Ryanair warns passengers to NEVER bring these items in your luggage

Travel experts reveal the 5 Christmas items in your luggage that could get you into trouble with airport security

  • The airline revealed that a few common Christmas items are actually banned
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Ryanair has issued a warning to passengers taking flights at Christmas time over the festive items they might be packing in their luggage.

The budget airline revealed on its website that a few common Christmas items are banned from hold and hand luggage – so it is advising passengers to check while they are packing.

According to Ryanair, some ‘seemingly harmless’ party season accessories are a big ‘no no’ when it comes to flying – and some might even get you into trouble with airport security.

The website also listed two items that are considered a risk to the health of crew and passengers – and could even pose a safety risk to the aircraft.

Ryanair has warned passengers never to bring these Christmas items in your luggage (stock image) 

1. Christmas crackers

The airline has warned that Christmas crackers are an ‘absolute no no’, mainly as they come under the same category as fireworks and sparklers.

As they are considered explosive, flammable substances and they ‘pose a risk’ to the safety of passengers, crew and the airplane. 

The airline advised to wait until you get to your destination before purchasing party poppers, sparklers, fireworks or Christmas crackers.

2. Toy guns

It may seem obvious, but the airline has warned its customers to steer clear of any toys that look like weapons.

Toys such as plastic guns, water pistols, slingshots, darts and sports bats cannot be put in your hand luggage. 

3. Wrapped gifts   

Ryanair warned: ‘Don’t spend hours intricately wrapping gifts to carry in your hand luggage.

‘Wrapped gifts may be opened, searched and screened by airport security staff.’

The airline advises flyers to save their ‘expert wrapping skills’ until they arrive at their destination.

4. Fragile gifts

Although you can of course bring fragile items in your luggage, Ryanair advised travellers to wrap them in bubble wrap and then inside chunky clothes.

It added that placing the item in the middle of your checked-in luggage will keep it safe and supported from all sides. 

5. Valuables

The airline advised passengers to pack valuable items such as expensive jewellery in your hand luggage.

The website said: ‘Carry all valuables onto the plane in your smaller piece of hand luggage (the one that you can stash beneath the seat in front of you).’ 

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