Holy houses! Instagram users unveil incredible converted church homes

Holy houses! Instagram users unveil their converted church homes which have been turned into modern spaces – including minimalist havens and rustic boltholes

  • Homeowners from around the world are revealing their unconventional houses
  • Using hashtag #ConvertedChurches, Instagram users reveal their ‘holy homes’ 
  • Some converted  the old religious spaces into stunning minimalist properties
  • Others retain original features and maintain some rustic charm of the houses

Some say your house should be your own temple – but some homeowners are taking the expression far more literally than others. 

With their high ceilings, incredible stone architecture and huge windows, there are plenty of reasons why a church could seem like the perfect place to build a home.

Now, homeowners from around the world have taken to showing off their less than conventional houses using the hashtag #ConvertedChurches.

From chic minimalist interiors, to bright and colourful conversions, these homeowners have transformed places of worship into unconventional living spaces. 

Homeowners from around the world have taken to sharing their unconventional but stunning converted church interiors using the hashtag #ConvertedChurch (pictured, a converted church in Ontatio) 

One user, whose location is unknown, revealed how they’d combined modern geometric styles cleverly with the church’s original features 

One couple revealed their stunning minimalist home, which managed to retain some of the church’s original features – including some of the exposed brickwork 

Another user, from East Nashville, unveiled this eccentric apartment space within a church dating back to 1904 

One woman, from Sweden, revealed the stunning modern take on a family home in her church conversion, which features cool wooden and geometric interiors 

Another person, from Lincoln, shared one of their converted bedrooms in the property, which included the original huge leaded window (pictured) 

Some of the snaps shared revealed interiors which boast a cool and chic white minimalist style, which balances the churches’ ancient features.

One woman, from Sweden, posted pictures of her converted chapel, which featured a concrete floor, exposed steel beams and a trendy black geometric style staircase. 

The property, which she lives in with her two children, was transformed from a derelict building into a standing, albeit unconventional, family home.

Meanwhile another user, from Ontario, revealed their newly renovated 1888 church. 

Another person, from Australia, revealed a comfortable corner of their church home which was beautifully lit by a huge original window 

One woman, from New York, revealed the stunning wooden church which offered a cosy open plan home 

One couple, from Berlin, shared their ‘converted’ ’60s modernist property on Instagram, showing off one of the smaller side rooms in their church 

Another person, whose location is unknown, revealed the stunning open-plan loft build into the roof of a church

The place of worship boasts a cool modern look into a three bedroom Airbnb with a private waterfront view.

Another person told how they’d incorporated a modern style into the space to make the most of the church’s original stunning stained glass windows. 

But while some opted for chic and modern, others maintained a more ‘classic’ and authentic style. 

One person, from Lincoln, shared one of their converted bedrooms in the property, which included the original huge leaded window, as well as decadent decorations.

Meanwhile, another woman from New York told how she had converted an old wooden church into a stunning open plan living area. 

Keeping the original stain glass windows and wooden features, she added a log burner and cool trendy furniture to modernise the space.  

Another woman, from Wisconsin, revealed her charming minimalist bedroom in a converted chapel (pictured)

One user, from Ontario, revealed the stunning white interior of their converted 1888 church, which now boasts three bedrooms

Another user, whose location is unknown, revealed how they’d used clever cut away flooring to showcase the church’s original stained glass windows 

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Broadway Review: ‘The Rose Tattoo’ Starring Marisa Tomei

“The Rose Tattoo” is what happens when a poet writes a comedy — something strange, but kind of lovely. The same might be said of director Trip Cullman’s production: Strange, if not exactly lovely. Even Marisa Tomei, so physically delicate and expressively refined, seems an odd choice to play the lusty and passionate protagonist, Serafina Delle Rose. She, too, is kind of lovely — if lost.

Ranks of pink flamingoes marching into the sunset at the back of the stage are the first sign that this won’t be a conventional reading of Williams’s bittersweet play about an Italian widow who has embraced, like some fateful lover, her all-consuming grief over her husband’s death.

