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Riviera.Credit:Des Willie


Double episode series return, 8.30pm, SBS

The romantic location at first threatens to outshine the glamorous characters and curly storylines as this dynasty thriller endeavours to maintain the intrigue of its debut season. Having crossed a moral line, Julia Stiles' disillusioned art dealer, Georgina Clios, is jumping at shadows. Ravens bearing cryptic scrolls and maps marked with an X might seem signs of desperate plotting measures, but all is not as it seems in this lap of luxury. A revelation is afoot.

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7.30pm, Nine

You've gotta love a telethon, and not just for altruistic reasons. It's a justifiable excuse to let the talent loose in the studio for a bit of unscripted chaos. Expect to see everyone who's anyone at the Nine Network manning the phones for this fundraiser for children's cancer charity, My Room. So far, confirmed participants include Rebecca Maddern and Shane Crawford, with Eddie McGuire hosting.



7.30pm, Nine

It's Round 24 of the National Rugby League, with the North Queensland Cowboys taking on the Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs at the 1300Smiles Stadium in Townsville. All eyes will be on star players Jason Taumalolo, Michael Morgan, Will Hopoate and Dallin Watene-Zelezniak. In the commentary box are Paul Vautin, Andrew Johns, Mat Thompson, Billy Slater and mates. James Bracey hosts.

Run, sisters, run … The Bachelor.Credit:


7.30pm, Ten

Seriously? Women competing for a man by dangling from a hanging cloth? Why not just install some poles and a mirror ball and be done with it? That's the lengths to which the bachelorettes must go to impress Matt Agnew tonight. Either they catch his eye with a circus trick or risk being left on the shelf of singleton shame. The winner of this challenge gets to jump off a building. Literally.

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Another Game Of Thrones Actor Reportedly Joining The MCU

The MCU just can’t seem to stop collecting replacement Starks. First, Richard Madden signed up as Ikaris, a member of the upcoming Phase 4 movie The Eternals, as confirmed during Marvel Studios’ massive San Diego Comic-Con panel this year. Now, as D23 Expo gets rolling, yet another alumni has reportedly been added to the mix–Kit Harington is turning his sword and dire wolf in for spandex, according to Deadline.

Which project Harington is reportedly joining is a mystery, but if it’s going to happen in Marve’ls Phase 4, The Eternals seems like a likely candidate–not just because of his former on-screen brother’s involvement, but because The Eternals is the only Phase 4 project with a confirmed ensemble cast at the moment. Other projects in the lineup include solo movies for characters like Dr. Strange and Black Widow, as well as solo streaming TV shows for the upcoming Disney+ service like Hawkeye and Loki. Otherwise, the slate has been left conspicuously team-less.

However, there is of course the possibility for Harington to be a part in an as-of-yet unannounced project. After all, Marvel Studio’s panels and presence at D23 has only just begun, and already reports of new projects, like a Disney+ show centered around Kamala Khan, have come trickling in.

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Bill Maher: I'm 'Glad' David Koch Is Dead, 'And I Hope the End Was Painful'

“Real Time” host trashes the billionaire for supporting climate deniers a day after his death from prostate cancer

Comedian Bill Maher has made a career of saying things that could come back to haunt him, both on his former ABC show “Politically Incorrect with Bill Maher” and on his current HBO show “Real Time with Bill Maher.” Though Maher prides himself on being politically incorrect, there have been plenty of times he’s said offensive things that got him into hot water. Here’s a look at 11 of them.


  • 11. Maher interviews alt-right darling Milo Yiannopoulos
    After Milo’s speech at Berkeley University was canceled because of protests that included a few small fires and thrown objects, Maher brought the alt-right idol in for an interview. Though Milo’s anti-feminism, anti-transgender and anti-Muslim positions are well known — as is his role in the harassment-focused online movement known as GamerGate — Maher offered almost no pushback against Milo. Read more here.


