Michelle Obama takes aim at Trump’s inauguration as she proclaims Barack had ‘no scandal

The former First Lady of the United States (FLOTUS) was despondent after watching husband Barack Obama’s term as President come to an end. She was present when Trump became the new leader in 2017. Michelle heavily criticised Trump as she felt like “one of a handful of people of colour” attending the ceremony.

She made the admission during an interview with CBS This Morning host Gayle King.

Michelle said: “You could look at Barack’s crowd and you would see America. All of it.”

“And I had to sit in Trump’s audience, one of a handful of people of colour and then listen to that speech, and all that I had sort of held onto for eight years, watching my husband get raked over the coals, feeling like we had to do everything perfectly, you know, no scandal.”

Her comments were made before she criticised Trump for sending “racist” tweets earlier this week.

Trump took to Twitter to tell four Democratic minority congresswomen to go “back home” to their “broken and crime-infested” countries where they were born.

His comments were allegedly aimed at Somalian-born Democrat Ilhan Omar, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ayanna Pressley and Rashida Tlaib.

The House of Representatives condemned Trump’s remarks, with Speaker Nancy Pelosi suggesting they were racist.

Trump also alleged that Ms Omar was an ISIS sympathiser.

But writing on Twitter, Michelle said: “What truly makes our country great is its diversity.

“I’ve seen that beauty in so many ways over the years.

Where we are born here or seek refuge here, there’s a place for us all.

“We must remember it’s not my America or your America.

“It’s our America.”

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The 'Loki' from 'Avengers' Is Back and Still Mischievous As Ever [Comic-Con 2019]

While everyone was mostly focused on what movies Phase Four of the Marvel Cinematic Universe would entail, we didn’t think there would be so much announced for the streaming side of the MCU over at Disney+. But Tom Hiddleston came out to the Hall H stage at Comic-con and shared some little tidbits about what fans can expect from the Loki series.

Find out what we learned during the Loki Comic-Con presentation below.

Tom Hiddleston is no stranger to Comic-Con, and he even appeared to the crowd in character as Loki, in full wardrobe, a few years back. This time he was just happy to be there to talk about the new Disney+ series that he’s leading.

Remember how Loki disappeared in the middle of Avengers: Endgame when Tony Stark and Scott Lang messed up the time heist for the Space Stone, aka the Tesseract, back in 2012? Well, that’s the Loki that will be leading this new series, and because of that, he’s not a character who has learned any lessons or softened his heart at all. It’s a regression back to Loki from 2012’s The Avengers. Hiddleston explained:

“Just about the last thing that happened to him was he got Hulk smashed. So there’s a lot of pyshclogical evolution that is still yet to happen. Kevin has generously showed me what his plans are. It’s one of the most exciting creative opportunities I’ve come across. This is new territory, a new world, new challenges I can’t wait to get started.”

Previously we heard the Loki series would take the character back to certain moments in human history “as an unlikely influencer on historical events.” There was even a first look at some concept art that emerged not too long ago with Loki standing in the middle of a metropolitan area in the mid 1970s. So we can expect Loki to traverse time and shake things up in the new timeline branch, and we’re very curious to see if it has any impact on the rest of the MCU.

Loki will hit Disney+ sometime in the spring of 2021.

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Paul Hollywood refuses estranged wife's demand for half of his £10million fortune in 'nasty' divorce

PAUL Hollywood has refused his estranged wife Alexandra's demand for half of his £10million fortune in their "nasty" divorce.

The 53-year-old star's resistance is postponing proceedings, with a source claiming that the end is "a long way off".

Paul and Alexandra split in November 2017 after 19 years of marriage, with a judge granting the former couple a decree nisi on Friday.

However, a decree absolute to officially end their marriage requires a financial settlement – and Alexandra, 54, is entitled to half of her ex's worth after she accused him of "adultery" in legal paperwork.

A source told the MailOnline: "This is more like months rather than weeks off now, Paul isn’t prepared to give Alex the reasonable sum that she is entitled to at this stage.

"She had hoped it would be straightforward but it is now far from that."

They added: "It’s really sad that it is getting this nasty, everyone wants to move on now – nobody more than [Paul's new girlfriend] Summer.

The pair had previously undergone mediation as they attempted to divide their assets, but the process failed.

Alexandra previously confessed that she was struggling with the break-up, saying at the time: "Divorce is tough, very tough. You don’t expect it, you are in shock, and all of a sudden you are on your own.

"I was married for 20 years. But you keep going."

She first split from Paul in 2013, when the celebrity baker confessed that he'd had an affair with American chef Marcela Valladolid – who is 12 years his junior.

He has since found love with 24-year-old Summer Monteys-Fullam, who was pictured seemingly poking fun at Alexandra's heartache when she wore a T-Shirt emblazoned with Paul's surname following the pair's Friday court hearing.

In February, The Sun exclusively revealed that Alexandra got into a fiery spat with Summer when they bumped into each other at Marks & Spencer.

Witnesses claimed that Alex branded the young girl a "slut" and a "whore", with the police even being called when somebody with Summer started to hammer on the other woman's window in the car park.

