Olivia Bolton: Who is Tom Holland’s girlfriend?

Spider-Man: Far from Home star Tom Holland was spotted earlier this week attending the British Summer Time Hyde Park Festival in London with a mystery blonde.

Fans went wild on Twitter after a photo emerged showing Tom and the blonde cozying up to each other and engaging in PDA while watching performances by The Black Eyed Peas and Robbie Williams.

The photos appeared to have ended rumors that the 23-year-old Peter Parker actor was secretly dating his Spider-Man movie co-star, the American singer Zendaya who played Peter Parker’s love interest MJ in Far from Home.

Internet sleuths quickly went to work and details about the mystery blonde began to emerge. The U.K’s Sun confirmed that her name is Olivia Bolton and sources close to the pair indicate they have been dating for months.

Since then, fans have been asking questions about Olivia Bolton and searching for her on social media. Olivia signaled that she wants to keep her affairs to herself by making her Instagram private.

If you have been wondering who Olivia Bolton is, this is what we know about her.

Who is Olivia Bolton?

Olivia is reportedly in her early 20s. She spent some of her childhood in Nottingham, England, but now works in digital production in London, according to The Sun.

Olivia recently graduated from college. She has two sisters, one of whom is named Grace and is a university student in the U.K.

Olivia and Tom’s families are friends

Olivia and Tom are childhood friends, and their families are close. But according to a source that spoke with The Sun “it took some time for Tom and Olivia to realize the connection between them,”

The source added that after the rumors he was dating Zendaya, going public with Olivia “has been a relief.”

Rumors that Tom and Zendaya were dating persisted despite both stars separately denying them.

Tom attempted to end the rumors by admitting in an interview with Elle in June that he wasn’t dating anyone. But he added that he was “definitely a relationship person.”

“I’m not the fleeting type at all; it’s not my way of life,” he said.

According to the sources, Tom and Olivia’s families support their relationship, and Tom is absolutely smitten with Olivia.

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Yankees, Coming Off a Hot Streak, Slog Through an Ugly Loss

The Yankees probably knew it would not be their day the moment James Paxton allowed a leadoff home run to Charlie Blackmon. The missile shot landed in the right-field seats and set the tone for a dreary Sunday afternoon in the Bronx.

Paxton was knocked out in the fourth inning, the Yankees allowed four unearned runs over all, and what had been a hugely successful homestand ended with a forgettable 8-4 loss to the Colorado Rockies.

With a 5-5 record and an E.R.A. that is now back above 4.00, Paxton blamed himself for his continuing problems in the first inning and his overall lack of consistency.

Still, the law of averages suggested a Yankees stumble would be coming soon: Before Sunday’s loss they had won five in a row, part of a stretch in which the team had won seven of nine and 16 of 19 at home. During that time the Yankees opened up a commanding lead in the American League East — now nine games ahead of the second-place Tampa Bay Rays — that makes it increasingly hard to imagine them collapsing in the second half.

The cushion is large enough to absorb the occasional clunker like Paxton’s, in part because Manager Aaron Boone said the Yankees were “hungry” as they pulled away in the division, realizing “we have a chance to do something special.”

The question, however, is whether the starting rotation can be trusted in October to handle the Minnesota Twins and the Houston Astros, the Yankees’ two remaining challengers in the American League. This week’s three-game series with the Twins should be telling. As Luke Voit said, “they’re right behind us for most wins, so they’ll be out to get us.”

The Yankees and Astros are tied for the American League lead with 64 wins, while the Twins have 60. The Los Angeles Dodgers lead the majors with 67.

But short-term gains in the standings for the Yankees are less important than getting a clear picture of the trade market and whether the team can find another starter. General Manager Brian Cashman has made no secret he is searching — and Paxton’s performance no doubt steeled Cashman’s resolve to find another arm. But members of the organization say there are few, if any, serious talks going on.

The market, which a few weeks ago might have been robust, has dried up as teams have suddenly become wild-card contenders, making them no longer interested in hearing from Cashman.

With time running out on the possibility of acquiring the Cleveland Indians’ Trevor Bauer or the San Francisco Giants’ Madison Bumgarner, no momentum in discussions with the Toronto Blue Jays for Marcus Stroman — and zero chance of landing Max Scherzer from the Washington Nationals — Cashman might have to gamble on the return of the right-hander Luis Severino. He has been on the injured list all season with shoulder and lat problems but is on schedule to start throwing by the end of the month.

Severino, the youngest and most dynamic of the established Yankees starters, could theoretically be the weapon they use against Houston’s Justin Verlander in a season-deciding contest. But what if the Yankees’ fate came down to one game with Paxton? Boone insisted he still had faith, praising him as “someone we’re going to lean on down the stretch and into October.”