  • 10. Maher jokes about Tila Tequila being assaulted
    In 2009, news broke that Tila Tequila claimed she’d been assaulted by then-boyfriend and San Diego Charger Shawne Merriman. Maher responded with a joke many found sexist: “New rule: Stop acting surprised someone choked Tila Tequila! The surprise is that someone hasn’t choked this bitch sooner.”

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  • 9. Maher claims Hillary Clinton cried for political gain
    During the 2008 presidential campaign, Maher tore into Clinton. In what many read as a sexist remark, Maher said women use crying to win arguments and accused Clinton of crying on the campaign trail for the same reason. Watch the clip here.

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  • 8. Maher says millions of Muslims supported the “Charlie Hebdo” attacks
    Maher has a long history of being highly critical of religion and, in recent years, of Islam in particular. In the wake of the 2015 “Charlie Hebdo” attack in France, Maher said “hundreds of millions” of Muslims supported the violence, in which 12 people were killed and 11 more were injured. Watch the clip.


  • 7. He gets into an Islamophobia argument with Ben Affleck
    On a panel with actor Ben Affleck and author Sam Harris, Maher defended Harris’ assertions about Islam, including when Harris said “Islam at this moment is the mother lode of bad ideas.” The discussion turned into a shouting match, as Affleck quickly challenged the stance and bigotry related to discussions of Islam. Watch the clip here.


  • 6. Maher compares One Direction’s Zayn Malik to Boston Marathon bomber
    Singer Zayn Malik quit the band One Direction, prompting a few jokes from Maher during an episode. But people were angered when Maher asked, “Where were you during the Boston Marathon,” placing an image of Malik beside one of bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. Many saw the joke as one mocking both Malik’s appearance and his Muslim faith. Watch the clip.


  • 5. He defends Bill O’Reilly’s joke about Maxine Waters
    After former Fox News host Bill O’Reilly said Congresswoman Maxine Waters’ hair looked like a “James Brown wig,” Maher came to his defense on “Real Time.” Maher’s point: liberals can’t take a joke. Many criticized O’Reilly’s joke to be racist, and he later apologized. Watch the clip here.


  • 4. Maher says dogs are like children with mental disabilities
    In the middle of making some point about how he’s not lauded enough for raising dogs, Maher said dogs are “like retarded children.” Guests floundered both to address Maher’s use of the offensive word and the much more offensive comparison of children with disabilities to animals. Watch the clip.


  • 3. …And makes fun of Sarah Palin’s son Trig
    Maher pushed that button again when he referred to Trig as “it” and said he “looks a lot like John Edwards.” Watch the clip here.


  • 2. Maher says 9/11 terrorists weren’t cowardly
    Maher’s ABC show “Politically Incorrect” was canceled in June 2002 after what he later explained was his attempt to level criticism against the American military. Less than a week after Sept. 11, 2001, Maher said the terrorists who stayed aboard planes were “warriors,” adding that the U.S. had been cowardly for firing cruise missiles at enemies “from 2,000 miles away.” The comment caused a row, as advertisers pulled out of the show. Watch the clip.


  • 1. Maher says “I’m a house n—a”
    In his latest bout of outrage-driving commentary, Maher offhandedly dropped the n-word in the middle of an interview. HBO has since said the comment was “inexcusable” and is removing it from reruns of the show and Maher has apologized.


  • The “Real Time” host has said the n-word on TV… and a lot more

    Comedian Bill Maher has made a career of saying things that could come back to haunt him, both on his former ABC show “Politically Incorrect with Bill Maher” and on his current HBO show “Real Time with Bill Maher.” Though Maher prides himself on being politically incorrect, there have been plenty of times he’s said offensive things that got him into hot water. Here’s a look at 11 of them.

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    Wyatt Russell Joins Disney+'s 'Falcon and the Winter Soldier' Series as John Walker

    Marvel character has at various points in comic book history gone by Captain America, U.S. Agent and Super-Patriot

    In case you haven’t heard, Disney is preparing the launch of Disney+, its own streaming competitor to challenge Netflix and Amazon. The upcoming platform will be available beginning Nov. 12 for $6.99 a month (or as part of a $12.99 bundle with Hulu and ESPN+).