A friend of Alex’s said at the time: "She was so shocked to see Summer that all she could say was, ‘Do you know how much you’ve hurt my son?’

"Summer laughed and started filming as Alex walked to her car.

"That’s when the other women started verbally abusing her. Alex was shaken and called the police."

Alexandra and Paul share 17-year-old son Josh together, with the teen living with his mum in their former family home.

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‘I nearly died after having £3,000 bum-lift at clinic plugged by Katie Price’

A mum flew to Turkey for a Brazilian bum lift at a clinic promoted by Katie Price – and almost died from sepsis .

Katrina Harrison, 33, was left in crippling pain after her nightmare “VIP” treatment.

Mum-of-one Katrina chose Comfort Zone Cosmetic Surgery clinic in Istanbul after model Katie, 41, revealed she went there for a bum lift, liposuction and facelift.

Beautician Katrina paid £3,000 for a bum lift – where fat is extracted from the tum and inserted into the hips and buttocks. Her experience was anything but uplifting.

She said: “It was agony. I knew I’d made a terrible mistake. I was so scared, I thought, ‘What have I done? Am I going to leave my son without a mother’?

“I was shaking uncontrollably, in pain, was bleeding and leaking fluid, but kept being told it was all normal.”

Katrina flew home after four days but ended up in hospital for nine days after collapsing at Manchester airport.

She claims medics found post-op sepsis that could have killed her “in an hour”. The condition leads to organ failure and claims 52,000 lives a year in the UK.

Katrina went on: “I felt freezing cold, but my stomach was so hot you could have cooked an egg on it. I couldn’t stop being sick.

“A nurse told me if I had waited just one hour longer to call an ambulance, I would be dead. The operation had caused stomas – pockets of fluid – in my stomach. They’d become infected. I really felt like I was dying.”

Katrina, from Warrington, Cheshire, had been picked up by limo in Turkey and taken to a villa three weeks ago.

But, she claims, that’s where the VIP treatment ended. Next day she was taken to a clinic.

She explained: “I was sucked in by seeing pictures of celebrities and the ‘before’ and ‘after’ pictures. It all sounded great.

“But the whole experience was horrific. I almost died. I was put in a basement room and told not to eat. No one spoke English and I started to feel afraid and alone.

“They asked me to sign lots of forms, but I didn’t have a clue what I was signing.”

Katrina contacted the clinic after being admitted to hospital in the UK.

In one WhatsApp reply she says she was told to “please calm down”. Staff later wrote: “We are so sorry. We hope you will be fine.”

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Football: Sarri stamps mark on Juve

His eponymous “Sarri-ball” philosophy was first embraced, then derided by the Chelsea fans last season, even though Maurizio Sarri ended his only season in English football with the Europa League trophy.

The 60-year-old Italian had been described as stubborn as he refused to deviate from his tactics and preferred personnel even when the results were going against the Blues.

And the Juventus coach is adamant he will not change after his off-season move to the Old Lady, despite the pressure of managing a team of stars such as Cristiano Ronaldo and the expectation of winning their first Champions League title since 1996.

It was their European failure that led to the departure of Massimiliano Allegri at the end of last season.

Asked before Juve’s training session at Bishan Stadium yesterday how he is adapting to his new club, Sarri said: “Nothing really changes during practice.

“I’m myself, I have to do my thing. The players have to adapt to my style, but I have to adapt to the players I have on the field.

“Seventy per cent of what happens on the pitch, I would like to see my style. Thirty per cent, I would like to see what (the players) can do.”


At the moment we are working hard to create a strong game identity, then we will try to win with this game identity.

MAURIZIO SARRI, Juventus coach, on his tactical philosophy.

The former Napoli coach, who is in town with his team for the International Champions Cup where they face Tottenham Hotspur tonight, also spoke about building a new “game identity”, as the Italian giants seek to go all the way in the Champions League next season. Juve were ousted in the quarter-finals of last season’s competition.

Sarri said: “At the moment we are working hard to create a strong game identity, then we will try to win with this game identity.

“In Italy we are aware we are the strongest team, Europe a different story. We’re working to make the team stronger because other teams in Europe are doing the same.”

After winning their eighth consecutive Serie A title last season, the Old Lady strengthened in the off-season by signing the likes of Matthijs de Ligt, Aaron Ramsey and Adrien Rabiot.

Manchester United’s Paul Pogba has been linked with a move back to Turin, where he played from 2012-2016, but Sarri was coy about the France international.

Sarri said: “I’m not the technical director, I don’t know. I like him very much but I don’t know the situation and I don’t want to speak about a United player.”

What he does know, is that he wants to deploy his superstar Ronaldo in a variety of positions in attack.

He said: “I’ll try to play Ronaldo on the left side but he could play anywhere. He’s won so much, he’s an experienced player, I don’t mind moving him to other parts of attacking positions.”

His players Mattia de Sciglio and Miralem Pjanic were optimistic the new boss’ methods would bear fruit. Full-back di Sciglio said at the press conference: “We have seen in the past he has done well with Napoli and Chelsea. We’ll try to do as well with him at Juventus.

“I’m very motivated and we’ll try to go as far as possible in any competition as we can.”

