We compare vegan fast food from Burger King to McDonald's and KFC with meat equivalents – the results could convert you

VEGAN food may not be so healthy, after all. Burger King served a Veganuary treat this week as it launched vegan nuggets. But while plant-based food is proven to help sex and cardiac health, and is often less fatty, it can contain more sugar and salt – raising blood pressure. Nutritionist Amanda Ursell warns: “Study the small print.” She gives

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The fashion trends that will go viral in 2022

Signs of sartorial hope have sprung early in 2022, despite the year starting with a splutter from behind a mask rather than a roar. Some of Australia’s most stylish personalities have already made changes to their wardrobe as they flirt with the possibility of a post-pandemic era. Melissa Leong, Masterchef judge and writer Since landing on television cooking competition Masterchef

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Most cheaters are completely against divorce – why they rather betray their loved one than call it quits

UNFORTUNATELY, a new study revealed that people who decide to cheat on their partner would rather betray them than divorce them. They actually justify having a double life for several reasons. A new study released by Ashley Madison, famous for being a dating site for married people, revealed 79 percent of people who cheat are against divorcing their partner. From

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