But Paxton, a left-hander, conceded that he had failed to live up to the Yankees’ expectations. He was especially frustrated by the chronic early turbulence — highlighted by Blackmon’s home run — and the complete collapse two-plus innings later. Over all, Paxton has a 10.12 ERA in the first inning this season, which he admits is confounding.

“I haven’t figured that out yet,” Paxton said, adding that he “didn’t have a good feel for where my fastball was going” in the third and fourth innings.

He allowed nine of the 12 Rockies he faced to reach base in back-to-back rallies before being lifted by Boone. By then the Yankees were trailing, 7-1, turning the rest of the afternoon into a contest of who could survive the 100-degree heat. Large swaths of Yankee Stadium were empty in the later innings; the fans had either decided that the Yankees’ winning streak was indeed over, or else they just needed air-conditioning.

The Yankees unsurprisingly picked up all their runs via the long ball — on home runs by D.J. LeMahieu, Mike Tauchman and Aaron Hicks — but unlike so many other games on this homestand their offense looked just as worn out as the ticket holders. They dressed quickly afterward, preparing for a charter flight to Minneapolis and the beginning of an important road trip. The three games with the Twins will be followed by four on the road against the Boston Red Sox, which will bring the Yankees to the doorstep of the July 31 trading deadline.

Cashman will no doubt work the phones until the final hours, although with each passing day he and the Yankees come closer to a realization about the starting rotation. For better or worse, this is us.

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Canadians Melissa Humana Paredes, Sarah Pavan win major beach volleyball event in Edmonton

Canadians Sarah Pavan and Melissa Humana-Paredes have captured FIVB World Tour gold on home soil for the first time, adding to an already successful month of competition.

Humana-Paredes and Pavan defeated the American team of Betsi Flint and Emily Day, 21-11, 21-16 in the final of the Edmonton Open on Sunday.

Melissa Humana-Paredes and Sarah Pavan defeated the American team of Betsi Flint and Emily Day, 21-11, 21-16 in the final of the Edmonton Open on Sunday.

Pavan, from Kitchener, Ont., and Toronto’s Humana-Paredes, also won the beach volleyball world championship in Germany earlier in July to claim Canada’s first world title and clinch a berth in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

Prior to the women’s final, the Canadian duo of Grant O’Gorman and Ben Saxton fell against Switzerland’s Nico Beeler and Marco Krattiger in the men’s championship.

The Swiss pairing took the match in three sets: 21-15, 23-25, 15-8.

Watch below: Some Global News videos about beach volleyball.

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Sainsbury’s will trial plastic-free fruit and veg aisles

Sainsbury’s will urge customers to bring their own containers as they trial plastic-free fruit and veg aisles in bid to reduce pollution

  • Sainsbury’s will trial drawstring bags for fruit and vegetables in two stores
  • The supermarket will test plastic-free fruit and veg aisles in drive to cut waste  
  • The chain was last in Greenpeace UK’s supermarket plastic league table last year

Sainsbury’s is to test plastic-free fruit and veg aisles in a drive to combat waste.

A trial at two superstores will give customers the option of bringing their own containers or buying a reusable drawstring bag for loose produce.

The move is part of the firm’s commitment to remove single-use plastic bags from stores entirely by September, cutting a further 1,284 tons of plastic this year.

A trial at two superstores will give customers the option of bringing their own containers or buying a reusable drawstring bag for loose produce. A stock image is used above [File photo]

The trial, which launches at the stores in Lincoln and Kidlington, Oxfordshire, today, will run until August – with hopes of extending it to more outlets.

Each year Sainsbury’s uses around 120,000 tons of plastic. It came bottom of Greenpeace UK’s supermarket plastics league table last year.

Its announcement comes as part of a range of initiatives designed to tackle plastic waste in the wake of the Daily Mail’s campaign on the issue.

Sainsbury’s recently launched water refill stations at more than 300 stores across the UK, as well as a series of Reverse Vending Recycling trials.

These allow customers to return plastic bottles of any size up to three litres and drinks cans bought from the store in exchange for 5p coupons towards their shop.

Other stores and supermarkets have also taken steps to cut the amount of plastic they use. 

Waitrose has tested ‘refill stations’ on a range of products, while Boots is no longer offering plastic bags at tills.

Judith Batchelar, director of Sainsbury’s Brand, said: ‘We’re pleased to be making a further commitment to our customers as we work with them to offer new ways to reduce unnecessary plastic.’

Sainsbury’s is to test plastic-free fruit and veg aisles in a drive to combat waste. A trial at two superstores will give customers the option of bringing their own containers or buying a reusable drawstring bag for loose produce [File photo]

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Michael and Joanna’s awkward Love Island reunion made worse by Anton’s rowdy mum

Michael Griffiths and Joanna Chimonides had a very awkward Love Island reunion tonight – which was made worse by Anton Danyluk's mum.