Playmaker Pjanic added at an adidas event at Kallang Wave Mall: “Every year, Juventus try to compete and try to win the Champions League.

“This year it will be another year that we will try to go to the end of the Champions League, to try and win this competition. The most important thing is that we don’t have too many injuries like last year at a crucial period of the season.

“If everybody is ready when the important things start, I think we have a great chance to reach all of our objectives.”

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STEVEN EDGINTON was the journalist who exposed Sir Kim’s memos

Why I helped expose the British ambassador’s cables: Journalist, 19, behind Trump scoop comes forward to reveal his motivation and fears he is being targeted by security services

  • Journalist Steven Edginton, 19, fears he is being targeted by security services 
  • The person who leaked the explosive Washington Files was his trusted source 
  • In April, he began working as a digital strategist for Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party 
  • Mr Edginton says his story was not a ‘Brexiteer plot to topple Sir Kim Darroch’  

Lying awake at 2am last Wednesday and unable to sleep for the third night in a row, I listened as footsteps crunched up and down the gravel outside my ground-floor flat. 

For one alarming moment I thought the police were preparing to storm through my front door and arrest me. I looked out of the curtains – but no one was there.

Paranoid? Hardly. A few hours later, Home Office Minister Nick Hurd stood in the House of Commons and refused to rule out deploying the ‘full force of the state’ to identify the person who leaked Sir Kim Darroch’s embarrassingly undiplomatic cables about US President Donald Trump.

I am not the leaker – I am a young journalist – but I did play a critical role in the publication of a story that has reverberated on both sides of the Atlantic.

Steven Edginton is the young journalist behind the the explosive Mail on Sunday Washington Files scoops who fears he is now being targeted by the security services

Sir Kim Darroch was forced to resign from his role as ambassador to the United States over a series of leaked memos in which he criticised the Trump administration

Tens of thousands of words have been devoted to speculation about the motivation behind the disclosure. Most have been wrong. 

Today I want to set the record straight and reveal the real story about how Sir Kim’s diplomatic cables entered the public domain.

I am sorry to disappoint the conspiracy theorists but this was not a Brexiteer plot to topple Sir Kim, nor was it some devilish scheme to torpedo the independence of the Civil Service by installing a political appointee in Washington. Instead, it was simply an honest journalistic endeavour.

As a 19-year-old freelance journalist with a passion for politics, I was looking for a big project through which to develop my career.

I decided to aim big and investigate how the Civil Service has been preparing for Brexit, including what senior Government officials really think about our impending departure from the European Union.

There had been repeated reports claiming that Europhile mandarins have been quietly working to thwart the result of the referendum. I just wanted to discover the truth.

Over seven months, I spoke to a large number of Whitehall sources, including both retired and current civil servants. 

Mr Edginton, a 19-year-old freelance journalist, insists that his role in the leaking of Sir Kim’s diplomatic telegrams was not a ‘Brexiteer plot’ to topple the ambassador

From that work I provided exclusive stories for national newspapers, including The Sunday Times, The Daily Telegraph, The Sun’s website and The Mail on Sunday.

But last month, my investigation took an extraordinary turn when a trusted source read out to me an astonishing letter written by Sir Kim in June 2017 to Sir Mark Sedwill, Britain’s national security adviser. In it, Sir Kim branded Trump’s White House ‘inept’ and ‘utterly dysfunctional’.

I was shocked by the brutal language from a supposedly impartial diplomat.

I knew this was a big story – but little did I know just how big.

I spent several days mulling over what to do before contacting Isabel Oakeshott, a highly experienced journalist with whom I have worked. 

We developed the story together before providing it to The Mail on Sunday. Given the possible controversy, we decided to leave my name out of it. 

I was having dinner in Pizza Express with a friend when Isabel informed me that our story would be on the front page the next morning. Like any journalist would be, I was excited and proud that my story was about to get such prominence.

But neither Isabel nor I expected it to have such a huge impact – but then why should we? 

Donald Trump branded Sir Kim a ‘pompous fool’, a ‘very stupid guy’, and declared that his administration would no longer work with him

After all, the Foreign Office, fully aware of the contents of the story ahead of its publication, had breezily brushed off the leak, saying in a statement that its Washington team’s strong relations with the White House ‘will withstand such mischievous behaviour’.

Of course this made great sense. Britain’s special relationship with the US has endured for decades, despite many bumps in the road.

What changed everything was the volcanic rage that the leaked cables provoked from Donald Trump. In a series of fiery tweets, he branded Sir Kim a ‘pompous fool’, a ‘very stupid guy’, and declared that his administration would no longer work with him.

The Foreign Office was left reeling: Britain’s man in Washington had been humbled and the diplomatic establishment in London left red-faced.

The story and its ramifications featured on the front pages for five consecutive days and continued to snowball. And this gets to the heart of why I have today decided to speak out.

Mr Edginton approached journalist Isabel Oakeshott to help work on the scoop which was splashed by the Mail on Sunday

No one can deny that this was an intensely embarrassing episode for the Government, but I challenge anyone to show how the publication of these cables and memos in any way imperilled national security – a point our likely future Prime Minister Boris Johnson made last week.