    Along with housing its own vast library of content, Disney+ will feature original productions from “Star Wars,” Marvel Studios, Pixar and Disney’s own studio. Here’s every original TV show and film in the works for the upcoming streaming platform. (Note: Year One means within the first year of Disney+’s launch.)

  • “Lady and the Tramp” (Film) — Tessa Thompson and Justin Theroux voice Lady and Tramp, respectively, in this live-action version of the 1955 animated classic. Kiersey Clemons (Darling), Thomas Mann (Jim Dear), Janelle Monae (voice of Peg), Yvette Nicole Brown (Aunt Sarah) and Sam Elliott (voice of Trusty) also star.

    Premiere Date: Nov. 12

  • “High School Musical: The Musical: The Series” (TV) — The 10-episode scripted series, set at the real-life East High, where the original movie was filmed, follows a group of students as they count down to opening night of their school’s first-ever production of “High School Musical.” With meta references and some docu-style elements, it’s a modern take on the “classic” from 15 years ago.  

    Premiere Date: Nov. 12

  • “Love, Simon” (TV) — The series adaptation is set in the same world as the 2018 film starring Nick Robinson. Michael Cimino will star as Victor, “a new student at Creekwood High School on his own journey of self-discovery, facing challenges at home, adjusting to a new city, and struggling with his sexual orientation,” according to the show’s logline. “When it all seems too much, he reaches out to Simon to help him navigate the ups and downs of high school.” 

    Premiere Date: TBD

  • “Noelle” (Film) — Nick Kringle (Bill Hader) is first in line to become Santa Claus, but he struggles at every step of the way. His younger sister Noelle (Anna Kendrick) enjoys all the perks of being a Kringle without any of the expectations or responsibility. As the holiday draws near, the pressures of being Santa become all too much for Nick, who disappears just weeks before the big day. Now it’s up to Noelle to scour the globe to find him, bring him home, and save the Christmas season. Cast also includes Kingsley Ben-Adir, Billy Eichner, Julie Hagerty and Shirley MacLaine. 

    Premiere Date: Year One

  • “Flora & Ulysses” (Film) — Based on the children’s book by Kate DiCamillo,  “Flora & Ulysses” tells the story of 10-year-old Flora, an avid comic book fan and a self-avowed cynic, who saves a squirrel she names Ulysses only to have its unique superhero powers wreak havoc in a series of humorous, antic-filled adventures that ultimately change Flora’s life — and her outlook — forever.  

    Premiere Date: TBD

  • Diary of a Female President (TV) — Told from the narration of her diary, the series follows a Cuban-American 12-year-old girl as she navigates the ups and downs of middle school and her journey to becoming the future president of the United States. Gina Rodriguez (“Jane the Virgin”) and Emily Gipson (“I Can and I Will”) will executive produce along with Ilana Peña (“Crazy Ex-Girlfriend”). Rodriguez will play the older POTUS. 

    Premiere Date: Year One

  • “Phineas and Ferb Movie” (Film) — The movie, executive-produced by Dan Povenmire and Jeff “Swampy” Marsh (creators and executive producers of the long-running Emmy Award-winning series “Phineas and Ferb”), centers on Phineas and Ferb as they set out across the galaxy to rescue Candace, who has been abducted by aliens and has found utopia in a far-off planet, free of pesky little brothers. David Errigo Jr. joins as Ferb, while Ashley Tisdale, Vincent Martella and Caroline Rhea reprise their roles.

    Premiere Date: Year One

  • “Stargirl” (Film) — Based on the YA novel of the same name, this teen coming-of-age story is about Leo Borlock (Graham Verchere), an average 16-year-old who is content to fly under the radar until an offbeat and unconventional new student named Stargirl (Grace VanderWaal) shows up at his high school, turning his and everyone else’s world upside down, forever changing the way they see themselves and each other.

    Premiere Date: Year One

  • “Timmy Failure” (Film) — Based on the book “Timmy Failure: Mistakes Were Made” by Stephan Pastis, “Timmy Failure” is helmed by Tom McCarthy with a screenplay by McCarthy and Pastis. It tells the story of Timmy, who along with his 1,500 pound polar bear partner, Total, operates TOTAL FAILURE INC., a world-class detective agency (at least in Timmy’s mind anyway).

