Nurse Who Had 'Dexter Collection' of His Assaults on Unconscious Patients Sentenced

The man's horrific crimes were uncovered after he was caught by another employee taking a selfie with an unconscious patient whose genitals were exposed. Warning: Disturbing Details A Colorado nurse who had thousands of photos and videos documenting his sexual assaults on unconscious patients was just sentenced to more than two decades behind bars. On Friday, Christopher P. Lambros was

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How to get free school meals over Christmas – are you eligible for supermarket vouchers? | The Sun

THOUSANDS of struggling families can get help with food costs over the Christmas. Free school meals are offered to low-income families during term time but some families can get them over the festive period too. Term times vary across the country, but most schools in England will close for the Christmas holidays in the week commencing December 18, before returning in

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MAIL ON SUNDAY COMMENT: Tories need to keep rows private

MAIL ON SUNDAY COMMENT: If the Tories want to retain power they need to keep rows private When governments have been in office for many years, they are subject to all kinds of stresses. Ministers and MPs are tired and sometimes punch-drunk by the endless tension of legislation and by the unceasing public drama that surrounds their lives.  Sometimes major

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