Indeed, as the latest crisis in the Gulf flared up, Trump went out of his way to stress the ‘very close alliance with the UK’.

These cables did not contain any state secrets. Sir Kim was simply articulating what many in Washington and Whitehall have said about the President and his advisers since he took office.

Crucially, the publication of the cables gave readers a first-hand insight into how the then Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson launched a failed bid to persuade Mr Trump not to ditch the international nuclear deal with Iran.

The consequences of that decision are this weekend being dramatically played out with the seizure of a British oil tanker in the Strait of Hormuz.

I believe there is the greatest public interest in informing voters, decision-makers and ordinary people – including Britain’s brave Servicemen and women – of the background to these events.

I was, therefore, astonished when Scotland Yard announced nine days ago that its counter-terrorism command had launched a criminal investigation. It was clear to me that they had given in to political pressure.

Nor could I believe the chilling threat from Assistant Commissioner Neil Basu to newspapers not to publish any leaked cables in future – or face prosecution. 

It was a statement that could have been written in North Korea. I think it is punitive, it’s intrusive and it’s an attack on free speech – something a raft of politicians from Jeremy Hunt to Matt Hancock and even Labour’s John McDonnell agree with.

What had initially been treated by the Foreign Office as a bit of ‘mischief’ was now seen as a potential breach of the Official Secrets Act. 

The leaks revealed an an astonishing letter written by Sir Kim (pictured) in June 2017 to Sir Mark Sedwill, Britain’s national security adviser. In it, Sir Kim branded Trump’s White House ‘inept’ and ‘utterly dysfunctional’

Embarrassment has become rage but the draconian over-reaction has made me more determined than ever to continue my career as an investigative journalist.

The political storm in which I now find myself is a world away from where this began for me five years ago. I started posting videos about politics on YouTube when I was 14 and a student at a state school in Portsmouth.

The European election in 2014 had seen Nigel Farage’s Ukip take 24 seats and 27 per cent of the popular vote. It was the first time since 1910 that a party other than Labour or the Tories had won the largest number of seats in a national election.

I was transfixed. I had not grown up in a political household and I have no family connections in Westminster, but my mum and sister are both pretty Left-wing and we would have lively debates. 

I became particularly interested in the cut and thrust of Prime Minister’s Questions and began to edit silly videos of David Cameron having a go at Ed Miliband.

I then started interviewing journalists, commentators and politicians, from both the Left and Right of politics, and posting them on my YouTube channel. 

Mandarin plotted MoS attack with Met 

By Harry Cole, deputy political editor for the Mail On Sunday 

Cabinet Secretary Sir Mark Sedwill

Cabinet Secretary Sir Mark Sedwill plotted with the Metropolitan Police over an extraordinary attack on press freedom, The Mail on Sunday has learned.

After this newspaper published explosive diplomatic cables, the country’s most powerful civil servant, pictured, had to be ‘talked out’ of sending a letter threatening prosecution.

Hours later, Met Assistant Commissioner Neil Basu publicly threatened to jail journalists for printing sensitive leaked documents. 

He added that the publication of such material was a breach of the Official Secrets Act and ‘could also constitute a criminal offence’, and demanded journalists hand over any documents that they were holding.

Mr Basu’s statement sparked a furious backlash from across the political divide, led by leadership contenders Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt, but Downing Street pointedly refused to condemn the menacing intervention.

Last Monday, neither No 10 nor Scotland Yard would comment on how the statement came about, but the MoS has been told Sir Mark and the Cabinet Office was in ‘constant contact’ with the Met and had implied their hardline would be backed up by the Government.

But a police source said Mr Basu had been ‘left high and dry’ after the Government rowed back on plans to attempt to silence this newspaper through the courts. 

It is understood Mr Basu’s statement followed an intense debate at the top of Government about how to react to a fresh wave of leaks in last week’s MoS.

A senior Government source said: ‘The Cabinet Office wanted to send a letter directly threatening prosecution to The Mail on Sunday but was talked out of it by Ministers.’

It is understood that an injunction was discussed, but in the end it was decided the threat of prosecution was best made by the police rather than the Cabinet Office. 

And a senior Downing Street source said it was ‘unfathomable’ the Cabinet Office was not aware of what Mr Basu was planning on saying. 

However, the Prime Minister’s official spokesman repeatedly refused to say exactly what contact there had been between Whitehall and Scotland Yard, insisting only that the statements were ‘a matter for the Met’.

One Minister told the MoS that the Cabinet Office felt ‘blindsided’ at the scale of the leak, and ‘were in a total panic about quantity’.

Police are continuing to hunt the source of the leak, but mandarins admit it is an uphill challenge. Foreign Office Permanent Secretary Sir Simon McDonald told MPs: ‘Although all these emails and details originated from the Foreign Office… they were distributed across Whitehall so the readership was very wide.’ 

An interview I did with Alastair Campbell, Tony Blair’s ex-spin doctor, has had more than 28,000 views, while another with Peter Hitchens, The Mail on Sunday columnist and commentator, has had more than 100,000.

After taking my A-levels at Bishop Luffa School in Chichester, I won a place at the London School of Economics but opted instead to make the most of my digital skills.