    Premiere Date: Year One

  • “Togo” (Film) — Based on a true-life adventure in the Alaskan tundra, this story takes place in 1925, when an epidemic of diphtheria breaks out in a remote Alaskan town, causing countless children to fall gravely ill. The necessary antitoxin is hundreds of miles away, across treacherous terrain with a massive storm on the horizon. As the crisis grows more desperate, the village leaders realize their only hope lies with one man – Leonhard Seppala (Willem Dafoe) and his lead sled dog, Togo.

    Premiere Date: Year One

  • “Falcon and the Winter Soldier” (TV) — Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan return as Sam Wilson/Falcon and Bucky Barnes/Winter Soldier, which will see the former take on the mantle of Captain America from Steve Rogers (Chris Evans). Daniel Bruhl returns as Baron Zemo from “Captain America: Civil War.” Emily Van Camp is expected to return as Sharon Carter as well.

    Premiere Date: Fall 2020

  • “WandaVision” (TV) — Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany are back as Wanda Maximoff and Vision, though the later died in “Avengers: Infinity War.” Teyonah Parris will debut as the adult version Monica Rambeau/Photon first introduced in “Captain Marvel.”

    Premiere Date: Spring 2021

  • “Loki” (TV) — Tom Hiddelston reprises his role as a still-villainous Loki from an alternate timeline. This Loki escaped using the Tesseract after the events of “The Avengers” during the time heist in “Avengers: Endgame.”

    Premiere Date: Spring 2021

  • “What If…” (TV) — The animated non-canon anthology will explore stories from the MCU that show events taking place differently — like, what if Peggy Carter took the Super Soldier serum instead of Steve Rogers. MCU actors will return to voice their characters, and Jeffery Wright will voice The Watcher.

    Premiere Date: Summer 2021

  • “Hawkeye” (TV) — Jeremy Renner will return as Clint Barton as he trains Kate Bishop to be the new Hawkeye.

    Premiere Date: Fall 2021

  • “Monsters at Work” (TV) — Picking up six months after the events of “Monsters, Inc.” this series follows Tylor Tuskmon (Ben Feldman), an eager and talented young mechanic who works on the Monsters Inc. facilities team but dreams of working his way up to the Laugh Floor. Billy Crystal and John Goodman return as Mike and Scully.

    Premiere Date: Year One

  • “The Mandalorian” (TV) — The first live-action “Star Wars” TV series from Jon Favreau follows a Boba Fett-like bounty hunter (Pedro Pascal) in the time period between “Return of the Jedi” and “The Force Awakens.”

    Premiere Date: Nov. 12

  • Untitled “Rogue One” Prequel (TV) — Diego Luna returns as Cassian Andor from “Rogue One” with Alan Tudyk reprising his role as his droid sidekick, K-2S0.

    Premiere Date: Year Two

  • Untitled Obi-Wan Kenobi Series (TV) — Ewan McGregor is in talks to finally return as the Jedi Master he played in the films “The Phantom Menace,” “Attack of the Clones” and “Revenge of the Sith.”

    Premiere Date: TBD

  • “Star Wars: The Clone Wars” (TV) —  The Emmy-winning animated series will be returning with 12 all-new episodes, which tells the story of Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi during The Clone Wars.

    Premiere Date: Year One

  • “The World According to Jeff Goldblum” (TV) — Through the prism of Jeff Goldblum’s always inquisitive and highly entertaining mind, nothing is as it seems in this new series. Each episode is centered around something we all love – like sneakers or ice cream – as Jeff pulls the thread on these deceptively familiar objects and unravels a wonderful world of astonishing connections, fascinating science and history, amazing people, and a whole lot of surprising big ideas and insights.

    Premiere Date: Nov. 12

  • Fox Franchise Revivals — Disney is looking to develop reboots from its newly acquired 20th Century Fox film library: “Home Alone,” “Cheaper by the Dozen,” “Diary of a Wimpy Kid” and “Night at the Museum.”