The doors and walls and windows of Serafina’s little cottage on the Gulf Coast are mere suggestions in Mark Wendland’s theoretical set, and the days seem to confine themselves to what Ben Stanton’s lighting design renders as eternal dusk. The only hint of unforced poetry is a chorus of women dressed in black and singing mournful Italian songs, as unnoticed and uncalled-for as those pink flamingoes, but strangely moving.

When her beloved husband is lost at sea, Serafina is inconsolable, even when another grieving woman, Estelle Hohengarten (Tina Benko) reveals herself to be his mistress. For the next three years, Serafina prays at her household shrine to the Virgin Mother (the stacked-up votive candles are a nice touch), awaiting a sign that she can return to life. Tomei is best in these quiet moments, torn between crushing grief and pulsing life — and wearing her conflicted feelings like a hairshirt.

Physically, the actress’ slender frame and refined features suggest little of Serafina’s earthy presence, despite the fact that costumer Clint Ramos has draped her in unflattering 1950s-era weeds and clodhopper shoes. We’ll just have to take it on faith that the widow Delle Rose — a dressmaker, no less — is incapable of running up a few pretty frocks on her nicely humming sewing machine.

Emun Elliott gives the show a shot of adrenaline when he shows up as the warm-hearted if absurdly named Alvaro Mangiacavallo. In literal translation, that means “eat a horse” and it comes close to being an ethnic slur. But while a dialect coach is credited in the program, the real slurs are the thuggish Italian accents. (If everyone is supposedly speaking in plain English, what’s with all the stereotypical inflections?)

Despite a huge cast of characters, this is a very slender play — more a mood piece, really — and far from the playwright’s best. Without any solid scene setting, the minimalist production provides little environmental support. In fact, the bare-boned set seems to be an actual hazard, because it forces the performers to exit down a sharply raked ramp — and then to duck at the last minute, lest they bump their heads. Theater people are such pros, they gladly suffer for their art. But this is above and beyond the call of duty.

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Broadway Review: 'The Rose Tattoo' Starring Marisa Tomei

American Airlines Theater; 723 seats; $299 top. Opened Oct. 15, 2019. Reviewed Oct. 11. Running time: TWO HOURS, 25 MIN.

Production:A Roundabout Theater Company presentation of the Williamstown Theater Festival production of a play in two acts by Tennessee Williams.

Creative:Directed by Trip Cullman. Sets, Mark Wendland; costumes, Clint Ramos; lighting, Ben Stanton, original music & sound, Fitz Patton; projections, Lucy Mackinnon; production stage manager, Arabella Powell.

Cast:Cassie Beck, Alexander Bello, Tina Benko, Andrea Burns, Susan Cella, Emun Elliott, Paige Gilbert, Greg Hildreth, Isabella Iannelli, Jacob Michael Laval, Ellyn Marie Marsh, Carolyn Mignini, Portia, Ella Rubin, Jennifer Sanchez, Constance Shulman, Burke Swanson, Marisa Tomei.

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Vape influencers say they’re the real victims of vaping illness crisis

Tobacco companies aren’t the only ones profiting from the dangerous vaping trend.

When vaping illness struck America this summer, it brought e-cigarette culture — once a niche trend among the Instagram generation — into the spotlight. The mysterious sickness, now formally called EVALI (short for e-cigarette or vaping-product use associated lung injury) and suspected to be caused by bad additives in black-market THC vapes, has claimed at least 26 lives, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. At least 1,299 cases of the disease have been reported in 49 states. In response to the crisis, the FDA announced plans to ban flavored e-cigarettes because of their effect on public health, with local governments already enacting such legislation.

The crisis also exposed the seedy marketing tactics vaping companies use to reach teens.

Vape influencers — young people paid to promote vaping products on social media — have raked in thousands of dollars hawking their smoking habit to followers.

Victoria Williams, a 26-year-old based in Savannah, Ga., with 58,000 Instagram followers, initially started vaping to kick her cigarette habit. For a year, she earned a decent living, being paid $20 to $300 per post — about $3,500 a month — by companies such as Skol Pods and Craze Liquids.