I worked first as a video journalist for a political website called Westmonster before stints as a digital strategist at the Taxpayers’ Alliance and Leave Means Leave campaign. Since April, I have worked for the Brexit Party, helping run its social media feeds.

I appreciate that my CV – and my pro-Brexit views – will inevitably fuel the conspiracy theories but I want to be absolutely clear: the leak of Sir Kim’s cables had absolutely nothing to do with the Brexit Party. 

I decided to start investigating the Civil Service in January completely on my own initiative.

I had recorded a video about the EU for my YouTube channel at the end of last year and was told that some civil servants were driving the negotiations with Brussels in a very pro-Remain way. It sparked my interest. 

I began speaking to current civil servants, ex-civil servants, politicians and journalists to get an understanding of what the role of the Civil Service has been during Brexit.

I had a list of questions that I wanted answered: how accountable are civil servants? How politicised is the Civil Service? How has Theresa May’s leadership style impacted the role of the Civil Service in government? Does the Civil Service need reform?

I was shocked by what I was told about how some Whitehall departments are run – by the waste, the incompetence and the lack of accountability. I learnt of an atmosphere of fear gripping the Civil Service. 

This key pillar of the British establishment appears to be dominated by people who support Remain and those who have different views are targeted and singled out. One source broke down in tears as we spoke about what was going wrong.

Some of the most extraordinary things I learned involved the Foreign Office. One source told me about a reception in London with the ambassador of a close UK ally. 

During the event, a British diplomat was heard, by both his own colleagues and their counterparts from the foreign government, to loudly declare that the ambassador was a ‘Tory w*****’.

Sir Kim’s comments about Trump were jaw-dropping and suggested a lack of impartiality. 

It was clear to me as soon as the President tweeted that Sir Kim would have to resign. I took – and take – no pleasure in his downfall but nor did I feel particularly sad that he will soon be leaving his post. 

Nor do I regret my role in the story, although the events of the past fortnight have taken their toll. I have lost weight and struggled to sleep.

My parents know I have been working with Isabel on the story but I have not told them the details of my involvement.

Facing the possibility of arrest at any minute, I texted my father with a simple message on Thursday: ‘Prepare for the worst.’

I have constantly tried to distract myself by working hard during the day and then immersing myself in music and movies when I am at home.

But the knowledge that the state’s security apparatus is stretching every sinew to identify my source has left me suspicious of everything. I have been looking over my shoulder and on edge with anxiety.

Since April, Steven Edginton has worked for the Brexit Party (Nigel Farage pictured at a party rally), helping run its social media feeds

Last week I was eating my lunch in Victoria Tower Gardens near the Houses of Parliament when I spotted a middle-aged man dressed as a tourist taking pictures of me.

He then furtively ducked behind a tree before, I think, getting into a white van.

Was it the security services? Am I being followed? I will probably never know. It is not hard, however, to see shadows everywhere when you know that police have ordered counter-terrorism specialists to arrest your source.

Isabel also believes she has evidence of state surveillance. One of her research assistants detected that his Snapchat account had been repeatedly accessed from a location near Gloucester. The GCHQ spy agency is in Cheltenham.

I am now braced for the inevitable backlash that will come from going public. I expect to come under political attack, I think surveillance on me will step up, and my life will be intruded on in multiple ways.

Mr Edginton says that one of Ms Oakeshott’s assistant’s had his Snapchat account accessed from a location near Gloucester, the base of GCHQ (headquarters pictured)

Do I expect to be arrested? I honestly don’t know. I just hope that in the liberal, free society that Britain is meant to cherish, that police do not go around arresting journalists.

But there is one thing I know for certain: I won’t tell anyone the name of my source – and never will.

The source did not have to speak to me – or to drop such a huge story in my lap. The source did not ask for, or receive, any money for speaking up. 

It was a brave and courageous action to take. I admire the chutzpah. And I am fully aware that while I am in a tricky situation, the source is in a far worse position.

I hope the public – and the police – will understand that I cannot betray that extraordinary trust. 

DAVID DAVIS: We must protect the free British press from state bullies 


Press freedom is the most vital freedom because it underpins all the others. When governments allow that freedom to be corroded they undermine the very foundations of our democracy. 

For that reason we need a new Official Secrets Act, and a general protection for press freedom against the rapidly developing intrusive powers of the modern State.

The events of the past few weeks have demonstrated only too clearly why this is necessary.

Indeed, when The Mail on Sunday published extracts of diplomatic telegrams from our ambassador in Washington criticising President Trump, it was threatened by the Metropolitan Police with an investigation using ‘the full force of the State’.

Press freedom is the most vital freedom because it underpins all the others. When governments allow that freedom to be corroded they undermine the very foundations of our democracy, writes David Davis

Did the police then act on this threat? Did they trawl through journalists’ phone records and spy on their social media accounts? Did they follow reporters and covertly photograph them?

The truth is that we simply cannot know. And, so far, the Government has refused to issue a denial – a truly disturbing state of affairs.

Nobody would take away from the State the right to protect its secrets, particularly those that affect the safety of the citizen.

However, too often in modern times, governments and State agencies have tried to use secrecy laws to protect themselves from embarrassment – or worse, punish those who have already embarrassed them.