    Premiere Date(s): TBD

  • “Chip ‘n’ Dale” — The series will feature the return of Disney’s much-loved chipmunk troublemakers in a non-verbal, classic style comedy, following the ups and downs of two little creatures living life in the big city. 

    Premiere Date: TBD

  • Direct to consumer offering will house programming from Marvel Studios, Pixar and Lucasfilm

    In case you haven’t heard, Disney is preparing the launch of Disney+, its own streaming competitor to challenge Netflix and Amazon. The upcoming platform will be available beginning Nov. 12 for $6.99 a month (or as part of a $12.99 bundle with Hulu and ESPN+).

    Along with housing its own vast library of content, Disney+ will feature original productions from “Star Wars,” Marvel Studios, Pixar and Disney’s own studio. Here’s every original TV show and film in the works for the upcoming streaming platform. (Note: Year One means within the first year of Disney+’s launch.)

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    Paul Chuckle slams CBBC after they brand ChuckleVision ‘average’

    Paul Chuckle has hit out at CBBC after they deemed his legendary show with with late brother Barry "average".

    The channel rated their most popular TV shows on Twitter from 'legend tier' to 'top tier', 'middle tier' and then 'hmmm tier'.

    This included iconic shows like 50/50, Basil Brush, Get Your Own Back, Tracy Beaker, Smart and, of course, ChuckleVision.

    However Paul and many other fans were left fuming after CBBC rated Chucklevision near the bottom.

    In response to their tweet "Did we get it right?", Paul commented back in a tweet that has garnered 2.2k retweets and 22k likes: "No actually you didn’t in my opinion @cbbc get it right #Chucklevision 294 episodes over 21 years #GetVoting."

    Another fan suggested the CBBC was trolling them, saying that they know "full well that putting Chucklevision in the mid-table would break the British millennial internet".

    But Paul hit back saying: "They dumped us without comment or even letting us know ten years ago so I wasn't surprised to be honest that @cbbc would do this."

    Fans flocked to Twitter to support Paul, saying CBBC should be "ashamed" for ranking the show so low.

    One wrote: "Chucklevision was amazing! Shame on CBBC for doing that! You and Barry (may he rest in peace) will always remain legends! Paul, I hope you know that you are appreciated and I hope you know that you are important. Have a fantastic weekend."

    While another commented: "It’s an outrage!!! You’ve entertained generations! Yourself, Barry, Jimmy and Brian were an absolutely golden part of my childhood, both on TV and live. All of you are legends, in my heart, forever. #honourthechucklebrothers #honourthepattonbrothers."

    Later, CBBC appeared to notice the outrage that they had sparked with the tweet, cheekily commenting: "This is the kind of passionate debate we want!! obviously we could never choose a favourite child We think every single show on CBBC is legend+ tier ."

    ChuckleVision aired on TV from 1987 until 2009 and starred Barry and Paul Elliott, occasionally alongside older brothers Jimmy and Brian Elliott (known as the Patton Brothers).

    Paul was left devastated after brother Paul died last year on August 5. His other older brother Jimmy died on July 25 2019.

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    Jennifer Lopez Says Learning to Pole Dance for 'Hustlers' Movie Was 'One of the Most Challenging Things' She's 'Ever Done'

    Jennifer Lopez, who has conquered music, acting, and dancing counts learning to pole dance for her role as a stripper in the upcoming film, Hustlers, as one of the hardest things she’s ever done in her life. Continue reading to learn how Lopez, 50, prepped for the demanding role and why it proved to be so challenging for her. 

    What is ‘Hustlers’ about and when does it premiere? 

    Hustlers will hit theaters on Sept. 13, 2019. It’s based on a 2015 New York Magazine article by Jessica Pressler about the lives of strippers in Manhattan, New York, who scammed wealthy clients by seducing and drugging them as a result of tough financial times in the wake of the 2008 recession. 