A typical post shows the tattooed Williams lounging outdoors, vape in hand.

“I [was] making enough to pay my rent and my bills, and [to] have a little extra to put in savings,” Williams says.

In July, a congressional report found that Juul Labs Inc. had spent more than $200,000 to recruit influencers and market to young people. Now, the FDA, Federal Trade Commission and Cogress are all investigating the social-media marketing of e-cigs.

“It’s clear that vaping is not safe,” says Joanna Cohen, a professor at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. She believes that many vapefluencers are well aware of this, and glamorize the habit — whether they mean to or not. “It’s not always overt advertising,” she says. “It’s the messaging that these products are normal consumer products that someone might want to use.”

The FDA seems to agree: In June, it cracked down on four e-liquid manufacturers for failing to include the disclaimer, “WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical,” on their social-media posts, per the Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act.

But many influencers aren’t happy about this.

“I do use the warning labels, but I was a little reluctant,” says Manuel Urzua, 24. “I’m so into photography, and the warning labels make the pictures look so bad.”

Urzua started smoking cigarettes at 15, then took to vaping at 18 to wean himself off of cigs. Not long after, he fell into a lucrative gig as a vape promoter and trickster.

“I created three of the main vaping tricks that are used today. In one, you can make an ‘O’ and make it wobble,” says Urzua, who made $5,500 per month for the past three years through affiliate codes and paid promotions for brands such as Ruthless E Juice and Midnight Vapors.

But now, money is drying up as companies scale back marketing efforts amid public outrage. These days, Urzua is only pulling in about $2,000 monthly.

For health reasons, Urzua hopes to stop vaping altogether in the next two years, and to transition his online focus to “car stuff.” He also has an upcoming social-media deal with a headphone company. Still, he feels loyal to his e-juice business partners. “I like working with the product .‌ . . It’s hard to let go of something you’ve been working at for so long.”

Some vapefluencers say that they have their own set of quality-control standards to avoid pushing bad products.

“I take time to test the product and ask if it was made pre-August 2016 because that’s when certain FDA regulations went into effect,” says Williams. “I vet the brands and try to be as responsible as I can be that the products are abiding by regulations.”

Others, such as Priscilla Gomez, a 22-year-old from Riverside, Calif., say they block underage followers.

“I look in my insights [an Instagram analytics tool] and look at my age demographic,” says Gomez, who declined to say how much she is paid for her sultry promotional spots for brands such as Vapetasia and Skol Pods. “If I spot underage accounts, I block them.”

The exact causes of vaping illness are still unclear — adding to the confusion over what is actually safe to promote. Williams notes that the lion’s share of vaping-related hospitalizations have been linked to black-market marijuana-derived products, or ones with vitamin E acetate, which aren’t what she works with.

“The only commonality between black-market THC cartridges and vaping is that you heat a liquid to produce a vapor,” she says, although there isn’t yet a consensus among the scientific community.

Still, she’s somewhat conscious of glorifying the potentially life-threatening habit.

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CDC gives vaping-related lung illnesses a name

US vaping illnesses continue to rise but cause is still a mystery

De Blasio administration sues e-cigarette vendors for marketing to kids

Teen becomes first New Yorker to die of vaping-related illness

“I limit the amount of attraction to someone who doesn’t already vape as [much as] I can. I try to take pictures that are tasteful,” she says. “I love going to the beach and drinking coffee, and that’s what comes out in my posts. I’m not trying to enlist teenagers to vape.”

She and Cohen agree on something: Both believe that vape products should be taken off the shelves at corner stores and gas stations.

But Williams doesn’t think her well-compensated Instagramming has really encouraged that many young people to vape.

“I would be totally fine with shutting down and never posting another vaping photo again if that’s what it took [to stop teens from vaping],” she says. ”I just don’t think that I’m what’s encouraging teenagers to vape . . . Teenagers like to be rebellious.”

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Kym Marsh net worth: How much is Coronation Street star worth?