Sherie Ann, 55, couldn't resist having a cheeky dig at Michael, despite the firefighter being her son's best friend in the villa.

Michael and Joanna had a tense hug as they saw each other for the first time since she branded him a "f***ing snake" before leaving the villa.

As they sat down on the sofa together, Anton's mum cried out: "Don't do it Joanna."

Joanna snorted when Michael claimed his emotions were heightened and he had been feeling down.

And Anton's mum could be heard laughing out loud in the audience.

Sherie Ann repeatedly shouted out during various points of the interview, which did get incredibly tense.

When asked about Michael staying in the villa, Joanna said: "At that point it was so disappointing. It's a bit embarrassing. looking back on it I'm a strong independent woman. I went in on my own."

Michael tried to defend his actions by claiming people can be attracted to two people, but he has been made out to be a villain because it was on TV.

On Michael's U-turn back to Amber, Joanna said: "It was a bit shocking. I knew there was a possibility of him going back to Amber.

"But I didn't think it would happen that soon."

Michael tried to backtrack on claiming that he could have been speaking about Amber when he said he had found what he was looking for.

He insisted viewers had not seen him being down for a few days and claimed he thought of Joanna every day.

Joanna said: "It's hard. In the villa you get confused and you're in your own little bubble. Then you come away from it. It's a difficult one."

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Renata Klein’s wardrobe in Season 2 of ‘Big Little Lies’ is very expensive

Renata’s most memorable scene in Season 2 of “Big Little Lies” occurred in the premiere episode: a photoshoot displaying her wealth and power as a venture capitalist. “I’m tired of these shots of women. I mean they’re in power, right? They own banks and they’re all like demure. Bulls–t,” she declared before singing Diana Ross’ “It’s My House.”

For the shoot, she wore a Roland Mouret burgundy lamé wrap gown with a thigh-high slit, which originally retailed for $4,575 and is currently on sale for $1,464.


After her “Women in Power” photoshoot was scrubbed from a magazine, Renata fretted for a moment while wearing a Roland Mouret pencil skirt (originally $1,045, now $522) and matching jacket (originally $1,312, now $197).


Though Renata is virtually always seen in off-the-rack high-fashion clothing that one might imagine she orders on a daily basis through Net-a-Porter, this gold lamé gown seems to be one of the few custom pieces the costume team made for the show.

Amabella wore a matching version, both of which were copies of actress Karen Lynn Gorney’s red one-shouldered dress from “Saturday Night Fever,” according to Emmy-winning costume designer Alix Friedberg.


Renata grabbed control of her bankruptcy proceedings while wearing this crocodile-print Balmain blazer ($1,752), a gold pussy-bow shirt and a Gucci snakeskin bag ($2,200).


After saying goodbye to the nanny, Juliet, Renata contemplated her new life without indulgences while wearing a black and white sequin Calvin Klein dress (marked down from $3,200).


When Amabella suffered an anxiety attack after learning about global warming, Renata sprang into action wearing a Calvin Klein dress ($625) and a pink cardigan.


While grabbing breakfast with Madeline Mackenzie (Reese Witherspoon), Renata looked slightly unhinged in a black sweater with shoulder cutouts and chain-link details. The Alexander McQueen design became a viral hit on Twitter after the episode; a similar design was originally priced at $1,290 but is now on sale for $505.


“It’s a f–king pact,” Renata scolded Madeline while wearing another Alexander McQueen sweater, this one an argyle design with elbow zippers ($1,011).


A com-purr-hensive history of 'Cats' star Taylor Swift dressing like a cat

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Mum lost finger after cat scratch left her fighting for life with flesh-eating bug

“It’s ruined my life. I can’t do everyday things now like taking food out of the oven.”

Dr Emilia Crighton, an NHS consultant, said: “If it is just a scratch clean the area and only seek medical attention if it gets infected.

“If it is an actual bite and the skin has been broken I would advise people to seek medical attention as the area could become infected.

“Your own GP or local pharmacy would be the first, easy to reach, point of contact.”

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USWNT star Rose Lavelle meets young fan also named Rose Lavelle

By now, Rose Lavelle is a household name. She blossomed into stardom during the U.S. Women's National Team's run to gold at the 2019 World Cup and scored in the final against the Netherlands. 

She's just not the only one out there named Rose Lavelle, apparently. 

While signing autographs and meeting with fans following the NWSL Washington Spirit's game Saturday against the Houston Dash (Lavelle didn't play), a young fan introduced herself to Lavelle — as Rose Lavelle.

"What is your name?" the incredulous, older Rose Lavelle asked in a video posted on NBC Sports Washington reporter Brian McNally's Twitter account.

When the youngster responds with "Rose Lavelle" (the exact spelling of her name isn't confirmed) the two shared a high-five and Rose Lavelle, the elder, signed a No. 10 Lavelle jersey. 