The last time the Official Secrets Act was rewritten was after a British jury threw out the prosecution of Clive Ponting, a civil servant who revealed facts about the sinking of the Argentine cruiser General Belgrano.

The jury did this despite being instructed to convict by the judge, clearly because they thought this was a political prosecution rather than one designed to protect our nation.

Assistant Comissioner Neil Basu has launched a criminal investigation into the alleged leaking of official communications involving Sir Kim Darroch

Only six weeks ago, the Lord Chief Justice of Northern Ireland demolished a case brought by the Police Service of Northern Ireland against two journalists who had made a TV programme accusing the police of collusion and cover-up of the Loughinisland massacre carried out by loyalist terrorists 25 years ago.

The journalists were accused of breaching the Official Secrets Act and receiving stolen property because they used a leaked document that had been sent to them anonymously.

After the Lord Chief Justice ruled that the police search warrants had been unlawful, the case collapsed.

Had the police succeeded, every single investigative journalist in the country would have been crippled in their pursuit of the truth about government failures, incompetence or misdemeanours.

Most of us who served in government deplore leaks of diplomatic telegrams. They make the operation of the Foreign Office more difficult.

But the telegrams published by The Mail on Sunday were hardly the epitome of State secrets. 

They were the comments of a leading member of the mandarin class about an American administration they do not like.

Had they contained dangerous information – the identities of intelligence agents in hostile countries or details of a forthcoming Special Forces attack on IS – then the Government would have used the DSMA procedure (a warning from the Defence and Security Media Advisory Committee, previously known as a D-Notice) to stop publication.

That the Government made no attempt to do that – despite ample prior warning of publication – tells you that the information carried no risk of damaging our country. 

Former Brexit Secretary David Davis has backed the Mail on Sunday’s decision to publish

The report carried by The Mail on Sunday was of real and legitimate public interest and this newspaper is to be commended for standing up to a clumsy attempt at State bullying.

It is interesting, too, that Whitehall is quite so heavy-handed when the story clashes with the interests of the Establishment. 

When I was Secretary of State for Brexit there were numerous leaks of sensitive information that undermined our negotiating position and our national interest. 

There were the normal legal inquiries and, when the source of the leak was found, the person concerned lost their job.

But there was no suggestion of criminal charges against the individual who was the source of the leaks, and absolutely no suggestion that we should prosecute the newspapers that carried them. I would consider such an idea repulsive.

The trouble is that legislation such as the Official Secrets Act and other security statutes such as the Investigatory Powers Act (which allows the Government to obtain communications data) are deliberately written to be so complex and all-encompassing that whenever the State chooses to prosecute, it can.

For example, it is an offence under the Act to damage the nation’s international relations – a power so vague and sweeping it would give the State an excuse to bring heavy-handed measures against newspapers like The Mail on Sunday in a variety of different circumstances.

I doubt any British jury would actually convict a journalist on such a basis. Nevertheless, the bullying and bluster of the State are corrosive of free speech and will certainly have a chilling effect on investigative journalism. As will the methods that may well have been used in recent days.

Checking of journalist phones can tell the police exactly where they have been, for example.

An analysis of the statistics generated by the phone will tell them to whom they have spoken or sent text messages.

Investigators don’t even need to read the contents of intercepted messages to catch a journalist’s sources.

Such an approach puts every public-spirited whistleblower at risk, which in turn means many stories that should be in the public domain will never see the light of day.

We urgently need a new Official Secrets Act, and we need an explicit statutory protection for journalists acting in the public interest. The treatment of The Mail on Sunday over the past few weeks demands nothing less. 


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Hailey Baldwin Is An Athleisure Queen For Event With Husband Justin Bieber – Pics

Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber both looked comfortable and stylish in athletic attire when they attended the second day of the Zoe Conference in Los Angeles, CA on July 20.

Hailey Baldwin, 22, and Justin Bieber, 25, turned heads once again during their latest outing! The lovebirds looked amazing in flattering athletic ensembles when they stepped out to attend the second day of the Zoe Conference, a religious two-day event, in Los Angeles, CA on July 20. Hailey wore a black and tan zip-up nylon jacket top and matching black and tan pants. She also accessorized with gold hoop earrings and wore white sneakers while her hair was tied back into a low bun. Justin wore a light purple T-shirt and matching pants with sneakers. He also wore a white backwards baseball cap.

This is the second day both Hailey and Justin attended the popular Zoe Conference. They attended the first session on July 19 while showing off equally impressive outfits. Hailey flaunted a tan jogging suit while Justin wore a red and white patterned short-sleeved button-down shirt with brown suede pants and a red and white baseball cap. The Biebs took to Instagram to share some pics from the first day of the event, including a close-up pic of Hailey wearing a “Bieber” necklace. “I love you so much,” he captioned the photo.

Before the latest outing, Hailey and Justin were seen grabbing coffee and treats in different outfits on July 19. Hailey proved she has amazing legs in short Daisy Dukes and Justin promoted his own clothing line, Drew House, by wearing selections from the line’s inventory, including a white T-shirt and black shorts.