Kym Marsh , 43, first graced our screens in 2001 on reality show Popstars, where she formed the group Hear’Say. After a successful music career, and two number ones singles, she became an actress.

Initially she secured roles on Doctors and Holby City before eventually being cast as Michelle Connor in Coronation Street in 2006 – a role she is still in today.

Although Hear'Say would no doubt have made her a fair bit of money, in 2017 it was reported that she was earning £150,000 a year for playing her role on the popular soap.

She was said to be out earned only by Jack P Shepard, who reportedly made £200,000 a year for his role of David Platt. The ex wife of Jamie Lomas has also made money through presenting roles including The X Factor final in 2008.

Additionally Kym competed in the reality show Popstar to Opera star. Because of all this upwards career trajectory, the mum of four is estimated to be worth a whopping £4.3 million.

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Kym Marsh

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However, in February she announced she was leaving the Coronation Street. Although this is sad news for fans, experts have said that it will be very good news for Kym’s bank balance. This is because she will now be able to take advantage of lucrative advertising work, as well as pantos, telly dramas and reality TV.

A source told The Sun: “Kym will really be able to test her earning power now and the roles and ad work will come pouring in. She will be able to bank a million by the end of the year, easily.”

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Woman Reunites with Child She Thought Died After Birth 30 Years Ago: It 'Makes Me Want to Cry'

A mother has been reconnected with her child almost three decades after she was told the baby died minutes following birth.

Tina Bejarano of Los Banos, California, welcomed a daughter when she was 17, she explained to KMPH. But a day after the baby girl was born, Bejarano’s mother delivered devastating news about her child, Kristin.

“The next day,” Bejarano recalled to the news station, “she comes back to tell me, ‘The baby died 15 minutes after it was born. It never made it. It was sick.’ “

For the next 29 years, Bejarano and her husband, Eric Gardere, would celebrate the baby’s birthday. It was always a painful experience no matter how much time had passed.

“It was a hard time every year,” she told KMPH. “I would get depressed. I would cry all the time.”

“She would go into major depression,” added Gardere, who married Bejarano shortly after the baby’s death and now shares five children with her.

Tina Bejarano

But Bejarano would be in for the surprise of a lifetime when her daughter encouraged her to get an DNA kit test in 2017.

After taking it, Bejarano received an email from a man living across the country in New Jersey, she told KMPH.

“I think we need to talk, it says we’re related, and it says you’re my mom,” the email read, recalled Bejarano, who would soon learn of a horrible truth.

Her mother, Bejarano said, had been abusive and told her while she was pregnant that she couldn’t keep the baby. When she told her that baby Kristin had died after being born, Bejarano’s mother had actually put her up for adoption, Bejarano told the outlet.

Kristin told Bejarano about being raised in Las Vegas and transitioning into a man. He now has a wife and child.

“I don’t care,” Bejarano told the news station. “I don’t care if he’s in transition. I don’t care if he hasn’t transitioned. I don’t care. That’s my kid. We’re just glad he’s alive.”

Gardere, while not Kristin’s biological father, said he has been texting him every day and considers him a son. Kristin and his family plan to visit Los Banos in November to meet his mother in person for the first time.

“Looking at him,” Bejarano said, “just makes me want to cry.”

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Disney unveils new official trailer for live-action ‘Lady and the Tramp’

Disney just released the second official trailer for its exclusive reimagining of “Lady and the Tramp,” and it’s giving us all the feels!

Interested in Disney?

Featuring the vocal talents of Tessa Thompson, Justin Theroux, Janelle Monáe and Sam Elliot, the movie is a modern remake of the 1955 animated classic and we’re getting a glimpse of more of the new, live version of the timeless tale.

Life is good for Lady, an American cocker spaniel who lives in an upscale suburban neighborhood.

Her owners, Jim Dear and Darling, spoil her daily. Her neighbors Jock, an outspoken Scottish terrier, and Trusty, a world-weary bloodhound, are always within barking distance.

