Christmas gift-wrapping tips to wrap odd-shaped presents easily

TikTok user shares gift wrapping hack with Primark bag

Many people hate wrapping Christmas presents because it can be hard, especially if the gift is in an awkward shape.

Luckily, TikTok influencer Chantel Mila took to the platform to share some wrapping hacks with her 1.4 million followers.

1. How to wrap an awkward-shaped gift

The first hack involved wrapping an awkward-shaped gift such as a soft toy to make it look like a Christmas cracker.

To start with, the influencer cut the wrapping paper to size and placed the toy in the middle. She then folded each half of the paper to meet in the middle and secured it with some sellotape.

She then took the gift out and flattened the paper into a rectangle before folding it again lengthways to make a skinny rectangle.

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Chantel then folded the sides inwards around five centimetres before cutting the four corners off in a right-angle triangle.

Once unfolded, this looked like a Christmas cracker for the gift to be placed in the middle. The influencer then tied the sides with ribbon to create the cracker effect and the gift was done.

This can work for mugs and candles too as well as they can sometimes be extremely hard to wrap.

2. How to wrap a round gift

Chantel also shared the best way to wrap a round gift such as a candle or diffuser which can sometimes have excess paper making it look messy.

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To start with measure the amount of paper you need before cutting each long side into strips of around two to three centimetres.

Next, place the gift on the paper and secure it with sellotape before folding each tap you just cut around the bottom and top of the gift.

All of the strips should reach the middle of the top and bottom of the gift and will only need a small amount of tape to secure it.

The Tiktoker recommended finishing the gift off with a bow for an added touch.

3. How to wrap an irregular shaped gift

For this hack, the social media influencer demonstrated how to wrap a cap which is awkward in shape and size.

To start with, measure the paper to fit around the gift and tape the middle together. Next, fold the base upwards and slightly open the paper until it creates a diamond.

Fold the sides inwards before the top and bottom and then secure all sides with tape to create a flat bottom.

Place the present inside and seal the top and you have a lovely neat gift bag made out of wrapping paper.

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