Hailey and Justin are known for wearing athletic clothing on many outings so their latest visit to the Zoe Conference was no exception. They always seem to prove that they can pull off both casual and professional wardrobe choices no matter the occasion and they often match their choices as well. It’s refreshing to see a couple with a similar style looking in love and adorable!

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Emily Hartridge’s ‘devastated’ boyfriend says electric scooter she died on was a birthday gift from him – The Sun

THE partner of YouTube star Emily Hartridge has told of his devastation after she became the first person to die on Britain’s roads while riding an electric scooter.

Jake Hazell gave Emily, 35, the £400 scooter for her birthday in May, and says she was “over the moon”.

She was involved in a tragic accident with a lorry on July 12.

Jake also told how Emily was on her way for a scan at a fertility clinic as part of the couple’s bid to have a baby, and that he heartbreakingly stumbled across the crash.

Speaking exclusively to The Sun on Sunday, Jake, a personal trainer, said: “I am devastated. I got up first to leave home at 5am. I gave her a kiss on the lips. She was half asleep and mumbled, ‘I love you’. I’m so pleased I did that.

“She messaged me at 8.24am, joking, ‘How about less of the ­early-morning kisses on the lips?’ I had no idea that would be her last message to me. I called her a bit later that morning to find out how the check-up went but I got no response to WhatsApp or calls, which was unlike her.

“When I called the clinic and they said she’d not turned up to her appointment, I started to panic.

“I called her family, we called A&E departments and the police but no one had heard from her.

“I got on my bike and headed back towards our flat. On the way I saw the accident and all the roads blocked off. I had a sinking feeling.


“I asked a policeman if it was a woman called Emily on a scooter and if they were seriously injured.

“He said he would send two senior policeman to see me.

“They started walking towards me and time just seemed to stop. I kind of knew. Then they said, ‘It’s not good news. I’m just going to say it. I’m afraid she’s dead’.”

Emily, a campaigner on mental health issues and YouTube influencer who had 70,000 Instagram followers, died at 8.30am after colliding with a lorry. The machines are illegal on public roads and pavements.

Jake, 26, says Emily “knew the risks” about riding the battery-powered device, which had a top speed of 18mph. He said: “It was a ­terrible accident which has left a hole in our lives.

“Emily was the most beautiful person I’ve ever met.

“We had just moved in together and were planning a family. I’m heartbroken she has gone. I initially bought her a standard scooter for her birthday but it was on her wish-list to have an electric one, so I got it for her.

People have told me I’m to blame because I bought it for her, but I can’t think that

“She was so excited about it and loved using it. But she was always safe, wore a helmet and was ­conscientious on the roads.

“We didn’t know they couldn’t be used on the roads, as police would go past all the time and not stop her.

“People have told me I’m to blame because I bought it for her, but I can’t think that.

“Her family have told me I’m not. I don’t think they should be banned for adults, as they are electric, go a maximum of 20mph and don’t do any harm to the environment. They’re not that different to bicycles.

“What’s needed is a move to make drivers more aware these things are on the roads. Kids should not be allowed on them. They are not toys. Losing my beautiful Emily — the woman I wanted to spend my life with — is proof of that.”

Jake, Emily’s sisters and her close friends are determined to ­continue her work raising awareness of mental health issues via social media and by running groups for sufferers in her memory.

Jake said: “Since her death I’ve had thousands of people contact me to say what a difference she made to mental health sufferers by encouraging them to talk about it.


“We’re determined to keep that going. My life was Emily and that’s not going to change.”

Jake met Emily when he started working at the gym she used in Farringdon, North London, in April 2018.

He said: “It was my first day. This beautiful woman strolled up to me and said, ‘Who’s this new person?’ We hit it off straight away.

“We have both suffered from mental health issues and we really opened up to each other.

“Emily had an amazing ability to put you at ease. She never judged you, and made things that might be taboo feel normal.

“We loved the same things — the cinema, eating food out, exercise and going on holidays.

“I’ll never forget our first holiday to Mexico, when she told me for the first time that she loved me. It will stay with me forever.

“She always talked about our relationship in our YouTube videos.

“Followers of them will know we were planning to have a baby and she was getting her eggs frozen.

“It was typical of Emily. She really knew what she wanted.”

Around 20,000 Brits own electric scooters, including Olympic diver Tom Daley, 25.

They typically cost between £150 and £600 and can travel at speeds of more than 40mph.

Just days after Emily’s death, a 14-year-old boy from Beckenham, South East London, was left in a critical condition after a scooter crash on a busy road.

Since then, some people have called for a ban.


Jake surprised Emily on her birthday with the electric scooter that she had wanted for months.

He said: “I couldn’t say no. I bought her a Xiaomi scooter because it was one of the most reliable.

“She got a gold helmet to use with it on her commute to work, which was only 20 minutes. She even posted a video of me, her and the scooter on YouTube. She was proud of it.”

Jake — a motorbike enthusiast who does not own a scooter — said his relationship with Emily had never been stronger than when they moved in together on July 8.

He said: “Looking back, I’m so pleased we got those special last days together.

“With us trying for a baby and living together, it felt like everything was going right.

“In the last days she got me hooked on Love Island.