But when a baby enters the picture, Lady is no longer the center of attention, and the arrival of cat-loving Aunt Sarah only complicates matters.

Lady soon finds herself alone on the streets in an unwelcoming part of town.

Fortunately, Tramp — a streetwise mutt — quickly teaches Lady the ways of the world.

Before long, the prim and proper purebred and the fast-talking mutt are partaking in moonlight strolls in the park and romantic spaghetti dinners by candlelight.

Tramp savors the independence of a world without leashes or fences alongside his roguish friends Peg and Bull, but Lady misses the comfort and safety of a family, and soon both must decide where — and with whom — they belong.

“Lady and the Tramp” premieres Nov. 12 streaming only on Disney+.

Disney is the parent company of ABC News and “Good Morning America.”

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This simple change could transform how you feel about your body

According to a new study, changing the way we approach and think about our bodies could help us to feel more positive about it.

A quarter of women in the UK recently revealed that they don’t feel comfortable in their own skin because they don’t meet ‘typical’ beauty standards, while a third of women have cancelled a social event because they were suffering with a lack of confidence. 

Whether it’s our weight, skin, height, hair or body shape, for some long-time women have been taught to judge our body on the way it looks – and while some great new campaigns and initiatives are working to change some of the negative ways we think, many of us still struggle with feelings of negativity and disappointment when we look at ourselves in the mirror. And despite the variety of influencers championing body positivity and advocating for self-love, it can sometimes feel like the time when we’ll love our reflection is still a while off.

But what if we were to stop focusing on what we see in the mirror completely? What if, instead of describing, talking and thinking about our bodies in terms of their visual qualities, we started thinking about their physical abilities – and the incredible things they can do?

A new study by researchers from the Maastricht University and the University of Gothenburg advocates for just that. According to their research, which sampled a group of 75 women and men between the ages of 18 and 25, when we think about what our bodies are capable of doing – compared to how they look – it can help us to feel more positive about our bodies.

During the study, the researches asked the participants to write about either what their body can do (the functions it performs, etc) or what their body looks like. They then analysed the words and descriptions used to identify any common themes across the responses. What they found was revealing.

Among the people who were asked to write about their body functions compared to their visual attributes, most made positive comments about what their body could do, and added why they were meaningful to them by, for example, describing how their body allowed them to get certain places or how it’s resilient under difficult circumstances.

However, among the participants who were asked to describe their bodies visually, there was a lot more comparison. Whereas any comparison made in the former group tended to highlight the things their body was especially good at, the people who described their bodies visually tended to evaluate their physique in terms of how it measured up to a “normal” physical appearance, and often described their body as a kind of “project” to be worked on, either by losing weight or applying makeup. A number of the participants also described what other people thought about their appearance. 

When we focus on what our bodies do for us – rather than what they look like to other people – it seems it’s easier for us to appreciate all the amazing parts of our bodies. Whether it allows us to gain a newfound appreciation for our strength, fall in love with our “flaws”, or take the time to wonder at all the great things our body allows us to do, thinking about our body’s capabilities allows us to appreciate all the small miracles we achieve on a day to day basis just by being alive.

Images: Unsplash/Getty

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Mum shares top tips for bagging freebies after winning £1,000 worth of free stuff

A MUM from Essex has revealed how she bagged more than £1,000 worth of freebies in two years – and has shared her tips on how you can too.

Ana Maria Macovei, 29, has managed to get her hands on new mattresses, food, drink, baby products and beauty products without spending a penny.

She's been applying for freebies on and off over the past five years but began taking it seriously two years ago after having her son, William.

This year alone, she's bagged a £350 child's car seat after taking part in a free trial, skincare products worth over £50, a dental water flosser worth £60 and a Logitech Crayon worth £60, as well as lots of food, drink and makeup.

"Since I became a stay-at-home mum I apply for free stuff every day," Ana told The Sun.

"I don't just get free samples – I take part in product testing and use cashback apps too.

"Some product testing companies, like food and drink brands, give you full size products to try, not sample sizes, and others give you a voucher at the end of the trial."