Watch Rose Lavelle meet…Rose Lavelle. This made me melt. @WashSpirit⁩ ⁦@USWNT⁩ ⁦@roselavelle⁩ pic.twitter.com/xl8uoKEftS

"We thought we were giving her a super unique name," a man can be heard saying off camera. 

After exchanging middle names (older Lavelle is Rose Kathleen, younger Lavelle is Rose Julia), the Rose Lavelle duo took a photo and went their separate ways.

"That's so cute," the more famous Rose Lavelle said. "I'll see you later Rose." 

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Thibaut Pinot Surges Into Contention at Tour de France

FOIX, France — When one French rider starts to fade, another comes to the fore. One way or the other, France may be on course for its first Tour de France winner since 1985.

Dancing over his saddle, his mouth wide open and gasping for air, Thibaut Pinot launched a ferocious attack Sunday and profited from the first signs of weakness in the high mountains from his countryman Julian Alaphilippe, the race leader, to edge closer to gaining the yellow jersey.

Ascending the last uphill finish in the Pyrenees with a display of power and fluidity that signaled that he would also be a major contender to win the Tour, Pinot gained time on all his rivals for the second consecutive day, following his triumph at the famed Tourmalet mountain in the previous stage.

Heading to the second and final rest day Monday ahead of what promises to be a climactic final week in the Alps, the race is exquisitely poised. Six riders are within 2 minutes 14 seconds of one another at the top of the standings.

The six terrible ascents above 6,500 feet in the Alps, peppered over three mountain stages, will most likely decide who will stand on top of the podium on the Champs-Élysées next Sunday.

“The high mountains have only just begun,” Alaphilippe said. “The Alps are going to be a big mouthful.”

Surging from the mist and rain, Pinot crossed the finish line of Sunday’s Stage 15 in second place, 33 seconds behind Simon Yates, who posted a second stage win after a long solo raid, three days after his first stage victory in the southwestern mountain range.

The 29-year-old Pinot was irresistible when he made his move seven kilometers from the summit. Only Emanuel Buchmann and Egan Bernal, a teammate of the defending champion, Geraint Thomas, could follow. But Pinot accelerated again about two kilometers later to drop them for good.

Pinot moved to fourth place over all, 1:50 behind Alaphilippe.

“The weather conditions and the stage were good for me, I had good sensations, I needed to make the most of it,” Pinot said. “I need to keep going up in the general classification. The most difficult stages are looming.”

While Pinot was escorted by his faithful Groupama-FDJ teammate David Gaudu in the final ascent toward Prat d’Albis, Alaphilippe was isolated without a single teammate to help him in the 12-kilometer climb, but he managed to salvage the yellow jersey.

Alaphilippe was so exhausted after his effort up the hill, where he grimaced through the rain, that he had to grip a roadside barrier afterward while he caught his breath.

“If I crack, I hope he’ll carry the torch for the French,” Alaphilippe said of Pinot.

Thomas, who had already conceded time to Pinot at the Tourmalet, remained second in the general classification. He was dropped when Pinot took the lead from a reduced group of contenders but did not panic. He rode at his pace until he accelerated with 1.5 kilometers left to cut the overall gap on Alaphilippe from 2:02 to 1:35. Steven Kruijswijk of the Netherlands stood third over all, 1:47 off the pace.

Thomas said after the stage that he could have tried to follow Pinot earlier but instead opted for a conservative approach because he did not want to bring back Alaphilippe to the front. Bernal was with Pinot, and Thomas would not take the risk of chasing down their common rival. Bernal, a Colombian with excellent climbing skills, remains involved in the fight for the yellow jersey, 2:02 behind Alaphilippe.

“I felt better than yesterday, but I needed to try to pace it when it all kicked off,” Thomas said. “It’s a difficult one, tactics-wise. I wanted to go, I had the legs to go, but I wasn’t going to chase down Egan Bernal with Alaphilippe on my wheel.”

Coming right after the ascent of the Tourmalet, Stage 15 ran close to the ancient Cathar castles and was a punishing ride totaling more than 39 kilometers of climbing.

Yates, the Vuelta defending champion, was given free rein by the peloton when he took part in an early breakaway, as he was not a threat over all. He made his decisive move about nine kilometers from the line.

“I’m very proud of that,” Yates said of his second victory at this Tour.

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Hero off-duty cop took on hammer-wielding attacker – despite having hand in plaster

“A man came out from another house and she started to shout that she was going to kill him. It was a really large hammer so I knew I needed to act as quickly as I could.” The Gwent Police officer managed to grab the weapon and hurl it away. 

Now she has been given a Police Federation award for her “outstanding act of bravery”. 

John Apter, National Chairman of the Police Federation of England and Wales, said: “Pc Griffiths demonstrated outstanding courage.”

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