    Not only did Lopez star in the film as Ramona, the ring leader of the group, but she also worked as an executive producer — seriously, there’s nothing she can’t do — and acted alongside Constance Wu, Cardi B, Lili Reinhart, Lizzo, among others. 

    Lopez on pole dancing: It ‘was one of the most challenging things I’ve ever done’

    As someone who is in great physical shape (Lopez seems to age backward) who conquers everything she does, it’s surprising to learn pole dancing proved to be difficult for Lopez. 

    During an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Lopez talked about entering uncharted territory in her career. She said she went to “stripper boot camp” where her decades of experience as a dancer didn’t help her because she “was using a completely new group of muscles.”

    “It was tough,” Lopez said, adding, “My shoulder and back are still recovering.” 

    Lopez trained with the help of a coach, Johanna Sapakie, and said developing the skill was extremely hard. 

    “I have danced all my life and I work out every single day,” Lopez said. “And I can say without hesitation that learning to pole dance was one of the most challenging things I’ve ever done.”

    Dedicated to her training, Lopez traveled with portable stripper poles so she could train on the road. 

    Lopez did her research

    Lopez, who is engaged to Alex “A-Rod” Rodriguez, observed strippers while they worked to make her role more authentic by visiting strip clubs in New York City and watching exotic dances along with other cast members.

    “I not only watched the ladies do their routines, I talked to them about what it was like to have a career as a dancer,” Lopez said. “I think it would surprise people that most of these women are students, or young moms just trying to get by in a world that doesn’t offer those on the fringe many chances,” she added.

    She added that the film addresses the stigma surrounding the profession. “Women are constantly sexualized, but when they find a way to profit from it, suddenly it’s a problem,” Lopez said. “Strippers are painted as throwaways or background characters. Hustlers digs into stories of their lives; the good, the bad, and the ugly.”

    Lopez recently wrapped up her It’s My Party tour and is busy working on a fixer-upper she and A-Rod bought with the help of the interior designer, Joanna Gaines, who made a name for herself starring on HGTV’s Fixer Upper with her husband, Chip Gaines. 

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    Emmerdale fans predict Graham and Rhona will start romance as she’s revealed as mystery chess player

    EMMERDALE fans have predicted that Graham and Rhona will start dating after she was revealed as his mystery chess player.

    The vet and Kim Tate’s right hand man have grown closer in recent weeks and shared another chemistry filled moment during tonight’s show.

    During the episode Graham (Andrew Scarborough) finally caught Rhona (Zoe Henry) moving around his chess pieces, after noticing they kept moving.

    After complimenting her playing, she teasingly said:  “Wish I could say the same for you 007, because that, is checkmate.”

    Smiling he replied: “Hurts marginally less than being beaten by Joe.”

    She replied: “Aah, hurts your pride eh. I’ll return these tomorrow, see you then.”

    Touching him on the shoulder, she added: “Why don’t you set it up again? Best of three eh?”

    Those watching at home spotted her flirty behaviour and took to Twitter to comment on it.

    One person wrote: “I love this. Rhona and Graham should get together.”

    A second added: “Is it me or is there a Rhona/Graham affair upcoming? #emmerdale.”

    While a third commented: “So Rhona & Graham!? Me likes  #Emmerdale”

    The duo previously got fans talking when they ended up getting locked in the veterinary practise together.

    On orders from his villainous overlord, Kim, Graham tried to steal some of the vet’s ketamine so they could plant it in the

    kids playground to get everyone in trouble.

    But Rhona discovered Graham lurking and locked them both in the vets – forcing him to reveal his boss’s dastardly plan.

    They flirted again when Rhona showed up at Home Farm to check on Kim’s horse.

    Earlier in tonight’s episode Graham has been ditched by Kim (Claire King) after she made plans to take her son Jamie and granddaughter Millie for lunch.

    Despite Graham already making reservations at a another place for the two of them, evil Kim told him: “It’s a family affair otherwise you could have tagged along – and don’t look like that, you know I hate surprises.”

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    Why did Strictly Come Dancing's Neil and Katya Jones break up?