Ana, who used to work as a reception supervisor at a physio centre, uses tools like LatestFreeStuff.co.uk and Free Stuff, Samples & Coupons UK Facebook group to find new trials and sample giveaways.

She's also signed up to product testing sites like TryIt Sampling, Home Tester Club, Clicks Research, Alba Science and Swift Research, which alert her to new tests.

Ana also boosts her income by being paid to take part in surveys, such as Populus Live.

The mum-of-one says her hobby has meant that she hasn't had to buy any skincare products for at least a year.

How to get freebies

ANA shares her tips on how to get started when it comes to applying for freebies:

  • Create a separate email address to use just for applying for freebie;
  • Stay away from offers that as you to pay for postage and packaging, unless they are from a reputable company. Otherwise, you'll end up out of pocket;
  • Like as many companies as you can on Facebook, and other social media, as you will often get offers to apply for samples and competitions by doing this;
  • Join groups like LatestFreeStuff.co.uk and the Free Stuff Facebook group where freebie hunters share offers that they've spotted. It's also a good way to share advice on ones you should stay away from as there are some scammers out there.
  • Keep an eye on your emails as product testing invites need to be answered quickly.

She also regularly enters competitions, even scooping a Simba mattress and pillow set worth £800 last year.

Sensibly, Ana only applies for the goods that she knows she'll use or that can be given away to friends and family.

She added: "It's something I really enjoy doing. I only apply for the ones I know I would use myself, or I know I can gift to family and friends.

"Every time the postman comes to deliver the freebies, it feels like Christmas.

"It has been at least a year since I had to buy any skincare products as I get so many samples and full size products to use. This has saved me so much money."

But she also warns that just because you put the time and effort into applying for freebies, it doesn't mean you'll be successful.

Ana said: "Companies have a limited number of samples, so the quicker you can apply the better.

"That's why I check the Free Stuff group few times a day. I also check emails regularly to be able to accept product testing invites on time.

"You should apply as soon as you see the links, as the quicker you apply, the more chances you have of getting it."

Ana isn't the only one to take advantage of freebies – Michelle Hughes from Stoke-on-Trent has bagged £28,000 worth of prizes by entering 150 competitions a day.

Meanwhile,  another thrifty mum bagged herself a FREE Christmas by winning competitions.

Another mum wins '90 percent' of the competitions she enters and has scooped amazing prizes including nights away, hotel breaks and even cash.

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Stunning weather girl puts on spooktacular display as she flaunts pumpkins

With Halloween creeping around the corner, Yanet Garcia has treated her 11.8 million followers on Instagram to quite a treat.

The gorgeous Mexican, dubbed the world's hottest weather girl, showed off her pumpkins while wearing a tight pair of leggings.

In the snap, the 28-year-old beauty is seen smiling in a field wearing a tight pair of leggings as she checks out the dozens of ripe pumpkins surrounding her.

She accompanied the photo with the simple message "October" and a pumpkin emoji, suggesting she's getting excited about the spooky season in nearly two weeks.

  • World's hottest weather girl flaunts famous booty in neon bikini

In just 12 hours, the photo secured more than 305,000 likes and thousands of comments.

One person wrote: "Gorgeous! I love autumn so much."

Another added: "Beautiful pumpkins Yanet!"

The Mexican recently scored a viral hit with a video of her flaunting her curves with a 360-degree twirl for the camera.

  • ‘World’s hottest weather girl’ gets cheeky in sexy bikini on Instagram: ‘Those glutes’

In the jaw-dropping footage viewed by 3.2 million people, the weather girl is seen in the TV studio of her daytime show "Hoy" (Today) wearing a figure-hugging blue and black dress.

Sporting her famous cutesy grin, the bombshell performs a twirl to give her army of fans an eyeful of her epic curves.

One person wrote: "Stunning."

Another gushed: "That is a woman who works out right there… nice assets."

  • ‘World’s hottest weather girl’ teases Instagram in eye-watering bikini snap

Previously, Yanet revealed how she maintains her eye-popping curves .

