‘Silk Stocking Murders’ of 13 women slain by Boston Strangler explored in film

A Disney+ film about the Boston Strangler hits screens this week, starring Keira Knightley as the journalist who broke the story.The true-crime thriller explores how sexism in the 1960s put Loretta McLaughlin at risk of being attacked herself for joining the dots in the case and putting her findings into print. Here KIM CARR looks at the case at the

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Chernobyl dogs stun scientists who say 300 strays are descendants of blast pets

Scientists have been stunned to learn that 35 years on from the world’s worst nuclear disaster, dogs can be found living, breeding and surviving among the ruins of Chernobyl. The animals are believed to be direct descendants of those abandoned in 1986. Boffins from across the globe hope that studying these contaminated canines can teach humans new tricks about how

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Monster 12ft crocodile shot dead after terrorising surfers and fishermen

A monster crocodile measuring a whopping 12ft in length has been shot dead after terrorising surfers and fishermen. The massive reptile was spotted lurking in and around a creek near Mackay, Queensland, Australia, on February 9, with some locals scrambling to get away, while others hurled rocks at the animal. Queensland Department of Environment and Science (DES) senior wildlife officer

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