    KATYA Jones made headlines during last year's Strictly when she was caught snogging her dance partner Seann Walsh despite being married to fellow dancer Neil Jones.

    But despite sticking together after the incident, ten months on and the couple have decided to call it quits. Here's what we know…

    Why did Strictly Come Dancing's Neil and Katya Jones break up?

    The Strictly Come Dancing couple split just ten months after Katya was spotted snogging her dance partner Seann Walsh.

    The couple didn't specify an exact reason behind the break-up, other than citing that they loved each other "just in a different way as friends."

    In a joint statement, they said: "Hi everyone. As our fans and loyal supporters you are really important to us and so we wanted to let you know some news. After 11 years we have made the mutual decision to separate.

    "We will always love each other, just in a different way as friends. This will never change what a great team we make and we are really proud of everything we have achieved together.

    "Our shared love of dance means we will keep working and dancing together as well as exploring individual projects. No matter what we do we will always support and respect each other.

    "We wish one another every happiness and we will remain the best of friends. We are really looking forward to getting back to the ballroom and can't wait to keep on dancing. Lots of love from us both xx"

    However despite the very civil statement, an insider exclusively revealed to The Sun: "The infidelity highlighted problems within the relationship and made it impossible for them to get back on track.

    “They are determined not to let their split affect Strictly as it’s their main source of income.

    "They’re being guided by how Kevin and Karen Clifton handled their split.”

    The source said: “The public were not buying into them together any more.”

    What happened with that kiss between Katya and Seann Walsh and what have the couple said about it?

    The announcement of the Jones' split came just ten months after Katya was pictured by The Sun on Sunday kissing comedian Seann outside a pub shortly after a late night rehearsal.

    At the time last October, Katya said: “I can’t apologise enough to everyone who it hurt and involved.

    “But, the main thing, me and Neil are absolutely fine and that’s what matters to me the most right now and focusing on my job and doing it as professionally I can.”

    And in March Neil opened up about the betrayal to Sun columnist Lorraine Kelly, saying:

    " It was a shock. It was a major shock. I appreciated it of course that Katya told me so I found out from Katya before it appeared.

    “Straight away for me I was more worried about Katya because I could see what was going to happen. It was a natural reaction.”

    After revealing people had encouraged him to leave Katya following her cheating, he said: “But that’s what’s wrong at the moment. We have been together for 10 years.

    “I just needed to speak to Katya, I just needed to be with her at that moment and understand what was going on.”

    The couple continued to perform together after the incident, including touring the UK with their show Somnium: A Dancer’s Dream, which was directed and choreographed by Neil.

    Who is Strictly's Neil Jones?

    Neil Jones, 37, is a professional ballroom dancer who works as a professional dancer for Strictly Come Dancing.

    He's British but was born in Munster, Germany, and started dancing at a local ballet school at the age of just three.

    Neil has represented Finland, Holland and the UK during the course of his competitive career.

    He also holds many titles including UK, British, Dutch, European and World Latin Champion.

    Upon signing up to BBC's Strictly in 2016, he said: “As a British dancer I have grown up watching this amazing show, it is a massive honour…

    "I am feeling pumped and excited to be part of the Strictly family.”

    Who is Strictly's Katya Jones?

    Katya Jones, 30, is a pro dancer who was born Ekaterina Andreevna Sokolova in St Petersburg, Russia, to a Korean mother and Russian businessman father.

    She started dancing when she was just six years old and then formed a partnership with her fellow dancer – and now ex-husband – Neil Jones in 2008.

    Together they won the World Professional Latin Showdance Championships in 2015 – and they are also four times undefeated British National Professional Champions.

    Then in 2016 she joined Strictly.

    Ed Balls was Katya's first partner and they had a good run, making it through to week ten thanks to their comedy performances before being eliminated.

    In 2017 she was crowned the Strictly champion with dance partner and actor Joe McFadden.

    Who is Katya Jones partnered with on Strictly 2019?

    On April 26, 2019 it was revealed that Katya had been axed from the main line-up following her snog with then dance partner Seann Walsh.