The Instagram sensation spends hours exercising and takes pictures and videos at the gym to prove it.

Writing on the social media platform, she previously said: "Discipline and results cannot be bought. Don't give up. If I can, you can also.

"People who think they aren't capable of doing something will never do it, even if they have the skills."

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‘Light As A Feather’ Cast On ‘Hitting The Jackpot’ With Co-Stars, Their Hopes For The Future & More

‘Light As A Feather’ left fans with one heck of a cliffhanger at the end of season 2. HL sat down EXCLUSIVELY with the cast to talk about their hopes for the possible season 3, the incredible friendships they’ve created, and more.

When I met the  Light As A Feather cast, I could tell right away that they are close. This is more than just a job to them. While one cast member took photos in HollywoodLife’s New York City studio, the others playfully teased or cheered them on. Even though they had been with each other all day, they were happy to be around one another. In the midst of the paranormal elements of the Hulu series, the heart of Light As A Feather is about friendship and that carried over into real life. Liana Liberato, Brianne Tju, Haley Ramm, Jordan Rodrigues, and Dylan Sprayberry spoke EXCLUSIVELY with HollywoodLife about the bonds they’ve formed with each other on set over the course of the last two seasons.

“It’s scary when you sign onto a show because you don’t know who’s going to walk in with you or next to you,” Liana said. “We’ve really hit the jackpot — all of us. But it does help because I think that with us being such good friends, we’re all very good collaborators as well. So when we do get on set and, if something doesn’t make sense or we want to add something, because we like each other and we want to work together and create strong relationships on screen, I think it does benefit the show a lot that we all are friends.”

Brianne added, “Sometimes there are long days, sometimes you’re doing a stunt, or the weather’s really awful, but when you’re surrounded by really good people who are supportive, we have so much fun. That is so important on a show that can get as dark as ours. We hang out all the time. I adore these people and we’re just so lucky.”

The second half of season 2 featured so many shocking moments but none as jaw-dropping as the last few seconds of the finale. Violet went to a new school and seemed to be kickstarting the game with new people. But Violet’s not totally Violet. When she turned around in the mirror, Jenny appeared. Liana loved the ending of season 2 because it sets up a “future for the show. It’s cool to see where you could take that storyline.”

The cast also revealed what they loved most about their character arcs in season 2. “I was really excited for Alex, to explore another side of her,” Brianne said. “She lost a lot of friends in the first season, and so to have a new relationship in the second season was cool, and then the way it kind of changes on her is interesting. I think it tested her and brought her closer to other characters like Violet.” Despite everything that happened to McKenna, Liana admitted that she doesn’t “feel like McKenna changed much because she kept her integrity throughout the entire season.”

For Jordan, having Trey be a part of the game for the first time “brought another level of high stakes” and showed that “he would do anything for the people he loves.” When it came to Henry, Dylan was just glad that he was able to “get out of the box and shave that beard off.” Dylan brought up that he actually grew out his hair and his beard for the scene, but on the first day of filming, he learned that he was going to have to film a flashback scene so he had to cut his hair and shave his beard. Jordan joked, “He actually locked himself in a room for it.” Liana quipped, “He actually lived in a box for two months. We were worried.”

The season 2 finale set up a potential season 3 in a major way. The cast already has ideas of what they’d like to see in a third season. “I think it would be really interesting to explore the game from a perspective of people that got out,” Liana said. “There are different strands of the game, so it could live on within other groups of people, and I think it would be interesting for our group to try and help other groups.” Haley would want to continue to explore “the repercussions of this game and what it’s done to us.” She added, “I feel like in this second season I got what I wanted with Violet becoming friends with everyone and people forgave her. My hope for everyone is that they’re out of the game, but then we won’t have a show, you know? I hope that she just continues to play the good side.” Dylan revealed that he has a prediction that “Henry and Violet might have a thing.” Haley agreed with Dylan’s prediction as well. Honestly, I’d be here for it.

When it comes to Light As A Feather, anything is possible. The first two seasons are now streaming on Hulu.

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