dysfunction.

Even the terminology is complicated. While erectile dysfunction isn’t hard (pardon the pun) to understand, what is female sexual dysfunction anyway? According to the benchmarks of the female sexual function index (FSFI), one of the standard tests that researchers rely on, the condition occurs when one or all of the following factors get out of whack: desire, arousal, lubrication, orgasm, satisfaction, and pain (often due to the aftershocks of vaginal delivery).

“The fact is, women’s and men’s sexuality are very different,” says Shieva Ghofrany, M.D., an obstetrician-gynecologist in Stamford, Connecticut. “Men are able to procreate into their 90s, and our bodies don’t even give us the option after about 50, which is one of the reasons our desire decreases. If men were in this position, I truly believe this problem would be solved.” However, simply wishing for a female Viagra does women a disservice. A product that worked purely via clitoral stimulation (basically an analogue to Viagra) might help with arousal, but that doesn’t address the real problem. “It’s getting there that’s the problem for so many of my patients,” Ghofrany says.

“If men were in this position, I truly believe this problem would be solved.”

And that’s where DHEA, a hormone produced naturally in the adrenal gland, comes in. Fifteen years ago, Norbert Gleicher, M.D., medical director and chief scientist at New York’s Center for Human Reproduction (CHR), discovered that DHEA could help women get pregnant by raising male hormone levels, particularly testosterone. “Until then, doctors thought testosterone was a terrible thing to give to women with fertility issues when, in fact, the opposite turned out to be true,” he says. But a funny thing happened on the way to conception. Gleicher says that after getting pregnant, many of his patients who were supplementing with DHEA didn’t want to stop taking it, reporting that it made them more excited to have sex.

So Gleicher conducted a study. A group of 87 infertility patients was asked to complete an FSFI questionnaire prior to supplementing with 25 milligrams of oral micronized DHEA three times a day, and then again four to eight weeks later. Interestingly, 40 percent of women with low initial sexual satisfaction reported an increase in desire, 46 percent in arousal, 33 percent in lubrication, 54 percent in orgasm, and 24 percent in satisfaction, while 25 percent said sex was less painful.

There are drugs for female sexual dysfunction, but there’s risk: The newly FDA- approved Vyleesi, an injectable medication, is said to boost sex drive, although “40 percent of users develop nausea for up to two hours,” says Gleicher. Addyi was touted as the female Viagra when it debuted in 2015, but it comes with a black box warning—the strictest alert the FDA puts on the labeling of drugs—due to its incompatibility with alcohol and certain medications (to quote Stephen Colbert, “Nothing gets you in the mood like staring at your longtime partner stone-cold sober”).

As an alternative to these, CHR, in collaboration with Fertility Nutraceuticals, developed VIVO. Like the supplement used in the study, VIVO contains 25 milligrams of DHEA and must be taken three times a day. (Gleicher says that unlike some other DHEA supplements that you can buy at a health food store, the DHEA in VIVO is standardized, so it’s properly micronized and at its fullest potency.) It’s available without a prescription; a six-week supply will set you back just over $100.

Ghofrany thinks that compliance and price may be problematic for the average woman, but Angela Williams* is sold. Williams, who was part of the study, says, “When I was in the study, whether I was tired or working all day, I still felt like I wanted it when I came home.” Williams has since had a second child. She says she has often thought about going on the supplement again. “But now I really need the sleep more.”

*Name has been changed


This article originally appears in the September 2019 print issue of Harper’s Bazaar, available on newsstands August 20.

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