I have been blown away by the people who have been in touch telling me what an inspiration Emily was to them

“I don’t think I’ll ever watch it again.”

Emily died in Battersea, South London, less than a mile from the home they shared.

Police told Jake a fellow road user had caught the incident on his GoPro camera. It showed Emily riding in the cycle lane before appearing to hit a bump in the road and being jolted into the path of the passing lorry.

Her gold helmet, which she had been ­wearing, was found at the scene.

Jake said: “The police were incredible. The ambulance crews were there in four minutes and I don’t blame the truck driver at all.

“It was an awful accident and Emily knew the risks she was ­taking. I went to stay with her parents and her sisters, who were devastated but so supportive.

“I told them I had bought the scooter for her.


“They said I shouldn’t feel guilty and it wasn’t my fault.”

One small comfort for Jake and her family is that so much of Emily’s life was documented on social media.

He said: “I did get a few ­messages on Instagram from trolls telling me it was my fault, which is not nice but that’s what you get online. I have been blown away by the people who have been in touch telling me what an inspiration Emily was to them.

“People were saying things like, ‘Your girlfriend saved my life’, because of the way she talked about issues such as depression and anxiety.

“Emily’s message was to talk, talk, talk about things that may have a stigma. We are going to carry on her work.

“She created a thing called Brain Buddies, a safe group space for people to talk about their problems.

“We are getting it an Instagram page and going to take it on in her name.

“She was such a kind, considerate, effortless person — it would be an honour to carry on her work.

“We want to make sure she is remembered as someone who broke down the stigma around mental health, rather than the first person to die on a scooter on our roads.”

  • Jake has donated his fee for this interview to The Grace Dear Trust, a mental health charity. Watch Jake’s videos on mental health at instagram.com/jacob_hazell. Join Emily’s Brain Buddies initiative at instagram.com/brainbuddies
A YouTube video showed Jake surprising Emily with the electric scooter on her birthdayCredit: Refer to Caption
Emily and Jake met when he started working at the gym she usedCredit: Ian Whittaker – The Sun
Emily posed in the gold helmet she wore while riding the scooterCredit: Ian Whittaker – The Sun
The helmet was seen in the road at the scene of the accidentCredit: JONATHAN BRADY
Flowers and tributes have been left in Battersea where the accident happenedCredit: Ian Whittaker – The Sun
Electric scooters are illegal on public roads and pavementsCredit: EPA
Jake is determined to continue Emily's work raising awareness of mental health issuesCredit: Ian Whittaker – The Sun
Emily Hartridge's boyfriend pays tribute to YouTube star killed in scooter crash
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Arsenal vs Fiorentina: Live stream, TV channel, kick-off time and team news for International Champions Cup – The Sun

ARSENAL will be looking to make it three wins from as many games in pre-season when they face Fiorentina on Saturday in the International Champions Cup.

The Gunners beat Colorado Rapids 3-0, before triumphing over Bayern Munich thanks to a late winner from striker Eddie Nketiah.

What time does Arsenal vs Fiorentina kick off?

This International Champions Cup fixture will take place TONIGHT – Saturday, July 20.

It will kick off at 11pm UK time (6pm local time) at the Bank of America Stadium in North Carolina.

What TV channel is Arsenal vs Fiorentina on and can I live stream it?

The match will be broadcast live on Premier Sports 1 in the UK, with coverage due to begin at the kick-off time of 11am.

To watch the game live you will need a Premier Sports subscription.

Click here to sign up with a fee of £11.99 a month or £89 annually.


Team news

Reiss Nelson could get his first start of pre-season after coming off the bench in the matches against Colorado and Bayern.

Nketiah could also be handed a start after tapping home the winner against the Bundesliga side in the early hours of Thursday morning.

But the match will come too soon for defenders Hector Bellerin, Konstantinos Mavropanos and Rob Holding who are all still injured.

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Taxidermist uses REAL chicken heads to make toys and sells them online for £10 – The Sun

A TAXIDERMIST has been branded “sick” for making toys with real chicken heads.

Jack Devaney, 25, puts them on springs and sells them online for £10.

He, said: “They’re from dead, day-old chicks. I buy them frozen and turn them into ornaments.”

He said the birds are usually sold “for feeding hawks or snakes”.

But one social media user said: “Food for other animals I can understand but this is plain SICK!”

The taxidermist said: "I've started branching out into birds, the chicks are difficult to work with but I've also made a Chicken MacNugget – chicken heads with magnets that you can stick on the fridge" he said.

"I think of the bobble heads as a bit of an anti-theft device…they're made for cars and maybe if a thief saw one he'd think twice about robbing your car.

"It might put a few people off if you have dead animals in your car."

In 2017 Jack, of Plymouth, Devon, was banned from Facebook for using dead rats to make children’s pencil cases.

He's started advertising even more gruesome goodies, costing up to £25 each, including 'his and hers' love tokens made out of rat scrotums, and an office stapler made from a dead mouse.

He has also invented a kitchen toaster from dead rabbits, and fridge magnets from the corpses of mice.

He said at the time "I worked part-time as a butcher for nine years so I've been sort of desensitized to the process. It also meant that I knew how to pluck, skin and dress different animals.


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