    BBC bosses keen to save the show’s family image have decided the Russian should not be paired with a celebrity.

    However, in a massive u-turn by producers, in August 2019 it was revealed that she WOULD be partnered with someone.

    Katya has been reprieved because show bookers signed up eight male celebrities instead of the planned seven, so they need an extra female dancer.

    A show insider said: “Katya has got lucky. She was lined up for a back-up role following the controversy of the last series and accepted she would just have to ride this year out.

    “But the way the bookings panned out, a space has come open and she’ll be part of the main series.”

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    Jillian Bell trained ‘too many hours' for her Rough Night dance number

    Watch the full episode of Couch Surfing streaming now on PeopleTV.com, or download the PeopleTV app on your favorite device.

    Before Jillian Bell could, well, run a marathon in her new comedy Brittany Runs a Marathon, she had to master the art of dance for her 2017 ensemble comedy Rough Night — and it took far longer than she anticipated to get it just right.

    “This was our second day of shooting, and, as you can tell by the video, I don’t dance,” Bell said of the scene — which saw her performing a choreographed routine to Khia’s “My Neck, My Back (Lick It)” alongside costars Scarlett Johansson, Zoë Kravitz, and Ilana Glazer — during a recent interview with PeopleTV’s Couch Surfing. “All of these women are so hot, and I was just like, ‘What are we doing? We’re dancing?’ And they’re like, ‘You’re the one character who has to really know how to do this dance.'”

    RELATED VIDEO: Jillian Bell didn’t know until the 22 Jump Street table read that she was the villain


    Nothing if not determined, Bell said she worked with the film’s choreographer “for too many hours” to hone her skills.

    “It was upsetting the amount of hours I spent with them,” she remembers, laughing. “We paused for a moment because I started crying. So much crying.”

    Brittany Runs a Marathon is in theaters now. Watch Bell recount her Rough Night experience above.

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    EastEnders spoilers: Will Keanu Taylor and Louise split after devastating return twist?

    Keanu Taylor (played by Danny Walters) decided to leave Walford after coming under suspicion for the near-fatal attack on Phil Mitchell (Steve McFadden).

    Unbeknownst to Phil, Stacey Fowler (Lacey Turner) attacked him as she protected husband Martin Fowler (James Bye) from the EastEnders hard man.

    Ben Mitchell (Max Bowden) was the first person to find Phil and put a plan in motion to frame Keanu.

    When Keanu realised he was the police’s number one suspect he decided to flee Walford with Louise Mitchell (Tilly Keeper).

    However he’s set to return to the Square next week and it looks like he’ll be alone.

    Spoilers released on the BBC website confirm the young mechanic will feature in upcoming episodes.

    But there’s no mention of Louise joining him.

    Detailing what fans can expect in the upcoming episodes, the BBC revealed Keanu is looking for revenge.

    Upon his return, the spoilers explain: “Keanu goes head-to-head with Ben.”

    How will Keanu react when he discovers he was forced to flee Walford after Ben framed him?

    Meanwhile, Louise’s mum, Lisa Fowler (Lucy Benjamin) will be returning to the Square shortly.

    With her mum and fiancé back in Walford, could Louise be staying away after Keanu tells her the truth about his affair with Sharon Mitchell (Letitia Dean)?

    Sharon assured Keanu she was pregnant with Phil’s baby but paternity test results proved otherwise.

    Keanu was devastated when he learnt the truth and while on the run he could find it difficult to keep such a big secret from Louise.

    Could this be the end for the young couple or will Louise stand by her fiancé?

    Elsewhere Jack Branning (Scott Maslen) could be in danger after Will Hunter (Charlie Winter) escapes from prison. 

    Jack played a significant role in getting Will arrested and it’s not clear at first why the fugitive has returned.

    Mel Owen (Tamzin Outhwaite) will be shocked to discover Will when he secretly arrives on the Square.

    She does her best to keep him hidden but she’s soon taken aback when she discovers some shocking news from the police.

    Could he be planning on seeking revenge on Jack?

    EastEnders continues tomorrow on BBC at 7.30pm. 

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