Dog needed brain surgery after suffering from a life-threatening condition

At only five-months-old, Dottie should be spending time with her owner, enjoying lots of puppy cuddles and running around causing mischief as she navigates her way in the world. But instead, she’s currently recovering from brain surgery after suffering from nasal dermoid sinus, a condition she was likely born with. As owners who dote on our furbabies, the thought of

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Family homeless after mice ‘burn house to the ground’ amid doomsday-like plague

A family is now homeless after mice 'burned their home to the ground' after chewing through wiring inside. Australia is battling a mouse plague, mimicking doomsday, in a horrific infestation taking over a large area of the country. Rebekah Ward said the infestation resulted in "mice jumping from the roof" to flee the blaze. The mum-of-three heard of the fire

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